Big S pregnancy rumors inside the inside story, insiders expose more details, the amount of information is large, and Jun Jun is really not stupid.

Since the divorce of Da S and Wang Xiaofei, after marrying Ge Jun, the Da S family has never stopped. From the divorce battle with Wang Xiaofeou’s blood to Yu Junyu to show affection every day, to the former Huang Zijiao sized S to suck D.Now Korean media have news that Big S is pregnant?okokokok?Is this to prove that he did not suck. Did you even move out the children? What is going on? Is it true or false?

As we all know, this big S is 46 years old, and last month, I also broke the news that because of my weakness and miscarriage twice, and when I was just married, I did not indicate that they were too old, so I was not prepared to have a third child.?

However, netizens also picked up clues, and felt that the rumors of big S were pregnant.

Everyone always feels that I can see the news of the big S every day, but in fact, she has not appeared for more than 9 months, and even the street has not been shot. The only time in 9 months appeared.Then the photos of the party became very scary, and netizens always felt that the state of Big S was extremely state of the state at that time.

The first is Su Yan appeared, and wearing only a simple white loose T -shirt, and also deliberately standing behind Xiao S and Junjun, Xiao S’s standing posture is also very weird, and I twisted my waist.Blocking the belly of Big S.

Looking at the photos of the party before the Great S of the Great S, she is a beauty king. She has a glorious photo every time she appears.Essence

In addition, netizens played the spirit of Holmes and took a magnifying glass to look at a little bit of belly led by the big S. Netizens felt that the belly was obviously pregnant.

In addition to the photos, Ge Junye’s attitude towards Big S is also elusive. Although I know that Jun Jun loves show love and loves, what I do not expect is that he is really a 24 -filial good husband at home.Pour the water and even fed me to the mouth, but they have been married for two years. They did not use this show when they were new.

At that time, a married female netizen had already insight into cattle:

"It should be a curve pregnancy, and a woman can be the queen queen who can do 10 months during pregnancy. When I was pregnant, my husband served me like this, and the curve was so old.After 10 months, the bald head is not like a man who will pay for it! "

Now it really says, but netizens also feel so quiet and quietly don’t want to do the style of the big S family. If you are really pregnant, it is estimated that the gongs have long been promoted to the world, especially Xiao S. She can have been in the past few years.The entertainment industry mixed up, and it was completely relying on the boudoir secret room between her sister big S and two brother -in -law. In such a big thing, she could not be secretly secret.

Unless it is another possibility, the big S really sucks D, and this child is not sure if it can be produced safely, or whether it is a healthy child, everyone knows that if parents suck D, most of the children born are not too healthy, But after all, it is a small life. If you really get pregnant, you still wish this child healthy.

And since Huang Zijiao broke the news, the ex -husband Wang Xiaofei was quiet, and there was no news at all. It was also normal.

But then there were also media that Wang Xiaofei finally grabbed the big S’s braids this time. He had already picked up two children overnight, and couldn’t take care of the big S.

There are also people familiar with the matter:

"The big curve is really pregnant, but one party is old, and on the other hand, she really sucks. She is not prepared at all, but the bald head does not agree, especially the bald mother.Pregnancy is unexpected to the big curve, but it is not necessarily the family. After all, the children and girls are not counted.Health cannot be guaranteed, even if she is not sure, as a woman, the big curve is very difficult. "

If the news is true, the amount of information is quite large.

Then this time I might be that Jun Jun may not be voluntary in order to fulfill his mother’s wish.Since Ge Junjun married Da S, although her mother -in -law was not around, she also shouted many times and wanted to want her grandson. When she heard that Da S didn’t want to give birth, Ge Junyi’s mother’s face collapsed instantly. This is also the fact.

Therefore, Ge Junye is likely to be a filial son regardless of whether the big S is 46 years old or the like, so he will make up for the action after pregnancy, anyway, it is 10 months.

Looking at this way, Ge Junyu is really not stupid, and there are many thoughts, no wonder you can hold the big S.

In a interview, Ge Junzhang’s mother did not hide the thoughts of heavy men and women, and wanted to want a big S to have a son. It seems that the big S is also Alexander.His daughter is the second birthday. Does the 46 -year -old big S still have to chase a boy for your mother -in -law?

However, at present, the high -profile big S has not responded to rumors of pregnancy, but she has disappeared. It has been disappeared. Nine months, if you are really pregnant, you will be born, and everyone will soon know the mystery.

So everyone thinks the news of pregnancy is true, or is it just to suppress the negative news of her sucking D?



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“Korean media guess Big S pregnancy”


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