Breast pain in 4 cases, it’s okay!Don’t scare yourself

Many women have experienced breast pain. Some people think they are hyperplasia of the breast, and some are worried that it is a precursor to malignant lesions.

Sometimes I feel like I feel like I am in my heart. Is it a bad illness?Today I will tell you 4 kinds of breast pain, which is a physiological manifestation at a certain stage, which is not an inevitable relationship with the disease!

Due to the changes in hormones in the body, the breasts will change the following changes:

First, the breasts are bulging, and the breast tissue under the nipples appears a nodule like pea to broad bean. It has a slight pain. Subsequently, the breasts continue to develop, increase, and the lac was pigmentation.The feeling of pain in maturity also slowly disappeared.Most development is alternately developing, and boys can also appear.

Response: Do a good job of adolescent education so that this is a normal breast development phenomenon. At the same time, we should wear appropriate bras to avoid eating foods or health products with higher hormones and control high -fat and high -protein diets.

Some women will have breast pain before menstruation, and they disappear after menstruation, so they will recover.

There are many causes of this periodic breast tenderness: hormone changes, elevated prolactin, and edema of water sodium sodium.At the same time, it is also related to emotional, losing temper, sullenness, stress, and poor sleep may cause breast pain.

Response: If it only appears in the first four or five days, the pain is not severe. Pay attention to soothing emotions and stress. Generally, special treatment is not required.If the pain is more than 7 days and affects daily life, under the guidance of a doctor, a reasonable medical care physiotherapy or drug therapy should be performed.

After pregnancy, with the increase of hormones in the body, the breast will develop for the second time: deepening the areola color, dilation of the glandular ducts of the breast, etc., and can cause minor pain.This is prepared for future secretion of milk, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

In addition, some women also have breast tenderness after abortion. This is because the body is in a high hormone level after pregnancy, and the hormone level will suddenly decrease after the termination of pregnancy.Suddenly stopped development, breast pain occurred and could touch the masses.

Response: Breast pain during pregnancy should be replaced in a timely manner to reduce the compression of breasts; breast pain after abortion usually disappears with the body’s recovery one or two months after surgery.

Postpartum breast pain is clinically divided into two types: physiological and pathological.

Physiological milk swelling is manifested as a fullness or mild pain in the breast, mainly due to the increase in blood and lymph fluid caused by hormone secretion.Essence

Pathological milk swelling is manifested as breast pain, hardness, and redness, sometimes accompanied by fever, and it will appear in one week or even 1 month after delivery. It is mainly due to the accumulation of milk.Not timely may cause mastitis.

Response: To achieve "three morning", that is, early contact, early sucking, and early milk.For the pathological breast tenderness, it is necessary to seek the help of a professional doctor to make the breast ducts dredge as soon as possible.

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