Blocking, isolation, control … During the epidemic, pregnant mothers must do these things well

Recently, the outbreak of the epidemic in various places, "XX newly increased" and "×× blocked" from time to time, the hot search, the Spring Festival is coming soon, these news also made many migrant workers look tight.

What’s more difficult is that the blockade caused by the epidemic may make many people with medical needs unable to get timely inspection and treatment. The Xi’an pregnant women incident has caused a stir on the Internet, which also makes many pregnant mothers anxious: I am where I am livingWhat should I do if the outbreak of the epidemic occurs in the outbreak of the outbreak?Do you want to plan ahead now?

The hope of spending a stable pregnancy and a baby is the hope of every pregnant mother and family, but there will always be such emergencies in life. What should I do if I encounter an epidemic?Sister Ma made the following reminders for the majority of pregnant mothers.

Regular check -up is very important for pregnant mothers. It can not only monitor important indicators such as fetal growth and development, pregnant mothers’ blood pressure, blood sugar, liver and kidney function, etc., but also understand the intra -fetal danger in a timely manner.Therefore, in areas that have no outbreak of local epidemics, pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for regular production inspection when they do a good job of their own protection.

However, if the outbreak of the area where the area is located affects normal travel, pregnant mothers can appropriately delay the delivery time and wait until the epidemic improves.But these key examinations, pregnant mothers must try their best to go to the hospital for examination.

In the early pregnancy (11-14 weeks), NT examinations need to be performed to evaluate whether the fetus may suffer from Tang syndrome.

In the middle of pregnancy (20-24 weeks), a system of ultrasound examination needs to be performed to see if the fetus has structural malformations; the pregnancy test (OGTT experiment) of pregnancy diabetes is also required to check whether the pregnant mother has gestational diabetes.

In the third trimester (28-40 weeks), you need to understand the condition of the fetus in the palace. The most important indicator is the number of fetal movements. The pregnant mother can monitor themselves and count the fetal movement.During this period, pregnant mothers should not worry too much.In general, strengthening self -monitoring fetal movements and records can be appropriately delayed.

Pregnant mothers with old age, high blood pressure, diabetes and other complications, adverse pregnancy history, and decreased fetal movement must be strictly conducted in accordance with the doctor’s suggestion. If the area is listed as a high -risk area, the pregnant mother mustReport it in advance with the community and prepare a 48 -hour nucleic acid certificate.

In order to cope with the epidemic that may occur at any time, each pregnant mother needs to prepare a production package. What are the things in this bag?Sister Ma listed the following.

(1) The latest hospital consultation information

The occurrence and development of the epidemic may affect the normal diagnosis and treatment of the hospital. Pregnant mothers must dynamically and dynamically understand the latest news of the epidemic situation in the area, and inquire with the production hospital in a timely manner before giving birth to ask if there is any change in the consultation, and try to consult as many production as possible.The hospital is a alternative.

(2) Check inspection information loaded separately

The fetus has been full of 37 weeks, so the pregnant mother is best to put all the production inspection materials in a bag 37 weeks before 37 weeks, and check the doctor at any time. In the endThe inspection information can also allow doctors to understand their own situation in time and make the most suitable judgment.

You know, production may happen at any time, and it will not lead to ahead of time.

Pregnant women are the susceptible crowds of the new crown. In July last year, Zhengzhou added a newly asymptomatic infected person to be a 39 -year -old pregnant woman. She said that she has not been to high -risk areas in the near future.There are also very few, which can not help but make us realize the cunning of the virus, and make the pregnant mothers who are already high -risk people who are high -risk.

The China Health Education Center has released the "New Crown Pneumonia’s Epidemium Relevant Protection Guide to Prevention and Control Relevant Protection Guide -Pregnant Women". Sister Ma shared it here with everyone, and pregnant mothers must keep in mind.

In the past two years, the continuous epidemic disrupted our normal life. Our mood has also fluctuated with the various information from all walks of life. In the face of uncertainties, we need to do "to manage our own affairs and less.Regardless of other people’s affairs, regardless of the matter of God, instead of worrying about the unprepared risk, it is better to control your own affairs, strengthen the learning of pregnancy, manage your own lifestyle, and do your best to reduce your ability to reduce the risk. At the same timeThe attitude of acceptance can not be changed.

If there is a situation of nervousness and anxiety, pregnant mothers can conduct psychological counseling to seek help, and it is also a good choice to relax and meditate to relax.Pregnant mothers with severe symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, Sister Ma suggested to refer to the perinatal psychological counseling clinic, as well as experiencing classrooms for pregnant women’s schools such as the Barinte group, sculpture, and group consultation.

For various information on the Internet, pregnant mothers should not be overly obsessed with browsing, and timely grasp the latest situation and hospital information in time.Professional knowledge and sisters are a good way to keep yourself comfortable and happy.

The epidemic has not ended, and life is still continuing, let’s open our hands to welcome the upcoming new life and new life.

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