Because of the deformation of the second child in Brazil, in order

Everyone hopes that they have a good figure. From Brazil Renata Neia is severely deformed in a secondary pregnancy, the weight increases, and the weight loss has been unsuccessful. Therefore, Renata decided to take pictures every time to view her weight loss effect. She alsoI want to make this process more interesting, so she started to pose like a celebrity and posted images on social media.The picture shows Renata imitating celebrities’ exercise posture to lose weight.

What surprised her was that her photos were frying on the Internet. Thousands of people praised Renata’s honesty. Since then, her fans have been increasing, and even Renata’s fans, Ji Ofan,Giovanna Antonelli also began to follow her.The picture shows Renata’s posture of celebrities, but the background has changed from Eiffel Tower to a wire tower.

The picture shows the posture of Renata to imitate celebrities. Although the gap in her body is a bit large, she has been on the way to lose weight.

Different cars, the same posture.

The picture shows the posture of Renata to imitate celebrities. Although the gap between her body is really large, she is insisting on trying to get closer to her goals every day.

The figure Renata imitates the posture of a celebrity, and this photo seems to be a lot thinner.

These photos of these imitating celebrities are just to inspire themselves to lose weight. As long as they persist, they will succeed, and they will have a perfect figure as successful.See if this photo has a feeling of buyer show and seller show.

In addition to the body size, there are also differences in skin.

Persistence will be successful, and this photo is obviously losing much worse than before.

Don’t say your body first, this expression is good first.

The picture shows Renata’s imitation of celebrities. This one looks much better than before, and the results are slowly reflected.

The picture shows Renata who looks a lot thinner like this. In fact, no matter what is expensive, persistence, persistence will definitely be effective, and the effort will definitely gain something.

This angle of shooting Renata seems to have been thinner, and people who love beauty have it. In fact, you don’t have to pursue it deliberately, and don’t care about others’ views on themselves.I completely lost weight to her ideal figure, but she had lost a lot. In the end, Renata accepted her own body, and she began to become beautiful in her own way.

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