Bitter gourd is listed in large quantities.

After entering, the family often eat dumplings, leek eggs, pork cabbage, pork eggplant, beef and green onion, cucumber eggs and other dumplings. Recently, my mother listened to the advice of grandma next door and asked me to wrap her dumplings with bitter melon stuffing.

My mother said that the dumplings of bitter gourd filling are more fragrant than cabbage leeks. Your dad has a little fire recently. Therefore, the bitter gourd filling dumplings should be eaten more.My dad is a bit difficult to believe. Can bitter gourd still make dumplings?

Sanfu Tian, the weather is hot and humid, sweaty, and the body consumes a lot. In daily diet, you need to replenish more water. This is why everyone likes to eat watermelon, drink mung bean soup, and drink a lot of water in the hot summer.

Bitter gourd is a relatively common vegetable in our daily life. Although bitter gourd can obviously eat bitterness, during the cooking process, such as pork belly, the bitter gourd, the bitterness of bitter gourd will not affect the taste of pork belly.For summer, frequent consumption of bitter gourd still has a lot of benefits for our body. For example, bitter gourd is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Among them, the content of vitamin C is extremely high, and it can clear the heat and heat the heat, strengthen the spleen and stomach, soIn my mother’s opinion, dumplings filled bitter gourd in home are even more delicious.

My daughter -in -law does not like to eat bitter gourd. The reason is that the taste of bitter gourd is a bit bitter, but I target her diet, bitter gourd with clams and ribs, and often make bitter gourd clam soup, bitter gourd pork ribs soup.Doing it, my daughter -in -law will also eat bitter gourd on the face of clams and pork ribs, and eat too much, and slowly get used to it. I do n’t like how much I like it, but at least I do n’t refuse to eat bitter gourd as before.

Bitter gourd is listed in large quantities, Futian has to eat hard, cook it, soft and tender fragrance, relieve heat and detoxify, let me talk about some delicious melon in summer, and share with you, bitter gourd clam soup and bitter gourd ribs souppractice.

You can leave a message in the comment area and talk about your opinion?Do you often eat bitter gourd in hot summer?

Bitter gourd is a kind of cool ingredients, which has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying and promoting digestion. At the same time, the nutritional value of bitter gourd is high, which is a low -calorie, high fiber, and vitamin -rich ingredients.

Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, each taste has its own unique flavor, consume bitter gourd in summer, in the field of Chinese medicine, "can play fire and quench thirst."

Bitter gourd contains bittering and bitter gourdin, which can play a role in strengthening the spleen and appetizing and enhancing appetite. If you have no appetite in Sanfu Tian, you can try bitter gourd, maybe you will make your appetite open.

Preparation of ingredients: bitter gourd, clam, pork belly, minced meat, ginger and vinegar


1. After buying home, it is necessary to soak in salt water for several hours, so that the clams can be spit, but in fact, the clams after soaking for 2-3 hours can still be eaten.In the sediment, my approach is to wash off the sediment in the process of simmering, so that the clams can be guaranteed, each of which is a state of no sand.

2. After boiling the heat in the water cooker, turn off the heat, put the clams, and turn it slightly. The clams will open the shell. Remove the open clam.Remove it and rinse it in the water. It seems to be troublesome, but after this processing, the clams can basically achieve sandless sand, and those clams that are dead and the shell can be distinguished.

3. After the clams are treated, we will handle the bitter gourd, cut into half, hang the white cricket in the middle, and then cut the bitter gourd into thick slices.

4, simmer the bitter gourd, so that most of the bitter taste can be removed. After the bitter gourd is removed after simmering, it needs to be too cold.

5. Put a little edible oil in the pot. After heating slightly, add ginger slices and garlic cloves to fry, add the clams that are simmered, and stir -fry evenly.Put the minced meat and fry until the discoloration is changed.

6. After boiling on high heat, add the bitter gourd that is simmered, add the right amount of salt and white sugar to season, cook the bitter gourd for a while, you can give it out, and a pot of bitter gourd clam soup is ready.

7, the umami flavor of clams and the delicate melon, eating clam meat is very memorable.

1. It is best to buy ribs or direct discharge. After returning home, soak the bleeding water in water, simmer the pork ribs, put the ribs in boiling water, wait for the ribs in the pot to remove the pork ribs after turning off the heat, and rinse it with warm water.

2. Cut the bitter gourd to grow. Similar to the length of the ribs, put it in a large bowl, sprinkle with a little salt, marinate for 10 minutes, marinate the juice, and clean it. This kind of bitter gourd will no longer have a bitter smell.

3. Put the pork ribs in a high -pressure cooker, add an appropriate amount of water, high pressure for 20 minutes, simmer until the ribs are soft and turn off the heat. After the high -pressure cooker can safely unveil the lid, put it in bitter gourd, simmer for 20 minutes, cook until the bitter gourd taste feels the taste of the bitter gourd.Soft.

4. Finally, add salt, pepper, and monosodium glutamate to season, and a bowl of bitter gourd pork rib soup is ready.

1. First observe the shape of the bitter gourd

Choose bitter gourd and try to choose as straight as possible. This kind of bitter gourd will taste better. Those strange and strange bitter gourds cannot be purchased. They are not very good. It is not recommended to buy.

2. Select according to the color of bitter gourd

You should choose the bitter gourd with a greener color. If the color is yellow, it means that the bitter gourd is old, and the flesh is no longer crispy.

In the end, I still want to say a few words. The bitter gourd is listed in large quantities. Fusian must eat hard, cook it, soft and tender, and detoxify the heat.

You can choose bitter gourd according to your personal diet. Although bitter gourd clam soup and bitter gourd pork rib soup, my daughter -in -law prefers, but everyone’s diet likes different. If you like it, you can try it. It is pretty good.

We try to share a dish for you through the original graphic, and through the original graphics. They are delicious, beautiful, and nutritious. What kind of food do you want here, I hope we can give you!

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