Before and after girls’ "Aunt Period", they need to supplement the pigeon soup in appropriate food therapy, and steamed pigeons to eat

The folk has always said that "one pigeon wins nine chickens", that is, the nutrition of the pigeons is extremely rich. The nutritional value of a pigeon is better than the nutritional value of nine chickens.The taste is delicious and easy to be digested and absorbed. It is more nourishing with the soup with it to stew soup than chicken soup and sheep soup.


Pigeon soup

-Getset ingredients-

Pigeon per / foreign ginseng appropriate amount / party ginseng appropriate amount / sand ginseng appropriate amount

Affairs of Yuzhu / Affairs of Affairs / Wolfberry / Afford with Beiqi

-E production step-

(1) Pigeon processing the visceral and other parts first, and then clean it thoroughly.

(2) The pigeon meat itself is not too big, so cut it in half to half, no need to cut into small pieces.

(3) Prepare all the ingredients (foreign ginseng / Codonopsis / sandy ginseng / jade bamboo / red dates / wolfberry / Beiqi) and clean it.(Although the nutritional value of pigeon meat is very high, but after joining these ingredients, the nutritional value of pigeon meat will be higher)

(4) Boil the water and put the treated pigeons into the pot. Cook the heat for two to three minutes to clean the foam, which will make the taste better.

(5) Put all the ingredients into the casserole and add an appropriate amount of water. The water should be added enough, so that there will be more soups. What you eat is the soup of this kind of food.

(6) Put it in the pot and start stewed in water.It can be eaten after four hours.

This dish eats the nutritional value of pigeon meat. It will have a strong taste of medicinal materials. The seasoning does not need to be put too much, and salt should be put in small amount, otherwise it will have a great impact on nutritional value and taste.

If you don’t like to drink soup, you can try this [Red and White Steamed Pigeon] is also very suitable for girls to eat


Red and white steamed pigeon

-Getset ingredients-

1 pigeon 1 / wolfberry 20g / red dates 20g

Angelica (optional) 10g / lily 2 head / ginger 1 tablet

A little sugar / cooking wine 1 tablespoon / raw pump half a spoon

Oyster sauce 1 teaspoon / salt half teaspoon / food oil 1 tablespoon

Moderate amount of coriander

-E production step-

(1) Clean the pigeons, dry the surface water, and cut into small pieces; red dates to remove the nucleus; lily clean, drain, and disperse; chop ginger and coriander.

(2) Pigeon with ginger, sugar, wine, oil, salt, raw soy sauce and oyster sauce, marinate for 5 minutes.

(3) Put lily first in the cast iron pot.(Without cast iron pot, put it on the steamer)

(4) Pickled pigeon meat (marinated) on the code, as well as angelica, red dates and wolfberry.

(5) Cover for 12 minutes, turn off the heat for another 5 minutes, and sprinkle with coriander.

TIPS: Angelica can be soaked in warm water for a while.You can use a steamer to replace the cast iron pot and steam the water.

Girls need appropriate food therapy tonic before and after the "auntie period" every month.These two dishes are very suitable for girls, and they are simple and fast. They can make a delicious and nourishing dish in ten minutes.

Baby Scale-(24inch)