Behind Gan Yu’s desperate situation: 4 people died of the water and electricity station, his family teased his hair and cried, and the victim asked his father.

After coming out of the mountain forest, Gan Yu had many nightmares.In the dream, he seemed to return to the unmanned mountain forest again, shouting "help", and only the empty echo was waiting.

The 28 -year -old construction worker at the Wanshui Power Station in Luding County, Sichuan Province, with his colleague Luo Yong, rescued the wounded and flooded with his colleague Luo Yong on September 5th, missed the opportunity to escape, and was rescued after 17 days of survival.

On October 8, he was discharged and returned to his hometown in Dazhou to recuperate.He would still think of the day of the earthquake, the boulder rolled down from the mountain and smashed the people on the dam.Ten workers escaped by chance, and the four were smashed to the ground, and they could no longer be able to get up, including Luo Yong’s brothers and friends.

Earlier on September 28, the Luo Yong family set off from a temporary placement point in the morning to give the dead relatives.Along the way, they rarely spoke.Che quietly drove between the mountain roads, and there were still some landslides and rolling stones along the way. Farther, the mountains after the landslide exposed a scar.

It is like the trauma that he is dazzling in the heart of the survivor but rarely mentioned.In this earthquake, the fate of the 16 people in the hydropower station of the water and electricity stations was intertwined with each other, and a ordinary choice became a matter of life.

Before the earthquake

Sun Jianhong’s sense of anxiety has been available for a long time.

At the age of 32, he was a welder worker.On August 29, he brought six workers to the Wandong Hydropower Station for the first time.

The hydropower station built in 2019 is located at the Jiagou of the Shandong Range of Gongga, Sichuan. It is connected to Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture in the north, and in Asan City, Ya’an City in the south. There are 45 peaks above 6000 meters above sea level.

The dam dam of the hydropower station is 1192 meters above sea level, and the dam body is 25 meters high. The dam is built in the lower reaches of the dura.

As soon as the first day, Sun Jianhong discovered that there was a river in front of the dam dormitory, and there were rocks behind the dam. It was only about ten meters away from the mountain body, like stuck in the groove.And the mountains nearby are steep, and the trees on the mountain are not very lush, it is stone mountain.He was worried that "rolling a stone also had to be unlucky."

Due to the rise of the river during the flood season, the dam was destroyed. The dormitory building was dangerous at any construction period was originally set for more than 20 days.

The workers burned the fire by themselves and slept at night.Sun Jianhuan wanted to put the shed on the dam, but sometimes it was necessary to cross the car on the dam.On September 1, he put rice and a piece of meat on the corner of the dormitory, and he had not been moved by a mouse for three nights.He was uneasy.

Sun Jianhong’s dialogue with colleagues in the company where Gan Yu is located.Interviewee confession

On September 4, Luo Yong recruited three workers to help carry stones. They were Luo Yong’s brother Luo Kaiqing, nephew Yang Gang and Ma Zhengjun.He is a person who is familiar with each other in Wandong Village. He worked in the morning and went home after looping in the afternoon.

Guidance on -site construction is the construction worker Gan Yu.He was 28 years old, holding a pair of black -frame glasses, looking more in Sven.After spending a few days, Sun Jianhong felt that Gan Yu was in peace.

Gan Yu lives in the factory building, drives to the dam every morning, and then go back at night.He just asked for a leave of his grandmother for his grandmother at the end of August. He was lacking in the project and was urgently called back.

In addition to Gan Yu, three water workers are usually stationed in the dam, Luo Yong, Peng Yunjun and Deng Rong.The two of them were in a class, and the 24 -hour shift monitored the changes in the water level, and the flood was pulled in time.

Luo Yong introduced that in July to September, the flood season was the busiest time, and sometimes it was cleared two or three times in the middle of the night-using the machine to fish the dead branches, leaves and other debris floating upstream."If you don’t generate electricity, the water will enter quickly, and it will be full for a few hours (Note: refers to the highest bearing water level)."

