Big S acknowledged that Wang Xiaofei had a miscarriage twice, and Wang Xiaofei looked for another new love. Which life would they be entangled?

Sorry today’s male and female protagonists are still Wang Xiaofei and Da S. This is really a dog blood series that is longer than "Unforgettable" …

The editor who is still deeply cultivated in the study of Philippine and S Xue himself ↓

Last time the book said, Wang Xiaofei staged a century reconciliation with S Mom.

In early April, Wang Xiaofei finally flew to Taiwan, met a pair of children he thought about it day and night, and still cordially called the mother S. Mother S as the "mother -in -law".

Although this reminding Wang Xiaofei’s mother Zhang Lan listened, it was 10,000 unwillingness.

But Wang Xiaofei obviously did not Care’s mother. He still made a decent person at the end. He also took a video with the mother …

Thinking about it half a year ago, the Wang family and the Xu family were separated from each other. The mother said that she was so angry that she was stretched out of the heart.

Unexpectedly, after half a year, Wang Xiaofei s ate in the same frame. Both of them laughed, and Mom also praised Xiaofei to mature a lot.

Naive as us, they all thought that the story of Wang Xiaofei’s big S came to the final chapter. The two men finally had to stop.

Now it seems that I think of more people. The latest progress of the story is:

Big S has admitted the scar that he had miscarriage twice for Wang Xiaofei. Wang Xiaofei had already found another new love, and dated hands with beautiful women late at night.

Last night, the Taiwan media suddenly released a very privacy broke. The degree of privacy was to the point where the parties and doctors would know -Da S and Wang Xiaofei have been aborted more than once in the marriage!

Taiwan media said that Da S was aborted not only when he was pregnant (2018), but also had a miscarriage once when he got married (2011).

Big S has disclosed a miscarriage experience when recording "Happiness Trio" in 2018.

The reason for the abortion was that the embryonic heartbeat of the three -tabbing baby could not be detected during the birth of the big S, and determined that the embryonic was not fully developed. You could only choose to terminate your pregnancy.

At that time, Da S also issued a statement that there was pain and loss in the lines. "Although the fate with this child is very short, it makes S realize a lot. She believes that the warm time that the whole family is together at this moment is happiness."

And that’s not the first abortion of Big S. As early as the big S Wang Xiaofei held the Sanya wedding, Da S had a miscarriage once …

Time was back in 2011 12 years ago. There were indeed rumors about the abortion of big S. At that time, Wang Xiaofei also posted a post saying that he was very uncomfortable and could not be relieved, but did not say the reason.

At that time, Xiao S was denying that there was no abortion. Big S was very healthy and wanted to have children and prepared for raising the body.

Now it seems that the rumors were not groundless at that time, and Taiwan media broke the news that it was quite accurate …

Just last night, Da S directly acknowledged the fact that he had miscarriage, and the actual situation was far more shocking than the Taiwan media broke the news.

The first abortion of Big S was in 2011. Four days after abortion, Wang Xiaofei held a wedding in Sanya 4 days later.

The second miscarriage was recording of the variety show "Happiness Trio" 7 days later in 2018.

Big S also attached a B -ultrasound checklist for two miscarriage, and it was not expected that the whole thing had reached the point where the most private personal privacy had to be exposed to prove the innocence.

From the schedule of "Happiness Triors" that year, from the table, the recording time of the previous periods was very dense, and it was the time when the big S had just had a rest.

Although I do n’t know why Da S had to expose the scars to respond to miscarriage, but now I look back at her attitude towards Wang Xiaofei after two miscarriage. It can only be said that she really loved Wang Xiaofei …

Big S is a person who does not want to get a wedding at all ↓

At that time, Wang Xiaofei gave her a wedding with the most grand and invited star guests.

Big S does not want to wear a wedding dress ↓

On the wedding day, her wedding dress became the biggest stalk. The wind was so strong that her wedding skirt was blown up, and the dad behind her was rolled into her gauze skirt.

Big S is a well -known whitening madman, don’t want to bask in the sun ↓

The wedding location was selected on the hottest and hottest Sanya seaside in the sun … not only had strong ultraviolet rays that day, but also dense clouds and madly blew.

After all, the wedding must be prepared in advance. After the banquet, so many relatives and friends can not be canceled temporarily. After 4 days of abortion, you have to play the wedding that he does not want to hold. It can only be said that Big S really loved it that year.

After all, Wang Xiaofei was a man who would be her child’s father at a glance. ↓

So after a fetal abortion was discontinued, the big S conditioned for her body to be actively prepared, and finally ushered in a child and a daughter. These two babies were not easy to give birth.

When she was pregnant with her daughter, she ate vegetarians all year round to eat meat to raise her body. She finally gave birth to her daughter for three years, but she was facing a serious blessing.

