Breeding in women’s gums suddenly aggravated examinations

A 28 -year -old female patient had bleeding gums when brushing her teeth in recent years. Recently, she suddenly increased due to gum bleeding and went to Shenyang Stomatology Hospital for examination.Wang Wei, chief physician of the Department of Sanior Hospital of Shenyang Stomatology Hospital, was checked and asked about the medical history. He suggested that the patient conduct a pregnancy test first. It was found that the patient was indeed pregnant.

In this regard, Dr. Wang Wei said that the increase in gum bleeding in the female patient was related to the increase in women’s hormones during pregnancy.During pregnancy, due to the rise in feminine hormones, the original gum inflammation in the mouth increases, the capillaries in the gums are dilated and congested, and the permeability increases, which will cause gums to increase the hemorrhage.In addition, gingivitis can also cause swelling and hyperplasia of the gums. Severe gingivitis can also form changes in gingival tumors, and larger gingival tumors will affect the normal eating of pregnant women.

Don’t panic when suffering from gingivitis during pregnancy

Treatment can be accepted in 4-6 months of pregnancy

Dr. Wang Wei introduced that gingivitis during pregnancy is an inflammatory disease that women occur during pregnancy. The main symptoms include bleeding of gums, redness, and pain.The direct cause of the onset of gingivitis during pregnancy is not pregnancy, but to dental plaque in the oral cavity.The formation of plaque is caused by bacteria and improper cleansing of the oral hygiene.The gingivitis during pregnancy is related to the elevation of female hormones during pregnancy. Two months after childbirth, gingivitis can be reduced to pre -pregnancy level.

"Once you suffer from gingivitis or gingival tumors during pregnancy, don’t panic. Persist in daily oral daily care every day. When the pregnancy period is 4-6 months, you can go to a regular oral hospital for examination when the pregnancy state is stable.And follow the doctor’s advice to receive treatment to remove local stimulus factors, such as plaque, dental stones, bad repair, etc. "Dr. Wang Wei said.

Go to the hospital to check the periodontal disease during pregnancy

Preventing gingivitis during pregnancy

So, how to prevent the occurrence of gingivitis during pregnancy?In this regard, Dr. Wang Wei suggested that women during pregnancy should go to a regular oral hospital for oral examination to check whether there are oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.If you find out the disease, treat the doctor’s advice.During pregnancy, you should do a good job of oral hygiene and strictly control the occurrence and development of plaque.It is recommended to learn the "Papa brushing method" to correctly brush your teeth, rinse your mouth in time after your diet, and clear your teeth with your dental floss or tooth gap daily, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of gingivitis during pregnancy.

"I would like to remind everyone that the risk of premature birth and low -birth weight of female periodontitis increased by 7.5 times. Therefore, bleeding gums is not a trivial matter. Don’t think that you can supplement vitamins or use some toothpaste to treat gum bleeding.The situation of gum bleeding must be checked at a regular oral hospital to check oral diseases. "Dr. Wang Wei ordered.Expert profile Wang Wei, chief physician of the Department of Somei Clinic, Shenyang Stomatology Hospital.

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