Peng Yunjun experienced a dangerous situation.One night in August, the rain was heavy, and he didn’t dare to doze overnight.After dawn, after the water level was basically stable, he rode a motorcycle home for dinner. He didn’t eat a few mouthfuls. He was uneasy. He ran back to the dam.He hurriedly lifted the gate, and ran away, "Almost didn’t run, he said that he was scared." Peng Yunjun’s brother Peng Rongqiang recalled.

The aquatic workers usually eat and live in the dormitory. A two -story building that is not far from the dam, and the computer that monitors the water level is also inside.They do two weeks and one week, and they can only take a day or two for the Spring Festival.

Outside the flood season, the aquatic workers do not need to raise water levels and weather changes at all times, and their work is a lot easier.However, this monthly salary of 3,000, no five insurances and one -dollar work, 41 -year -old Luo Yong used to bear the two children’s reading expenses. Fortunately, he also planted vegetables and saved some money.In the two weeks of shifts, he basically cooks a green vegetable and fried bacon, and eats three meals.If you do nothing, he will do hygiene and sweep the road of the dam."It’s practical or practical."

However, for Sun Jianhong, who is temporarily rushing, the mouse that is not in the dormitory, coupled with the sense of oppression brought by the mountains, makes him more ominous.Let him be the only person in the on -site construction team to avoid the earthquake.

"The landslide is cracked, what should I do if I don’t run?"

On September 5th, a normal working day.

After dinner at noon, six welders and one excavatator had just started work.Three workers who pulled cement just came to the dam, stopped the car, changed their clothes, and prepared to lay the cement.In the dormitory lounge below the dam, the waterman Peng Yunjun and the three porters were baking fire, and Gan Yu and Luo Yong were chatting.

At 12:52, with the violent shock, Gan Yu saw that the glass of the lounge window was shattered in an instant, and the equipment in the room was "all exploded", and everyone hurried out.

Another welder Yan Qinghua saw, "Some of the three walls of the house were penetrated by stones on the mountain."

When running away, the mountains had begun to collapse, and the sound of "哐哐 哐" was made.A stone smashed into Gan Yu’s back and pushed him to the slope below the lounge. He was a little dizzy and immediately got up and ran to the open platform beside him. It was relatively safe over there.

The glasses were dropped, and he was 500 degrees of myopia, and he couldn’t see clearly.In the middle of the middle, Gan Yu saw not far away, Luo Yong helped his brother Luo Kaishi -he was hit by the stone and was injured in internal injuries and could not move.There were two wounded next to it: Peng Yunjun, aquatic worker, was fell into the ruins buried by the rocks. He was all blood; the porter Yang Gang was pressed by a big stone, his head nest was in the mud, and his feet were still kicking.

Other workers outdoors fled out.After the mountain collapsed, some gates were sealed and did not leave the water. They flowed across the riverbed and ran opposite.

"If (stone) rolled down again, we can’t save it anymore." Gan Yu tried to move the stones that moved on Yang Gang, which was too heavy to push.

Seeing this, Yan Qinghua, who ran behind, returned to help.The excavator helped him watch the stones falling down on the mountain.Yan Qinghua tried to move the stones on Yang Gang and couldn’t move, and could only help the injured Peng Yunjun near the river.Later, Gan Yu and Luo Yong carried him to a safer platform, and returned to the shed to find the bed cover for him.

Soon, "there was another large stone on the mountain", Yan Qinghua couldn’t take care of it, and fled across the river.

Only Gan Yu and Luo Yong were left.

Gan Yu proposed that he would go to the dam to lock.The hydropower station is used to power the pressure pipeline. The vertical difference is over 700 meters, passing through many civil houses and farmland through Wan Dongcun.Once the water level turns the dam, the mudslides may "rush all the bottom (village) below (village)."

Luo Yong agreed.Before leaving, he made the big brother who had a painful pain.

The concrete road in Shangba has long collapsed. "The road is very hanging and has been rolling stones." Luo Yong was a little panicked, and he was rushed twice to successfully go to the dam. After sending the diesel engine, the first gate was issued.EssenceSubsequently, he pulled Gan Yu to go to the dam and mentioned the second gate.

