British scientists call for it: prohibit alive crabs. Before eating?Growing knowledge

There are still many people who love crabs in China. In some places, in major festivals, or in major occasions, there can be a variety of crabs made on the dining table, which is enough to prove how much love.

A more common method is steamed crabs, which will be more delicious, and the cooking method is relatively simple. As long as the crabs are cleaned, paired with onion, ginger and garlic, and steam it in the water.

When cooking crabs, the Chinese are mainly cooking, but British scientists do not recognize live crabs, saying that this approach will make crabs more painful. Call for a faint crab before cooking.

British scientist: Crab can perceive pain, and you must electricity before eating.

In the United States Cable Television News Network, a report on a survey report was issued by the British government commissioned by the British government. In this survey report, crabs, lobster and octopus are specifically pointed out. Such animals can perceive pain.To reduce their pain, it is not recommended to cook them alive.

This research report is mainly based on the conclusions obtained by the experts of the London School of Economics after 300 scientific research, and finally commissioned the British government to release the results of the research.

In research, it is used to measure the perception of various animals in 8 ways. After detailed analysis, it is found that head and foot animals and most crabs are conscious animals.

However, compared to head and foot animals, the perception of lobster and crabs may have stronger pain reactions. Therefore, it is recommended that crabs and lobsters in the end report that they are not recommended to cook alive, and they may have more pain.

In order to reduce pain, or to experience less pain, it will be better to faint them first. Such a cooking method sounds gentle.

It is not only the United Kingdom that put forward such ideas, but also a long time ago in Switzerland, Italy, and New Zealand. It also said that it is not recommended to cook lobster and crabs. The reason is mostly that they can perceive pain.

Is it necessary to get used to faint before eating crabs?How to get rid of dizziness?

For such a relatively gentle cooking method, it may be grateful for animals such as crabs, but it may be troublesome for cookers.

Anyway, it is all dead. How to die as a cook is unlikely to consider this problem.Especially for some chefs, in the case of busy, basically only consider how to cook it faster, instead of considering whether it can perceive pain.

There are also some people who love animals, or they are more emotional. After understanding the ability of animals to perceive pain, they may have a sense of pity and really unwilling to cook.

However, in the process, another idea will be generated, that is, how to use the crab to faint crabs, and how much power it takes to make it more easily fainted without feeling more pain.

This is really a question that needs to be considered. How big the electricity can be better electric halo crabs. In fact, in the UK, it issued a appeal, and then entered a fierce discussion. There was no good solution.

It may be difficult to implement it. If you really do n’t want crabs to bear more pain, the best way is to not eat it. The prerequisite is that you can bear it.

Special reminder: 2 kinds of crabs are best to eat less!

1. Drunk crab, raw pickled crab

People in some areas in China like to eat raw pickled seafood, they may often eat drunk crabs or raw crabs. Both of them are no cooked crabs, but they just kill crabs by pickled.

This kind of cooking method will have a risk, that is, it will not fully kill bacteria or parasites. It is more likely to appear parasites and bacteria in seafood. Most of them need to be cooked at high temperature to better kill.

It also means that eating such crabs often may allow the human body to consume more bacteria or parasites, which brings great damage to health.

It is worth noting that infection with parasites may increase the risk of cancer, such as liver absorption and pulmonary worm, their harm is not to be underestimated, even if it will not cause cancer, it will not cause cancer, bringing to the lungs and liverThe damage is also relatively large.

2. Dead crab

Normally, few people eat dead crabs. They all know that the dead crabs are not very good. They would rather spend more money and not eat dead crabs.

But some people are more frugal and may choose dead crabs with a little cheaper price. In their opinion, it is also about to die after the crabs are cooked. For some people who do not pay attention, they will not feel different in taste.

In fact, from the perspective of health, the dead crabs may carry more bacteria, and then through protein decomposition, it may produce toxins. One is the toxin ingredient called histamine. Excessive human body intake may cause poisoning.

Crab that has been dead, whether it is in the taste or health, or wants to eat as little as possible, so as not to bring unnecessary damage to health, especially people who are not healthy in their own stomach, they are more likely to cause problems.Too much bacterial intake may also bring some risks.

Everyone is eating crabs, and most of them will pay attention to how to eat it to taste. It is estimated that the crab feelings are rarely considered. In fact, it is not unreasonable. It is not that many animals have the ability to perceive pain.It is the fate that is hard to escape.

Thinking of this, I do n’t think so much. How the cooking method will make it bear, it is probably numb, so I do n’t think it is necessary to consider it. However, when eating crabs, the above two points should still pay more attention to more attentionof.

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