Breast fibroma can be cured, but preventing recurrence is the key. You must avoid these four points in daily life.

Many women accidentally touched the RU room with campaigns that could be slid. After checking in the hospital, they found that it was a fibroma. Many friends were struggling with whether they should have surgery and worried that they would recur after they were done. Today, let us understand the breast fibers.tumor.

The cause of breast fibroma is that the sensitivity of estrogen in breast lobular fibroblasts is extremely increased.

In other words, estrogen is a stimulating factor for fibroma.

Breast fibroma is a null tumor in R rooms in women.

It can be single or more.

Generally, they touched the RU room mass and went to the hospital for examination. That is to say, the occurrence of this disease generally did not have the symptoms of discomfort, and a few patients may be accompanied by breast swelling.

The surface of the breast fibroma is smooth and can be pushed, and the texture is like a rubber ball.

Clinically, the smaller breast fibroma can be temporarily used for surgery, but it needs to be regularly reviewed at the hospital to observe whether there is a tendency to deteriorate.

For breast fibroma with a tendency to deteriorate, surgical resection must be used for cure.

If fibroma is found before pregnancy, it should be removed because pregnancy will increase fibroma.For fibroma discovered after pregnancy, you can deal with it before judging the possibility of evil changes.

At present, surgical resection is the only effective way to breast fibroma.

With the advancement and development of minimally invasive technology, patients with breast fibroma can also choose to perform minimally invasive surgical treatment. In this way, the patient’s recovery will be faster, the surgical trauma is also small, and the surgical incision will be beautiful, which will not affect the appearance at all.

In addition, the removed lumps must be routinely performed for pathological examinations.

1. Eat less anti -season vegetables and ripe fruits.

Generally, the content of plant food hormones is low, but some anti -season vegetables and "cooked" melon fruits contain more hormones. In order to list some fruits listed in advance, merchants will mostly use coocin to cooked.Poin is contained in hormones,

Its role is to promote fruit development, growth, and precocity, which is typically "ethylene".

For this ripe fruit, there will be hormones.

Therefore, when buying fruits, pay attention to the season. Over the morning, the seasonal season, and the red and fresh fruits, try not to buy it.

2. Eat less hormone feeding meat.

Hormones are mainly in the blood, so in general, the hormone content contained in meat foods will be higher, especially animal internal organs.

In addition, there are many raw poultry feed with hormone feeds, so it will also cause these meats to contain a large amount of hormones.

For example, the breeding of some fish is urged directly to the contraceptive pills. These foods contain more hormones than ordinary foods. Pay attention to buying chicken, duck, fish and shrimp, be sure to buy trademarks and guarantees from the regular market.In order to prevent premature hormones and affect health.

3. Do not abuse health products.

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to health, so many health products appear on the market, especially detoxifying and beauty. Many people take it for a long time, but they do not know that long -term use will also cause some side effects.

General health products contain certain chemical components, such as high concentration of estrogen. If you take it for a long time, it may cause disorders of endocrine and physiological cycles, increasing the chance of breast fibroma.

Therefore, it is recommended not to abuse nutrition and health products.

4. Adjust the high pressure of life and work.

Women are in a state of tension and stress for a long time, or their emotional fluctuations will cause endocrine dysfunction, thereby disorders of estrogen secretion, increasing the chance of breast fibroma.

Therefore, women should learn to release stress and adjust their mentality.

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