"If he does not mention the sluice, the people you interview will (possibly) are gone." Luo Yong’s wife Yang Xiuqing recalled to reporters that after the earthquake, the pressure pipeline burst and the water columns were surging."At most 20 minutes, the mountains on our side are scratched." When the water stopped, many villagers in the Gulf Village were unbelievable, and there were still people who stayed in the post.

But after Luo Yong finished the gate, his brother and worker had broken his breath.

Watching the workers left, Gan Yu was sad, but weak.Another movement of the migrant worker Ma Zhengjun, after the earthquake, was completely buried by the rocks and died on the spot.

Ma Zhengjun’s work photo during his lifetime.Interviewee confession

Yan Qinghua said that the 10 people escaped in the direction of the Huggang -this was the only way out at the time.This is an old logging road, more than one meter wide, often for villagers to release cattle.Due to multiple collapses, they often go around the mountain.Two one walked fast and went down the mountain that night.The remaining eight people were dark when they arrived at the tigergang, and they had passed overnight after Tigergang, burning the fire and heating, and continued to go down the mountain after dawn, and arrived at Wanggangting at 11 am.

Sun Jianhong saw that the faces of the escaped workers were flowers, the whole body was mud, her pants and shoes were worn, and their hands and feet were scratched.

He asked, "Don’t bring Gan Yu and Luo Yong?"

The workers said, "In that situation, the landslide is cracked, what should I do if I don’t run?"

"There is only one bottle of water, he keeps calling me to drink"

Luo Yong and Gan Yu, who stayed at the hydropower station, spent the night in the machine room.

The two have known each other for more than a year. Most of the time when they met, they said hello, blowing a few words, and the temperature dropped to about 10 ° C that night. They did not sleep much. They talked about each other’s family and said that they had to live out.Work.

On September 6, the landslides and landslides around the hydropower station were still withdrawn, and the two decided to evacuate.The kitchen door was blocked by falling rocks. They couldn’t find food, and only brought escape ropes, helmsters and bottles of mountain spring water.The mountain climbing consumes too much, and the only bottle of water is drinking in half a day.Luo Yong said that Gan Yu had a little poor strength and climbed the mountains. "There is only one bottle of water. He kept calling me to drink, and I said that I am not thirsty."

At two or three in the afternoon, Gan Yu sent a positioning to the unit leaders, and the two found a vacant place.Luo Yong climbed to the tree and tied Gan Yu’s white short sleeves on the bamboo pole. When he heard the sound of the helicopter over, he quickly shaken his clothes, but the woods were too dense and they were never found.

At the same time, Gan Yu took a mobile phone with a mobile phone with a small number of electricity, waiting for a rescue call in another place with a little better signal, but he only received a call from a few relatives of Luo Yong.It is clear that in order to save power, you can only hang up.

There are kiwi and wild pears on the mountain. August was basically eaten by wild monkeys. Only two were found on the road. Luo Yong climbed a ten -meter -high tree and took it off to eat Gan Yu. He didn’t eat it."Hungry or hungry, but still hold it." Luo Yong had no appetite, and his relatives died one after another in the earthquake. Soon after the earthquake occurred, he received a call at home. His mother was buried by the collapsed house.

In the evening, they wanted to drill the wood to get the fire, rubbing the dry wood for one or twenty minutes, and the hands were rubbed, and they couldn’t ignite.In the evening, the temperature in the mountains was only seven or eight ° C. The two could only be leaned back and cover some leaves on their bodies.

On the third day after the earthquake, on September 7, Gan Yu received the news: On the afternoon of the 6th, two armed police troops came in to find them. Luo Yong remembered that the day before the day did a helicopter enter the dam, he decided to return to the dam to see to seeLook, Gan Yu, who can’t move, waits in place.Before leaving, Luo Yong picked Gan Yu and picked Baoye fruit and poured a hat stream with a helmet.

