Beautiful mom must love beauty!But can you make up?Is it dangerous for fetal baby?

The ancient saying says "women are pleasing to themselves." Love beauty is the nature of every woman. It can be said that women are pursuing how to make themselves more beautiful.So you can see where the salary of a month’s monthly wages can be seen.I also deeply understand this approach. I always feel that my cosmetics are not enough. When there are new efficacy cosmetics, no matter whether my wallet is already stunned, I will buy it back.

But for pregnant women, you must be careful when using cosmetics!If it is not to participate in important occasions or have special things to deal with it, it is best not to use cosmetics.This is because cosmetics usually contain high -concentration chemical elements, especially whitening and freckle cosmetics, which will cause serious harm to the baby and even cause fetal malformation.

In addition, expectant mothers cannot apply lipstick or lip gloss, because the harmful substances in the air can easily be adsorbed on the lips, and use saliva to eat into the expectant mother’s body to endanger the baby’s health.Also, expectant mothers should not use perfume and essential oil, because many perfumes contain musk, which can cause abortion, and essential oils have the effects of watching blood circulation and may also cause miscarriage.

Warm Mom Capsule Reminder:

1. Every time you remove makeup, you must clean it to prevent pigmentation.

2. If the expectant mother wants to make up, choose light makeup, it should not be too heavy, especially lipstick and foundation.

3. Use cosmetics to avoid heavy metals such as hormones and copper, mercury, and lead. You should choose products with good quality, guarantee, simple ingredients, and natural raw materials.

4. When using cosmetics, choose products suitable for pregnant women. Expired products and cosmetics of others are determined.

5. During pregnancy, you must do: independent eyeliner, eyebrows, red lips, and eyebrows, and switch to eyebrow swords.

6. Pregnant women are normal physiological phenomena during pregnancy. They must not use whitening products because of the emergence of pregnancy spots.

7. Specific mothers try not to apply lipstick. If they are used, they should be wiped off when drinking water and eating to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother through the mouth and crisis the health of the fetus.

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