So, how should we care for the breast during this time to better achieve postpartum breastfeeding?

1. Clean the breast and keep it dry

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should insist on gently wipe the breasts with warm towels every day. Generally, they can be wiped with water without using soap cleaning supplies.If there are some places that are difficult to clean, you can choose some mild soaps, or apply some olive oil items to help clean.

2. Cleaning nipples is more important

The nipples without sucking are particularly fragile and very delicate. In order to breastfeed smoothly after production, it is recommended that starting at 4 months of pregnancy, insist on scrubbing the nipples, you can use some olive oil and nipple protection cream appropriately.

I have used Lan Sno for nipple protection cream. It can be used after pregnancy. It can be used more frequently after pregnancy, especially in the confinement, and is often bitten by children. It is recommended to have a tube.

3. There are some special circumstances, such as the sunken nipples before pregnancy. In this case, it is recommended to pull the depressed nipples during pregnancy and wipe it gently with warm water.If the method is not feasible, it is recommended to consult a doctor for help.

Because I have no experience in this regard, I have not used the appliance, and I cannot recommend appropriate supplies.

With the gradual increase of breasts during pregnancy, when we wear previous underwear, we will have a state of breasts. It follows itching and discomfort. At this time, we should consider changing underwear.

If you change your underwear, my suggestion is to change the breastfeeding underwear directly. You can choose a slightly larger breastfeeding underwear according to your own weight growth. After the production, you can also use this underwear to avoid waste.

What are the standards for breastfeeding underwear?

1. The material of the mammary underwear is cotton, which is relatively soft and comfortable, and has strong breathability to avoid rash.

2. Do not buy underwear to be small, not comfortable, nor can it be replaced again.

3. Generally, there are two ways to open underwear. There are two ways of opening, opening, and opening methods. In fact, these two underwear feels similar.But do not buy two -use opening methods to mix together, it is very useless.

4. Try to select as much as cost -effective breastfeeding underwear and take into account both brands and prices.

The protection of breasts is not only a granary after birth, but also an important part of the female body. It is a place to show beauty. Be sure to pay attention to protection.Pre -pregnancy care is for the convenience of postpartum. Only those who have experienced them know how painful the breasts such as biting, blocking, inflammation, and fever are the pain of postpartum breasts.

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