After 8 or nine hours back to the dam, Luo Yong did not see the rescue.At that time, there was a landslide everywhere on the road. It was very dangerous. He was hungry and tired. He didn’t go up the mountain again. He dug a half -person bamboo shoots, peeled with a little bamboo shoot, chewed twice, and swallowed it.The dam is everywhere. He picked up a lighter but did not stay. He slowly walked towards the nearby fire lawn. He rained at night. He leaned on a tree to rest.I was sleepy, but I couldn’t sleep at all.

On September 8, Luo Yong walked to the fire lawn. After eating an apple on the tree, he lit a bunch of semi -wet grass with a fire machine, took a thick smoke, and waited for a few hours.In the past, the sound of the helicopter gradually approached, and he realized that he was saved.

After opening with Luo Yong, Gan Yu waited for three days.

Once he drank water, the landslide on the mountain, and the rolling stones hit him with his left foot, and he could only endure the pain.

Worried about the accident on Luo Yong Road, he decided to go back to the dam along the river.Later, he found that the water was flooded with his thighs. After walking, he walked forward, and he walked up the mountain and wanted to go to the tiger post that Luo Yong had pointed to him before.

The fog in the mountains, I can’t see the road. I can only walk at eleven or two. I walked for two or three hours a day. I was tired and found the tree or the rock edge.At night, the sound of the stones collapsed, accompanied by the screams of the beast, it was difficult to fall asleep.When it rained, he retracted his head into a raincoat and hid under the tree.Fortunately, the sun will be released the next day, and you will dry it on the next day.

Most of the time, there was nothing to eat. He was so hungry that he spit yellow and gallbladder. He could only drink water and be full.Later, he found some wild kiwi on the ground.

In the first few days, he could hear the sound of the helicopter, knowing that he was looking for himself. He hung clothes on the tree and called for help for some time.Without response, he felt difficult, only to think about some happy things and miss his family."I live with faith, I want to go home, my family is looking for me."

"There is only one in ten thousand, I will find it too" too. "

After Luo Yong was rescued, Gan’s talents knew that Gan Yu had lost contact.

On September 9, Gan Yu’s father Gan Guoming rushed back to his hometown from Guangzhou, rushed to Luding with his wife overnight, and went to the Earthquake Rescue Headquarters in Decao Town to inquire about the situation and contacted search and rescue.

On the day of the Mid -Autumn Festival, the staff gave him a few moon cakes, and Gan Guoming did not eat.He said, "I want to find my son before eating."

That night, he dreamed of his son.After waking up, he felt that "his son must be alive."

In the early morning of the 10th, a 16 -member rescue team went up the mountain to search.The guide is Luo Yong, a 49 -year -old villager Luo Lijun.He and Gan Yu didn’t know each other, but he tried his best.

The group was first sent to the Tiger Gang by the helicopter, and then entered the mountains.Luo Yong also went.After being rescued, he was hospitalized in two days.With a pale face, he has been pointing to the rescue team. Because of his weakness, he did not get off the plane.

Along the way, Luo Lijun saw that the road was almost over. In many places, he could only go around.

On the first day, they crossed the top of the three hills -Daping, which was finally discovered by Gan Yu.There are many cattle and sheep and people’s footprints on the top of the mountain. They sleep on the top of the mountain, rest on the leaves of the trees, and be frozen in the middle of the night, so they have to heat up.

The next day, they found the celestial celery capsules separated by Luo Yong and Gan Yu, and found a few kilometers near the ground, shouted loudly without response.

Luo Lijun said that the scope of the tiger’s job is very large. It may take a month to go after all walking. He shouted in the vast forest. Even if it is 50 meters apart, he may not hear the sound and can only rely on luck.In the afternoon, the rescue team was exhausted in dry food and water, and they could only be withdrawn.

Four days later, Luo Lijun took the blue sky rescue team and searched along another route.

Sun Jianhong searched up the mountain.Knowing that Gan Yu didn’t find it, he had no sleep all night.

On the afternoon of September 9th, he took the search and rescue team of more than 30 people consisting of firefighters, police, and volunteers, and entered the mountains from asbestos.After walking for four or five hours, I haven’t arrived in Tiger’s job, because the road is too dangerous, there is no rescue conditions, and it is returned halfway.