When having a son, he was sent to the ICU rescue due to severe contractions and analgesic drugs, which caused hypoxia, coma, and epilepsy.

In 2018, it was easy to fight for three babies, but ended with abortion with fetal stops.

At that time, she was already a big S of the elderly mother. After 7 days of miscarriage, she went to accompany Wang Xiaofei to record the show. She was in a bad state in her whole person.

To what extent?Wang Xiaofei did not report to the toilet. The big S could not find him and panicked.

At that time, the big S did not scold, and was vomited too much, arrogant, gloomy, and was angry at any time.

Since the outbreak of electricity bills and mattress incidents, the reputation of Da S directly fell to the bottom of the valley. Several times, she stood up and torn each other, which also caused her audience to disappear.

But no matter how she tears her face after divorce, how she loves her and wife becomes an enemy, she was exhausted twice that year, but she was still willing to cooperate with Wang Xiaofei’s wedding wedding to play the affectionate couple. It can be seen that she really loved Wang Xiaofei in those years …

Wang Xiaofei did not set up a favorite wife at that time. After a while, she called Big S "My Wife", and coaxed her a "little girl" in a while. After a while, she held her in her palm, saying that she was the most beautiful no matter what she became.

But Wang Xiaofei, a man who "looks like a good husband", is also amazing by Move on -this is not, for more than a year of divorce, I have talked about (at least) in love for more than a year.

Today, Wang Xiaofei was exposed to a new relationship again, which was the second relationship of his divorce one year.

Wang Xiaofei was drunk that night, and a lady in a lace dress+high -heeled shoes took a walk on the street.

The lady held Wang Xiaofei’s hand all the way. The two didn’t know what to talk about. The lady was laughing by Wang Xiaofei, and the picture was sweet.

Wang Xiaofei walked on the lady sometimes, and sometimes she fell on the lady. The lady also hit him gently and coquettish him. Finally, the driver took the two to go home together.

I don’t know if this is in love, or I am happy to talk about the dinner and then …

After Wang Xiaofei’s new relationship was exposed, Zhang Yingying did not forget to pour oil. She said that since she and Wang Xiaofei have been separated for 3 months, Wang Xiaofei has slept more than a dozen and continued to save her.

How do you look so familiar with this scene?

At the beginning, Wang Xiaofei did not leave the big S while derailed Zhang Yingying …

When the Taiwan media broke the news that Da S had a miscarriage twice, the reason why Da S was determined to divorce: "It wasn’t until he really heard the intimate dialogue between Wang Xiaofei and the opposite sex."

The probability of the opposite sex he heard by the big S is Zhang Yingying. After all, Big S Wang Xiaofei divorced, Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying put on the couple necklace.

In September 2021, Wang Xiaofei had not divorced Big S. He begged Big S not to divorce himself, but he begged Zhang Yingying not to give birth. He claimed to be "husband" and said that he would "love you well".

Xiao Fei, the derailment is already too much, is it so difficult to wear T …?

Two years ago, Wang Xiaofei retained the big S while derailing Zhang Yingying. Two years later, Wang Xiaofei recovered Zhang Yingying while holding a new girlfriend in her hands …

Is Wang Xiaofei uncomfortable without falling in love?If you talk about love and can’t do it, can’t you let go when you break up?

From Wang Xiaofei’s two relationships with Da S and Zhang Yingying, you can also see a commonality-

Wang Xiaofei is the kind of Cancer who is particularly good at moving. On the surface, he seems to be inseparable from you. He crazy for you and crazy for you to hit the wall. In fact, he is just moving himself.

At that time, Wang Xiaofei said, "I want to give a dream wedding on the seaside of the big S". In fact, I didn’t care about whether Da S wanted to have a wedding. He cared about "you want to complete my dream."

Ten years later, he knew Big S and knew that "she didn’t like high -profile", but when the words turned around, they still emphasized that "but I like lively, like the sea", and still obsessed with another seaside wedding.

When he was with Zhang Yingying, he knew Zhang Lan hated Zhang Yingying, and he knew that Zhang Lan would not accept her anyway.

However, because he was unwilling to break up, he said casually to say a worthless marriage commitment. He laughed to death. He might really think that the women in the world wanted to marry him …

Wang Xiaofei’s most "father but not knowing": We are married, and we have a lot of little baby. I am for you!

At that time, Da S said that Wang Xiaofei would not control his emotions. Now Zhang Yingying said that Wang Xiaofei was an explosion and affectionate giant baby. To sum up, Wang Xiaofei could not work.

It has been difficult to evaluate, and it is difficult to evaluate who is wrong between the big S and Wang Xiaofei. It can only be said that how much love is now.

In a blink of an eye, Big S Wang Xiaofei divorced for a year and a half, Da S Junjun was married for a year, and Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying broke up for three months. These people are still lingering and tearing. I do n’t know which life to tear …

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