Baoma experience (nutritional supplement article): about the problem of Yi Kexin and calcium iron zinc

(Preface: Do not advertise and promote scientific parenting, but novice Baoma is suffering from being unable to start. Come and listen to the opinions of people and mothers! Maybe you can save you a lot of detours.Mom.)

Baoma Experience ———— Nutritional Supplement Article

1. How old is the doll and start eating cod liver oil?

a. My family is 15 days according to the pediatrician, Yi Kexin.

Original poster: I only eat Yi Kexin.

a. Yes.By the way, I asked my pediatrician friends last night.It is said that other vitamin D is available. He said that the price is not high, and it is not necessary. Just eat Yi Kexin.

2. The Ikexin instructions are said to be toxic for a long time. What is going on?

a. Taking it for a long time.(Tuy Kexin instructions)

b. It takes a long time to take too much to lead to poisoning.

c. Those businesses use a few words to confuse the audiovisual. The mother is also anxious, and it is not easy to hear others. It is particularly easy to be routine.

3. Excuse me, when is AD that it is better to feed the baby?

Answer: Yi Kexin does not have the prescribed time, don’t forget to eat.

4. I am giving my baby Yi Kexin, consider whether to change?

a. Why should I change it?

Original poster: I have always said that Yikexin has been eating too much, but the doctor said that there is no problem?In fact, I am also in contradictions. Go to the pregnant baby shop or pharmacy to buy it. They are for sales!

a. Doctors who visited the community that day suggested that we start eating Yikexin or cod liver oil after 15 days.But let me eat half a one.

b. Baby babies need to supplement vitamin D prevention.Yikexin’s main ingredient is vitamin A of 1500 international units, vitamin D of 500 international units, and the auxiliary materials are vegetable oil.According to a newly added daily, it is suspected that the vitamin A is exceeded, but it is far from the dosage of the poisoning and is within the scope of safety.In addition to Yi Kexin, there are any DDROPS. The price is more expensive. In comprehensive consideration, my family chose Yi Kexin. If there is conditions, buy other pure vitamin D drugs, you can eat it with Yi Kexin the next day according to the dose.EssenceThe community to start eating less for a few days is to adapt to Yikexin, afraid that the baby will have diarrhea, because the ingredient accessories are oil.

5. Seven -month -old babies have to eat anything else to eat AD?

Answer: My baby eats vitamin D in the morning

Eat milk calcium or calcium magnesium zinc at night.

6. Do you need an extra supplement to a one -year -old baby?

Answer: As long as it is not found to be very serious, there is no need to make up, just pay attention to food supplement.

7. Hello, how many of the trace elements are there?

a. Calcium iron zinc selenium, alkali, magnesium and lead, and blood lead.

b. Every time I can’t bear the blood, I have not checked it, and there are reports or literature saying that the baby does not need to check.Are these blood drawing?

a. Yeah, uh, pump the end of the end.Looking at you, I think it is okay to check it. Do not make up for nothing.

Generally, milk powder babies are deficient in zinc. If the breast milk baby, as long as the mother’s nutrition is balanced and insist on eating composite vitamins, it is generally necessary.

c. We have only five fingers.Just want to see haha lack of calcium iron zinc?

b. Is it effective to check it?a. Is it missing?Find out?

c. No shortage, normal.

b. My husband said that now little baby is generally not missing, and it is so good to eat.

c. My baby can’t go up and I want to see it.

8. Is there any recommendation of calcium and zinc for five months old?

a. Do you have to add zinc?The vitamin D for calcium supplementation to promote calcium absorption.

b. I am also thinking, why do you want to make up.I asked my pediatrician friend last night. I said that my child was sweating and would there be zinc deficiency. He said that there was basically no problem.I eat vitamin D every day without calcium deficiency.

9. My baby’s small face for more than twelve months is yellow, anemia, how to make up?(Anemia is checked in the hospital), the doctor’s multi -dimensional iron oral solution (Kangle).

Answer: A. That means that the anemia is relatively serious, and you need to supplement the iron, so you can take it according to the doctor’s instructions.Generally, babies have anemia that they have not added food supplement.It is recommended to eat pork liver if iron supplementation, and it is guaranteed to give your baby twice a week.

10. Breastfeeding, can my mother eat composite vitamin tablets and DHA for the baby?

a. Yes, I am eating every day.

11. Ask, what is the best effect of a ten -month -old baby to eat zinc?Because the doctor opened the licorice zinc particles, it feels bad, and the baby does not like to drink.

a. Licorice zinc is not delicious.Dolls are more resistant.There is no shortage of zinc in the food we eat daily, and there are very few children who really need zinc.However, due to various factors, some children still have zinc deficiency, mainly in the following reasons:

1) Poor absorption: Chronic diarrhea can affect the absorption and utilization of zinc. At the same time, the metabolism of zinc is mainly discharged from the intestine, the number of diarrhea is large, and zinc excretion increases.

2) Chan: There are zinc in sweat. When sweating a lot, zinc is lost too much.According to the determination, the zinc lost with sweat a day can be as high as 4 mg; the baby’s sweat can lose 1.3 mg of zinc.

3). Infant breastfeeding infant breastfeeding: The amount of zinc in colostrum of breast milk is higher than the mature milk. After the baby is born, the baby’s first breast milk or breast milk is insufficient.

4) Increased zinc requiring: Zinc deficiency in children with rapid growth and development, which is more common in poverty -stricken areas;

5). Too much zinc loss: such as kidney disease syndrome, iron, calcium intake too much zinc loss increase.

b. Try the oral liquid of glucose zinc. The auxiliary material has sucrose, which tastes better.Pharmacy hospitals.

12. What calcium tablets do you eat during lactation?Is it okay?

a. Yes, I have been eating this, and I asked my friends, the pharmaceutical department, it can be eaten from 600 mg to 900 mg.

b. I still eat Ailuo peacekeeper Di Qiao, do you want to eat until weaning?

a. I eat Runkang and calcium tablets, I am going to wean.

b. Runkang, I have been eating, I did n’t eat it when I was born.

a. I heard what the director of the obstetrics and gynecology department said, can be eaten all the time, pregnant women, we are a mother.

b. I asked Yue Jun at the time, and she said that there was no need to eat it.I didn’t eat it.

a. I think the ingredients are relatively complete, and I have breast milk, and I feel pretty good.

13. I look at many mothers to supplement DHA and the like, and my dolls have not eaten anything.

a. Breast milk is the best food for DHA.In fact, don’t eat it randomly. Don’t make up for it without lack. When I was one year old, I checked the calcium lack of calcium for a few months.I didn’t ask anymore.

b. I eat DHA for my own milk to the doll. The doll is too small.

c. Eating deep sea fish is best.

d .. I don’t eat fish.Our weaner is not weaned, and I usually don’t make up for anything, just like before.

b. You are in breast milk, there are also DHA.

a. I was eating composite nutrients myself, and then gave him milk. Dr. Children said that breast milk mothers can add DHA.

b. Well, I am also eating composite vitamins, calcium tablets, and DHA.

a. [Strong] [Strong] [Strong] [Strong] You eat very well, huh.

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