On September 12, he went up the mountain with two brothers for the second time, brought dry food, water for three days, and a set of clothes for Gan Yu. He planned to find the whole mountain.

Sun Jianhong and his brother went up the mountain for the second time to find Gan Yu.Interviewee confession

They set off at five in the morning, and along the way, they saw the motorcycle smashed by the rocks, the collapsed house, pigpen, pigs, chickens, and sheep running everywhere, and some places were still collapsed. They could only wait for the collapse.At the side of the cliff, there were no trees, "holding life.""The whole mountain is basically around." The forest is tall and dense, and there are many forks. They cut off the knife and cut the bamboo on the tree or cut the bamboo to mark it.

It’s dark.Sun Jianhong was in a heavy mood and sent a message to Gan Yu’s mother: "I’m sorry, I have tried my best, but I didn’t find it." Gan Yu’s mother transferred 600 yuan thanks, and he confiscated.

After Sun Jianhong did not find Gan Yu, he had a conversation with Gan Yu’s mother.Interviewee confession

On September 12th, Gan Yu’s two cousins rushed from Chengdu to Wanggang Ping Township, Ashami Prefecture to find a younger brother.They asked for help online and contacted the four folk rescue teams.

Every time, as soon as there is a search and rescue team, the Gan family feels hopeful; as soon as the "receiving team" is said to be sad.

In the past ten days, the Gan Guoming couples have almost lost their eyes and "have never taken off their clothes."Gan Guoming said that he was afraid that he couldn’t find it, and he was afraid of finding it. It was bad news.

All the situation thought: How can I hide when I encounter wild boars and bear?What should I do if the landslide knocked him down?Where did the mudslides rush him?… Soon, Gan Guoming overturned all the "unexpected".

He was very strict with his son.In the days when Gan Yu lost my contact, I remembered these, Gan Guoming felt heartache, "should be better for him", "even if there is only one tenth of the hope, I still have to find it."

The worst case has also thought about it."Even if a bone is there, I picked him up." Gan Guoming’s tone was firm, "This is what I can do as my father, and in the end."

"Finally not alone"

Sun Jianhong later learned that because he was not familiar with the mountain shape, after leaving the celery, Gan Yu climbed to the back of the highest mountain, beyond the search range of the rescue team.

On a stormy night, Gan Yu finally climbed to Luo Yong’s "prairie".The weather was very cold, he didn’t sleep all night, "it feels a bit up."

The next day, Tianqing was fine.He saw dozens of cattle and sheep, the compressed biscuits, empty mineral water bottle left by the rescue players, and highways in the distance.He shouted loudly and did not respond.

The road down the mountain collapsed, he could only wait.Two days later, Gan Yu tried to slip down and found a flat to rest for one night.The next day, when he heard someone sound, he shouted "help".

Ni Tai Gao, a villager in Yuejin Village on the opposite side of the mountain, heard it and rushed over to save Gan Yu.

One night before being rescued, Gan Guoming went to Gan Yu on the road of his hometown and said to him, "Dad, I am back", and then said, "I’m leaving."

"Where are you going?" Gan Guoming woke up, at a glance at 3:55 am.He told his wife that he dreamed that his son was back.

In those days, his wife also dreamed that Gan Yu shouted in his dream, "Mom saves me, mother saves me".

Gan Liquan also had a similar dream for a few nights.He was determined to go up the mountain to search, and he found Ni Huadong, a villager in Yuejin Village.

At 6 pm on September 20th, the group entered the mountain and planned to go to Ni Huadong’s family one night first.At night, there was a rainy rain, and the mountain road collapsed, and it could only climb upwards.In the night, there were "wow" called "wow", the sound of the mountain collapsed, and a rotten odor.Trend) Come here? "

After walking for two or three hours, I arrived at the guide.The guide’s house collapsed, no water and no electricity, and could only carry water from two or three kilometers away.

