Breeding smart babies, you will start to add it 3 months before pregnancy

Babies with smart health are the expectations of all families. This wish is not how to intervene after the child is born, but to be supplemented from 3 months before pregnancy. What do you supplement?——Fotic acid.

The first 4 weeks of pregnancy are the differentiated period of fetal nerve tube and form an important period. If folic acid is deficient during this period, the danger of fetal tube deformity and premature birth will be increased.As a coenzyme of a carbon unit (mainly methyl) metastases, it participates in the metabolism of amino acids and nucleotide in the body. It is a trace element that is indispensable for cell proliferation, tissue growth and body development.Research by animal experiments and population epidemiography shows that lack of folic acid or folic acid antagonist (such as abortion, antiepileptic drugs, etc.) can cause dead tires, abortion or fetal brain and neural tube deformities.Taking sufficient amount of folic acid before and after pregnancy can reduce the incidence of neural tube deformity by 85%.

Don’t be panicked. If you are pregnant without any preparation, you don’t need to be too nervous. You just miss the best prevention time period. Now start to eat folic acid tablets.Moreover, the natural foods we eat every day like green leafy vegetables (various dark green leafy vegetables, such as artemisia, chives, spinach, yuba, garlic seedlings, rapeseeds are rich in folic acid), soy products, meat, etc., and they are also folic acid.It is a good source, especially the content of virtual folic acid in the animals is very high. It is just that the biological utilization rate of these natural foods is not very high. It may not reach the minimum intake standard for our human body.Only about 60%of artificial folic acid, so we need to eat extra folic acid dietary supplements.

Fully studies have shown that folic acid supplements (synthetic folic acid) biological utilization rates are more effective than folic acid in natural foods.Therefore, it is recommended to choose the appropriate amount of folic acid supplements on the basis of a balanced diet before pregnancy.When I was preparing for pregnancy, I chose a very simple Selian folic acid tablet. My colleague had to take a certain brand of composite vitamin tablets-Matener.

Composite vitamins: That is, nutritional supplements containing a variety of vitamins and minerals. Most market products contain vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, B vitamin, vitamin C, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc.Of course, composite vitamin tablets also contain folic acid ingredients).

① Nutrient content and proportion

② absorption rate

③ ingredients ingredients (whether it contains excess ingredients or additives and excessive additives)

④ Purchase channels and sources and safety (overseas purchasing may not necessarily be suitable for nutritional needs of our people)

The choice of composite vitamins should not follow the trend blindly. It is wrong to stay at the brand or word of mouth when buying supplements!Consultate professional nutritionists according to their needs.

Author: Nutritionist You Ran, registered nutritional technicians, a dual master’s degree in Chinese medicine preparation analysis of natural drugs

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