Bao Da experiences as a pregnant woman, and it is miserable in one day: Can I put the "baby" down in the toilet?

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October was born in October, and it was easy to say. In fact, how hard and painful was the most clear in the heart of the mother.Child? Look at you! "

Friends Xiaoxin has been troubled recently. At the important stage of the late pregnancy, the body has become bulky, suffering from suffering every day, and emotions have been seriously affected.

Sometimes I want to let my husband help pour a glass of water. My husband always reluctantly says: "Don’t you get pregnant? Also treat yourself as the emperor, and you can wait back and forth!"

Every time her husband says this, she is very angry, inevitably a few words, and her husband is not allowed.

Over time, a lot of bad emotions accumulated in her heart, because of the impact of hormone secretion, she often cried and cried.

Her husband said that she was "neuropathy", "this child is worse than not born", "My mother gave birth to a cricket, and she still did farm work! Now women are too aggressive!"

Xiaoxin was so angry that she even wanted to throw dishes and smashed things, but she was still trying to restrain herself.

A white -eyed man during pregnancy, a contempt, not only means that they do not understand the hard work of pregnancy, but they represent their contempt and disrespect for women. If they meet such men, they should let them truly experience "pregnancy."The hard work.

A netizen showed his husband’s experience as a "pregnant woman" and poked the laughter of many people.

The man who is about to become a dad, under the "encouragement" and persistence of his wife, became a pregnant woman for a day, and the real feeling was "painful."

He tied a dozen pounds of watermelon on his waist (the weight of the fetus in the third trimester is often less than 10 pounds, but the weight on the stomach of the pregnant woman reaches more than ten pounds or more than 20 pounds). As a result, this dad will be this dad.Washing your face has become a problem, and it is even more sad to go to the toilet. Later, the dad applied "Can you take the" baby ‘when you go to the toilet? "

Test the laughter of netizens: When your daughter -in -law is pregnant, can I put the fetus aside first?It’s so funny, this time I finally knew the hard work of pregnancy?

After the experience, he cares more about his wife during pregnancy, because he knows how hard this process is.

Such experience is just fur, because this experience only feels the inconvenience caused by "load". In fact, after pregnancy, it is not only load to pregnant women.

1. Tolerance of the movement of "five internal organs"

Under normal circumstances, the internal organs are in a fixed position, and each has their own belonging, and no one bothers anyone.

After pregnancy, it is different. Everything must be centered on "belly", especially in the third trimester, the internal organs are squeezed together, and even when I sleep, I feel uncomfortable.

The degree of pain is not so intense, but it is indeed a "boiled frog", which is very torment. This is one of the reasons why some pregnant mothers can’t sleep in the third trimester of pregnancy.

2. Hormone secretion affects emotions

Why is emotion so easy to fluctuate during pregnancy?In addition to physical pain and suffering, there is the effect of hormone secretion.

Easy and irritability. This is the normal emotions of many pregnant women. This emotion should also be valued, because the conservative torment is the emotional owner, which is more suffering than physical pain.

3. Untin the possibility of various complications

In addition, various complications may be encountered during pregnancy.

Blood pressure has been normal before pregnancy, hypertension after pregnancy, blood glucose indicators before pregnancy, but also diabetes after pregnancy, etc. These are the points for pregnant women to suffer.

And these cannot be felt during the process of experiencing a pregnant woman.

Don’t you have a child?Which woman does not have children?

If you or your husband just have such an idea, it is necessary to take him to experience the analgesic of childbirth.

Child and analgesic is a popular experience now. In order to make men feel the pain of women to have children, and to let men close their mouths, many pregnant mothers ask her husband to do this experience.

In fact, when a man really sat on the chair and felt the tenth -level analgesic of a woman’s delivery, when the fourth level analgesia, they cried and called the mother.of.

At this time, his wife could mocked them at this time: Isn’t it an analgesic?Are you so exaggerated!

What an exaggerated description of childbirth is not exaggerated, this is the most painful experience in the world.

Fortunately, medical development is now the greatest benefit of a woman to have children.

What makes people understand and funny is that some of them are "worried about bringing a bad impact on the fetus" and do not want mothers to use.

(1) Painless delivery affects fetal health?

Experts have explained this that the anesthetic used for painless delivery is one -fifth of the anesthetic effect used by caesarean section, which will not have any impact on the fetus.

In fact, some developed countries, such as the United States painless childbirth rates exceeded 85%, and Britain’s painless childbirth rate exceeds 90%.

At present, the painless delivery rate of our country is only 30%to 40%, and more and more young people choose painless delivery.

(2) Painless delivery is easy to leave the sequelae of low back pain?

This is also a speculation that postpartum backbone has nothing to do with whether to use painless needles. It has a direct relationship with the degree of postpartum rest and the frequency of holding children, and it is also related to personal constitution.

I was a painless delivery that I chose. Two years have passed, and there is no problem with back pain.

(3) Painless delivery affects the health of the mother?

Another saying is that the painless needle is to hit the lumbar spine gap and threaten the health of the mother.

This is also a speculation. The medical level of hospitals with painless childbirth technology has requirements. The professional standard of doctors is required, so this is great to rest assured.

When the method is proper, it can slow down the pain of childbirth to a certain extent.

1. There are many benefits of managing personal weight during pregnancy

After pregnancy, we must first understand that we must do a good job of weight management, manage weight, and have many benefits.

(1) Manage your weight is good for childbirth

Manageing personal weight, whether it is smooth or cesarean section, is beneficial. The severe weight exceeds the standard and cannot be given birth. The risk of caesarean section has greatly increased, fat thickness increases, and uncertainty increases.

(2) Manage your weight to reduce the pain of childbirth appropriately

The childbirth process is very painful, and the degree of pain has something to do with the physical fitness. It is also related to the weight of the individual. The less the weight gain during pregnancy, relatively speaking, the pain of childbirth will suffer less.

(3) Good weight management during pregnancy and recover after giving birth

Management during pregnancy, fast postpartum recovery, including physical recovery and health recovery.

The more weighing the weight during delivery, the slower the body recovery after giving birth, and the greater the impact of childbirth on your health.

2. Do more exercise during pregnancy

Why don’t many older mothers feel great about the pain of childbirth?Even a few children were born before and after, and the pain was smaller than once.

The age level of parents is limited. Moms often do farm work with their children. Basically, they can’t be idle during pregnancy, and having children is much easier.

Do more exercise during pregnancy, which is conducive to accelerating the production process and reducing the pain of childbirth.

However, it should be noted that personal safety, do not cause contractions due to excessive exercise.

3. Cooperate with the doctor

Then there is, in the process of childbirth, be sure to cooperate with the doctor and operate according to the method taught by the doctor, which is conducive to speeding up the production process and reducing the pain of childbirth.

The most important thing is the pose and the breathing method taught by the doctor. If you do it right, the childbirth will become smooth.

4. Don’t yell during delivery

It is very painful during childbirth. This is undoubted, but if you cry because of pain, you can only cause trouble for yourself and doctors.

Crying will consume a lot of physical strength, and childbirth is very physical and lack of physical strength. It will not give birth smoothly. Crying will also affect the doctor’s emotions and professionalism. In the end, it is only yourself.

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