In the early morning of the next day, they took tents, rubber paper, knives, pots, and rice to go up the mountain. They planned to go to the celery up, and then turned to the nearby hills to find it for three or four days.

About two hours later, Gan Liquan received a call from Gan Yu’s mother, saying that Gan Yu found it.

Gan Liquan called Ni Tai Gao, and Gan Yu answered.Hearing his brother’s voice, Gan Yu cried and said, "It’s good to have a family."

After meeting, Gan Yu cried again, and Gan Liquan burst into tears in his eyes.

Gan Yu asked him if he had meat and wanted to eat meat.Gan Liquan said that it can’t be eaten yet.On the way, the doctor sent by the asbestos command told him on the phone not to let Gan Yu eat, drink less water, and not let him sleep.

Gan Yu’s clothes, pants, and shoes were wet, and Gan Liquan replaced him with new clothes.He saw his brother’s knees grinding, sticking to his pants, a lot of pus on his ankle, and a wound on his hands.There is a bottle of mosquito repellent picked in his pocket.

After changing clothes, Gan Yu was still shaking coldly.The villagers chopped two branches and made a simple stretcher with their pockets. Seven or eight people took turns to carry him down the mountain.After the rain, the ground was full of mud, stepped on with one foot, and trapped into the mud. They walked for 50 meters for a while.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the helicopter received Gan Yu to Luding County Hospital.

Seeing the photos of Gan Yu sent by the villagers, Gan Guoming was excited, "You say crying, don’t cry; laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh, you can’t describe it in words."

When he saw Gan Yu at Luding County Hospital, his wife couldn’t cry, and Gan Guoming felt that "if he breaks his arms and legs, as long as people are alive."

Holded up by her mother, Gan Yu was very happy, "I am not alone."

On the night of being rescued, Gan Yu moved to Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University overnight.He had a lot of soft tissue in his body, fractures of ribs, left lower limbs, and was accompanied by severe infection.His left ankle was surgery, and the nails on his left foot were taken out.

Gan Yu spent his birthday in the ward.Interviewee confession

On October 8, Gan Yu was discharged and returned to his hometown in the state.He wants to thank those who have helped him, and also want to go to the sea to see.

Gan Yu was discharged.Interviewee confession

Gan Yu felt that he was much lucky than those who were killed.

"go home"

Peng Rongqiang wanted to take his brother home.

His brother Peng Yunjun was 38 years old. He lived in East Village of Wan. The two sons were in junior high school. The younger daughter was still in elementary school. His wife did farm work and had to take care of the 107 -year -old grandpa.

In Peng Rongqiang’s eyes, his brother was honest and capable. Every time he went home, he was busy growing bergamot, beekeeping, and beef.He is also very good to him, and always help him work.A few days before the earthquake, he asked his brother to help with honey, and his brother asked him to wait for a few days.

Unexpectedly, the news of the death of my brother was waiting.He "cried for three days", "holding his hair and pulling", and dreamed of his brother twice.In the dream, the brothers seemed to put cattle on the mountain when they returned to child.

Peng Yunjun’s wife fractured in the earthquake and was sent to Chengdu by helicopter. Her husband was gone, and she "changed the whole person."The children always asked, "Where’s my dad", and later knew it, became silent, crying without saying a word.Only Peng Yunjun’s mother didn’t know, they were afraid she couldn’t bear it.

Peng Rongqiang recently felt that he was under pressure. The house in his family collapsed and had two children.Brother is gone, he will have nine people alone.

He heard that people who died at the hydropower station buried on the spot.He wanted to wait for the road to repair, go to the dam, take a look and take his brother home.

The 32 -year -old Ma Zhengjun was killed.Since the age of 14, he has been working on the construction site.On August 29 this year, he had just finished the racks and piles from the Tibetan site, and returned to the hometown of Wandong’s hometown.The work money is 170 yuan a day.

Ma Zhengjun’s working money was basically used to pay off debts. Because he had never conceived his child with his wife Chen Fang, he borrowed nearly 110,000 as a test tube.In August, he also borrowed 300 with his younger brother to get more than 600 loan interest on banks.

