Biochemical pregnancy: Your irregular menstruation may be a miscarriage

As we all know, the first three months of pregnancy is a very important period of time, so there are many various opinions about this period of time.

According to statistics, 90%of women have various discomfort during this period. In most cases, there are no major cases, but it will always stimulate the sensitive nerves of new prospective mothers.Phenomenon.At the same time, abortion during early pregnancy is indeed a major problem that plagues many women.

Biochemical pregnancy

In fact, before the real pregnancy, many people had another experience, called biochemical pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy refers to: although the urine or blood drawing is verified, but within a few days, the indicator of pregnancy has fallen, and it has been reduced to negative.From beginning to end, B -ultrasound has never seen the performance of pregnancy.This is just a blood drawing, and then the indicator drops to normal pregnancy. We call it biochemical pregnancy.

Someone studied more than 700 menstrual cycles of more than 200 normal women, and found that the natural abortion rate was 31%, which was 30%of the opportunity. The embryo fell after bed.Among these 30 % of the natural abortion, 2/3 are biochemical pregnancy.

In other words, women with normal sexual life, maybe which menstruation do you have an unknowing abortion, but you did not check it.Therefore, it is not clinically counted as a miscarriage, but just as an irregular menstruation.

Therefore, the best way to deal with biochemical pregnancy is: forget this experience.The best way to prevent biochemical pregnancy is: don’t be so anxious to test so early, the test will be used as a menstrual late, and I don’t know that it is a biochemical pregnancy.

The attitude towards biochemical pregnancy is: Don’t take it seriously at all, this is not important at all, and there are no problems several times.


After talking about biochemical pregnancy, what I want to say next is the problem of progesterone -related.

In most domestic hospitals, you have to check you for progesterone as long as you are pregnant. This is actually incorrect.Welonone is indeed an indispensable hormone for pregnancy and plays a very important role.However, there are too many things that are essential for pregnancy.

In fact, the individual of each person is very different, and the progesterone value measured by the same person at different times is also high and low -low -either that the measurement is low or it is abnormal.The same person may have the height of progesterone.

Therefore, there is no reference value of normal progesterone clinically, only indirect reference indicators, and the clinical significance is not great.

So if you find that progesterone is relatively low, can I improve or improve the ending of abortion by replenishing progesterone?Does not.

Because for most abortion, decreased progesterone is only a result, not the reason.In other words, it is because of abortion, so progesterone is reduced; not because progesterone is reduced, there is a miscarriage.

It is like a hole in a boat breaking a hole, and a lot of water comes up.The phenomenon you see is that there are a lot of water in the boat and sink the boat, so the method you think of is to quickly scoop the water.But this is actually invalid, because the water rushing in the boat is the result rather than the reason. Even if you make the water in the ship less in the short term, the ultimate ship is still sink -because the ship is sinking, so you will see it.There are more and more water in the boat.

Detecting progesterone, and then supplementing and "preservation" according to the results of progesterone. The reason is the same.If in the end, it really stays, and it will not have a miscarriage.Because the differences in progesterone in different people are already large. Although you measure a bit low, it does not mean that it is a miscarriage. If you do n’t keep it, you can still get pregnant normally.And if you really have a miscarriage, no matter how much progesterone is replenished.

Therefore, in the second half of last year, the new domestic and experts also had consensus qualitative, which clearly pointed out that it is not recommended to say that progesterone level monitoring as a conventional evaluation indicator.

Vaginal bleeding

Although the elevation of progesterone cannot explain anything, there are indeed a considerable part of the women who have a threatened abortion during early pregnancy. The most common is vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy.How should I deal with this situation?

The survey shows that 20%of women will have vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy. Most of them are not a problem in the end, and it is just a’t be too nervous when you find vaginal bleeding.

This situation first requires B -ultrasound to check whether there is a fetal heart.If the fetal heart is not seen, it may be earlier. It is recommended to continue to observe first. There is no need to treat any drugs. As long as you rest properly, suspension of strenuous exercise, do not have to be in bed.Living and living are unspoken.

If the B -ultrasound prompts the fetal heart to fight, it is basically not a big problem.In this case, whether it is necessary to replenish progesterone, there are still controversy in professionalism.Some studies believe that it is invalid, and some studies believe that the risk of final abortion can be reduced.

Therefore, it is also possible to supplement progesterone for this kind of symptoms of signs of abortion. At least it can make it more psychological and make yourself feel that you are working hard for the fetal.

However, it should be reminded that even if the fetal ketone is used to protect the fetus, it is enough for 1-2 weeks.After 10 weeks of pregnancy, progesterone will definitely have no effect, and no progesterone is needed at that time.

Overall, if you have clearly become pregnant in the palace, but there are symptoms of aura abortion, and you do not oppose the use of progesterone, it is worth it to comfort the emotions of comfort and anxiety.After all, the current evidence shows that progesterone is still safer, so it is okay to use it.

In fact, how the embryo ended during the early pregnancy, most of us could not change, as if the old man at home was dying, we could not change that result; similarEssenceWe really have to change this result.

For this situation with abortion: First of all, we must accept this result. This is not anyone who can change it. Then if necessary, the Qing Dynasty surgery is performed as soon as possible.

Many people have been struggling with abortion after experiencing abortion or fetal stops.This is indeed a common sense. Everyone always hopes to find the cause of miscarriage, and then avoid this situation again in the future.

In fact, as mentioned earlier, the incidence of human abortion is very high.The cause of miscarriage is 50%-60%due to abnormal embryo, and abnormal embryos are eliminated naturally.And there is a considerable part of abortion, which is currently not clear about the reason.

However, there are generally only one occurrence of natural miscarriage, and only 5%of women will abortion twice in a row.Therefore, if there is a fetal stop, this is an accident, but this time is poor, but the good things are more grinding. The next time you do n’t need any special examination or special pregnancy, you can get pregnant normally.Usually you can get pregnant 6 months after the Qing Palace surgery.

Therefore, if you have only experienced a miscarriage, the best solution is to forget this unpleasant experience.If you have to be confident, you can pay as expected next time!

Mom about Hexi has something to say

After saying so much, it is actually expected to go away from the most worrying about abortion during the early pregnancy.

The first is the so -called biochemical pregnancy. In fact, there is no need to take it seriously at all, and it doesn’t matter how many times.

Regarding the measurement of progesterone, this is currently a relatively universal inspection in China. Guidelines and expert consensus at home and abroad are clearly recommended not to routine examinations during early pregnancy.In addition to increasing the anxiety of pregnant women and making pregnant women spend more money, it is not helpful.

For replenishment of progesterone, there are still controversy in majors, but at least the existing research believes that progesterone is still safer.For women who have already had a miscarriage or stopping, the best choice is to forget that unpleasant experience, regain confidence, and continue to work hard!

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