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Marriage check, as the name suggests, is

Before marriage to men and women

Conventional physical examination and genital examination

Year 2003

my country’s cancellation of "mandatory marriage inspection"

Modify to "voluntary marriage inspection"

About marriage inspection

Some people support, some oppose

Supporters believe

"Marriage check is the most important guarantee before marriage"

Opponents believe that "unnecessary" and "will leak privacy"

Today, I know a professor to talk to you

Is there necessary for marriage inspection?

01 Wedding checkup and pregnancy examination, what is the for?

He Wei, deputy chief physician of the Medical Genetics Center of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, told Nandu reporters that from medical perspective, there is attention to the entire pregnancy before marriage, before pregnancy, and the main reason for controlling birth defects, that is, to prevent birth defects and improve pregnancy ending, Improve the quality of birth population.

According to the "China Birth Defective Report (2012)", the total incidence rate of birth defects in my country is about 5.6%, and an average of a defect will be born every 30 seconds.

Based on the countdown of 16 million births in the country, about 900,000 new birth defects are added each year, and about 40%of the birth defect children will develop into life disability.

Picture source: CCTV News

Many studies have shown that after the cancellation of mandatory marriage inspections, the marriage rate of many places in my country has fallen to a lower level for a long time, and at the same time, the detection rate of newborn birth defects in my country has increased.

The relationship between the total incidence of the national marriage check rate and the birth defect

(Study from "Research on the Influential Factors of Volunteer Pre -Marriage Medical Examination")

"We are three levels of prevention and control of birth defects, and pre -marital and pre -pregnancy are part of the first -level prevention and control." He Wei said that first -level prevention and control is actually the best and most effective.

The prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis during pregnancy belong to the secondary prevention and control, which can effectively reduce birth defects. "Because some fetuses have found problems, they can be treated in the palace. In addition, some of them have serious birth defects.Especially chromosomal abnormalities and monominated diseases, you can choose to terminate your pregnancy in a timely manner. "He Wei further supplemented.

If it was not found before giving birth before pregnancy, it was not until birth, and there was a newborn screening in my country. Early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment, this belongs to the third -level prevention and control.


In the pre -marital and pre -pregnancy examination,

What birth defects can be prevented?

Marriage examination is the first barrier to the health of the baby in the future. If you do n’t think that the marriage check, it may exacerbate the risk of the baby’s defects and unhealthy.

First of all, doctors in the marriage check will ask your personal history and family medical history.For example, some acute and chronic infectious diseases may spread maternal and infants, and heart disease, nephritis, and mental illness may lead to the congenital lack of offspring.

In addition, there will be G-6-PD enzyme detection that generally does not appear in the usual medical examination package. Lack of iteming hemolytic jaundice will cause newborn, so it is necessary to do related testing before marriage.

There are also genetic diseases or common genetic diseases related to inheritance or common genetic diseases such as close relatives and bad family history. For example, broad bean disease, if you get married with these diseases, it is likely to have unhealthy babies.

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He Wei informed reporters, "In our Guangdong Province, thalassemia is relatively high, and it must be screened in a marriage check and pregnancy examination."


What are the differences between marriage and pregnancy?

"Although there are some overlapping contents of marriage and pregnancy, the focus, the timing of the inspection, and the content are a bit different." He Wei said.

Specific procedures for pregnancy examination

Pregnancy test items

Pre -marital examinations are actually focusing on serious genetic diseases, designated infectious diseases, some mental illness related to family history, and some major internal medicine diseases, such as heart disease or liver disease, and some reproductive systems.disease.

Pre -pregnancy examination refers to some special examinations in the first three months of pregnancy to prepare for pregnancy and help couples increase the chance of getting healthy children.

The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Health and Health Commission and the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Lai Sui Women’s Federation, and the Municipal Women’s Federation released the "Opinions of Guangzhou Municipality Promoting the Implementation of Pre -Marriage Pre -pregnancy Health Care for Premium Pre -Marriage" in June 2022.The plan implements "two inspections and one", with 25 free inspection items.

Guangzhou free pre -marital pre -pregnancy check project table

(Source: Guangzhou Health and Health Commission)

* Note:

1. Mediterranean anemia at the beginning of the sieve is performed at a positive test for Mediterranean anemia, and both sides must be checked at the same time.2. Seventh, 8, 10, and 16, each couple can only enjoy free inspections at a time.

3. This table is only applicable to the Guangzhou region. The marriage inspection items and related policies in different regions are different. For details, you can go to the local official website to check.


What genetic diseases can be detected by marriage check?

He Wei informed Nandu reporters, "Many of the situation of marriage inspection is to give some risk prompts."

Part of the content of the marriage check is objective, and it can be reported by the test project. Part of it is subjective consultation. It depends on the active expression of the parties, such as the history of the family mental illness, and the other part is the doctor’s physical examination of the parties.

So, today’s testing and medical technology, which genetic diseases can be detected by marriage examinations?

Marriage examinations can detect common genetic diseases, including thalassemia and broad bean diseases.In addition, the carrying rate of single -genetic diseases such as deaf genes and spinal muscle atrophy (SMA) genes is not low. The SMA carrying rate is 2.5%.%about.

"But the screening of these (SMA, deaf) genetic disease is not in the free screening project of our marriage inspection. The husband and wife have their own consciousness and screen at their own expense."

Therefore, it is also suggested that the marriage inspection two parties to the family medical history of both parties can do some homework in advance for some common genetic diseases, and combine their own situations to do some consultation and screening.of.

Picture according to IC Photo

There is also a situation to remind that some pregnant women can see the fetal malformation through ultrasound and to terminate pregnancy. Doctors suggest that this situation must be a genetic test before induction or outlet, including chromosomal and medical signs.Sub -testing, etc., is clear whether it is related to genetic factors and prepare for the next child.


What are the precautions before marriage?

1. Before the marriage inspection, you can go to the Health Commission or the local maternal and child health care hospital to consult the local marriage inspection policy. Whether you have to make an appointment, which documents you need, etc., so as not to run for nothing.

2. Wedding check -up should be as much as possible from the marriage period. Once the problem is detected, time treatment can be used.The validity period of the marriage inspection is three months.Therefore, it is recommended that everyone’s marriage inspection is held 2-3 months before marriage.

3. During the marriage examination, women should avoid menstrual periods. After three days of clean menstruation, a remarriage check is cleaned. Otherwise, women’s urine contains a large amount of red blood cells. Doctors will suspect that they have problems such as nephritis and stones.

4. 2-5 days before the marriage inspection prohibit sexual behavior.Avoid the results of vaginal discharge and semen examination.

5. The day before the marriage check should be rest well, not too tired, do not drink, eat irritating food or take medicine, because these may affect the test results of liver merit.

6. On the morning of the wedding check, you must not eat in the morning, and you must check the empty stomach, because the check of the liver requires empty blood, otherwise it will also affect the results of the inspection.

Marriage check is not a destruction of love

It’s the guarantee of marriage

The marriage check is responsible for the happiness of yourself and your lover

It is also responsible for the next generation of health and hope that everyone can actively take the initiative to pay a marriage inspection

Escort the sweet and sweet marriage life!

Writing: Nandu reporter Li Wen

Plan/Copy: Liu Zhe intern Hu Xiao

Guide expert: He Wei, deputy chief physician of the Medical Genetics Center of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Some information sources: Tencent Medical Ceremony, Health Times

Cover map source: IC Photo

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