He and his wife Chen Fang had three embryos in the hospital. He was planned to be transplanted as a test tube baby in September.Now Chen Fang has some difficulties, "I can’t support it alone, and I can’t make money."

Her house was 23 acres of land, and the 1900 buddhas only planted last year were buried due to the landslide.Ma Zhengjun’s mobile phone was also buried in the ruins during the earthquake. He also remembered his repayment plan: this year, he planned to return 20,000 to the cousin.

For Luo Yong, the pain of losing relatives and friends can not be added.

Yang Xiuqing said that Peng Yunjun is Luo Yong’s best friend.After Luo Yong’s deeds were reported, some people wanted to donate him. He refused, saying that it was better to donate to Peng Yunjun’s house with heavier burdens. At least he was alive and could earn it.

But for the 59 -year -old brother Luo Kai, Luo Yong’s guilt could no longer be made up. He introduced the short worker to the hydropower station to move the stone station.He and his brother had a good relationship. After graduating from junior high school, he followed his brother to work. His elder brother always found some of them to work for him. After each family, they also lived next to each other. They usually took care of each other.

Luo Kaiqing’s son always advised him to move to the city to live together, but Lao Luo wanted to stay in his hometown to plant land.Every day, he has to open a video to see his grandson. This time, when he went to the water and power station, he was also a decision to hide his son and make it quietly.

I was afraid that the 87 -year -old father could not bear it, and Luo Yong’s family also hid Luo Kaiqing.But at the resettlement point, an old man told him that Luo Kaiqing was gone. He did not eat all day. Yang Xiuqing endured his emotions.She also joked with him, "If my brother had an accident, can we still be joking with you here?"

Luo Yong and his father at a temporary placement point -ate in a elementary school.Photo by Chen Canjie, a surging news reporter Chen Canjie

I didn’t find the 86 -year -old mother from the ruins earlier, and became the most regrettable thing in Luo Yong’s life. "I can’t think of it when I think of it." He could only confess to his mother silently in his heart. "The son did not come as soon as possibleTo you. "

On September 23, after ensuring the safety of travel, Luo Yong’s application for burial mother who returned to Bay East Village was finally approved. At the East River Estuary of the Wan, the road was basically collapsed. They walked up the mountain for several hours before arriving home.

On September 23, when the Luo Yong family walked back to the East Village of Huiwan Road, there was a large number of landslide marks in the mountains.Interviewee confession

Originally, a brick house was mixed with a tile house, and now there is only a sinking wall left.Through the smell, they found her in the kitchen position -she came back from the ground that day, and was about to cook, and the earthquake came.

After being buried for eighteen days, the body was no longer formed, "only the bones were left."However, they have no time to mourn. The mountains may collapse anytime, anywhere, and they must be buried as soon as possible.

Luo Yong remembered that the night before the earthquake, he hurriedly returned home and took a little cabbage and four seasons of beans. The mother packed him with two bags. When he left, he was worried that he was unsafe at night and shouted.He rode slowly, and he said that he had to leave.Unexpectedly, it would be the last time to meet.

Yang Xiuqing said that her husband experienced these and became silent. When he was okay every day, he kept crying with his mother’s photos, could not sleep at night, and was crying.

On September 28, Luo Yong opened his way to his mother and brother. The sound of the bell and the chanting sounded between the two adjacent tents.Red and smoke choked.Luo Kaiqing’s wife was slow to move, as if looking at the distance, she pumped her nose and continued to burn paper.Luo Minglong said that when the dam is over, he must move his father, choose a good day, and find a good place to bury.

After that, you can enter the Wan East Village, Luo Yong is going to help his fellow to drive out the cow and sheep, "but it should be dead."Yang Xiuqing said that he had 5 pigs at home, and only 3 heads were left after the earthquake.

"Nothing is there, we really have nothing." Yang Xiuqing sighed with sadness, but in a blink of an eye, comforting ourselves, nothing happened, as long as people are still there, everything can start again.

Luo Yong’s home now only stands a sinking wall in his hand.Interviewee confession

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