Breast pain in women in 6 periods is normal physiological phenomenon, or you don’t have to worry about

Breast pain in women in 6 periods is normal physiological phenomenon, or you don’t have to worry about

There is a saying: "Ten women, ten breast pain", but the causes and symptoms are not the same. For example, breast pain occurs before menstruation, breast pain occurs during ovulation, breast pain when wearing underwear or touch, etc.Some belong to gynecological diseases and need to seek medical treatment in time, and some are normal physiological phenomena. After the physiological period may return to normal, so don’t worry too much.What periods of pain are normal physiological phenomena?Let’s share it with you today.

Breast pain in women in 6 times is a normal physiological phenomenon. Women should understand

1. Adolescent breast tenderness

After women enter their adolescence, with the development of the ovarian, they begin to secrete estrogen and progesterone in large quantities. Under the stimulation of a large amount of hormones, breasts begin to develop rapidly, which will promote the increase in breasts.Water.In this process, the breasts will have a tightness and standing, and become extremely sensitive. Once they are oppressed by external forces, they will be particularly painful. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it is also a process that every woman must experience.

As the breasts are gradually developing and mature, this phenomenon will completely disappear. Therefore, if breast pain occurs during this period, you can ignore it and don’t have to be too nervous. Try to choose a slightly loose when choosing a corset, or small, or small, or small, or small, or small, or small, small, or small, or small, small, or small, small, or small, or small, small, or small, small, or small, or small, small, or small, or smallYou can avoid squeezing the steel ring as much as possible, which affects its normal growth and development.

Second, early breast tenderness

Many female friends often feel that breasts are full, hard, and tender a few days before menstruation. In severe cases, the breasts are slightly vibrated or collided with pain.This phenomenon is related to the increase in estrogen levels in the past, which causes the tissue edema in the breast.With menstruation, these changes will disappear.

For most women, this is a normal physiological change.During this period, pay attention to maintaining a good mentality, try to avoid excessive fatigue or stay up late, smoke and drink.

Third, breast pain during pregnancy

For pregnant women, from the moment the fertilized eggs "landed", the sex hormones in the body began to change.Among them, one of the most obvious signs is breast sensitivity and pain. This pain is caused by the increase in hormone levels in pregnant women. It is very similar to women’s feelings before menstruation, but it is more intense. Generally, it is generally.After 3 months of pregnancy, it will improve significantly.

It should be noted that because the breasts are very fragile during this period, the movements must be soft during care to avoid damage.Many people use this phenomenon as the basis for judging pregnancy, which is still in line with scientific reason.

Fourth, postpartum breast tenderness

This kind of breast bloating occurs mostly for about a few days to 3 weeks after giving birth, mainly due to the fullness of breast vein and intermediary edema and poor breast ducts; or secrete a large amount of milk and fail to discharge in time, and pain will occur.Phenomenon.

Generally speaking, if the babies are not eaten too much, the milk needs to be squeezed to stimulate the breast secretion of more milk. After the baby’s food increases, it can be busy.And it is not more and more.On the contrary, if the baby cannot suck milk or return milk because of some reasons, it will not be able to suck after the baby recovers the breast milk.Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it in time.

5. Breast pain after "people flow"

Some female friends will have a pain in the breast after finishing abortion. This is because when the pregnancy is suddenly interrupted, the hormone level in the body will suddenly decrease. As a result, the breasts that have just developed suddenly stopped growing and breast pain occurred.

Generally speaking, if the breast pain is not particularly obvious after artificial abortion, it can be treated without measures, and the pain can disappear after three months.If the breasts have continuous pain after abortion or symptoms of breast lumps occur, it needs to be treated in a timely manner.

6. Breast pain after "life"

The husband and wife will also cause breast pain after the intimacy, which is often related to the physiological changes of the breast when "life".Generally speaking, it is related to the disagreement of "life". Because it is not satisfied, the breast congestion and swelling are not easy to subscribe. Once continuous congestion occurs, the breast will feel painful, or if it is rubbed vigorously, it will also be kneaded.Pain may occur.Generally, it will not cause adverse effects. It should be noted that if this is the case for a long time, or affect the physical and mental health, try to avoid it.

Many women have experience of breast tenderness, but often taboo diseases and do not go to the doctor. They always think that this is a minor problem. It is improper. As a result, the condition is mistaken.Therefore, you need to master certain knowledge, understand which normal physiological phenomenon, and which requires the help of a doctor.To avoid missing the best treatment time.

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