Burning for 5 days!Xiamen men suffer from "strange diseases" after eating lamb!Doctor: Be careful of this

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After a big meal, after a big bodies

Mr. Li in Xiamen infected a bacteria

Symptoms of repeated fever and cold

The source of bacteria

It was a "scapegoat" sent by a friend from Inner Mongolia!

After eating the lamb leg half a month, Xiamen men started to have a fever

Mr. Li prefers to eat lamb

Before the Spring Festival, friends made a special trip from Inner Mongolia

Send him some fresh lamb

Mr. Li only felt very refreshing after eating

Friends see him like

I sent another fresh sheep leg to come over

On January 15, Mr. Li received lamb after receiving lamb

Can’t wait to cook the pot, and get a meal again

After half a month

Mr. Li began to have a fever and chills

I haven’t receded for 5 consecutive days

He was worried that he had infected the new coronal virus

February 5th

Mr. Li went to the emergency department of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University for treatment

"At that time, we kept more attentive. In addition to conventional examinations, we also gave him blood training." Deputy Chief Physician Liu Xiaoyi told reporters that first -hand blood culture can help clear diagnosis.False negative results.

It is necessary to regulate the medication for 6 weeks when the infection is treated with the treatment of the infection

February 9th

Blood training results come out

Mr. Li was infected with Brucelli

At the Department of Infectious Department of Zhongshan Hospital, Deputy Chief Physician Tan Yan asked the medical history in detail. "He talked about the lamb in Inner Mongolia, and sighed a lot.A typical manifestation is wave -like heat, that is, sometimes fever is sometimes not fever, and the medication should be standardized for 6 weeks during treatment. Do not stop treatment because of temporary fever, otherwise it may turn into chronic and increase the difficulty of treatment.

Take you to understand this "strange disease"

Brocobiliopathy referred to as "cloth disease"

It is an invasion of the bacteria of Brucemia into the body

Human and animals caused by humans and animals

Brucemia is more common in the north

In recent years, there have been radical cases in Xiamen

Only last year

Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University took a dozen examples

How terrible is this disease?

Let’s look at two cases below

A 60 -year -old man raised pigs at home. During the Chinese New Year, he asked relatives to slaughter them together.The elderly had lumbar disc disease. After eating their own pigs, her back pain was even more severe. She lived in Zhongshan Hospital to perform orthopedic surgery.During the hospitalization, the elderly had a high fever, and the blood culture showed that the Brucemia was infected. After the treatment of anti -Bruceta, the pain and fever quickly relieved.

There is also a man who is not very good. He heard that eating sheep placenta is very "replenished".As a result, the sheep placenta got the orchitis, and then the sepsis appeared.


How to spread the disease?

Brucemia exists in a higher concentration in breeding places, body fluids, blood, fur and soil where infected livestock.

Brucemia is a common disease of human and animals. There are three main ways to spread: human skin and mucous membranes are damaged, and animals and dairy products infected with Brucelli infection;;


What clinical manifestations?

The main manifestations of patients: fever, sweat, sweating, systemic weakness, joints and muscle pain, and some may also have symptoms such as hepatic and spleen, testicular swelling, etc., and severely lose labor capacity.


Timely regulating treatment is critical!

"After the Brucet bacteria enters the human body, it is swallowed by white blood cells and parasitic in the cells. As the white blood cells reach the body, it affects the osteo joint system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc." Tan Yan introduced, Brucel diseaseThe treatment of early, moderate, regular, and administration of the whole process. If it is not treated in a timely manner, it is easy to turn into chronic recurrent attacks, and some people even lose their disability.


Drink and sterilize dairy products before drinking

Cattle, sheep, and pigs are prone to infection with Brucelasia. Therefore, when people are in contact with cattle, sheep, and pigs, they must wear masks and wear gloves for them when they are raw and milking.Choose strict quarantine products.

It is necessary to remind you not to just pursue freshness and nutrition and drink just squeezed goat milk and milk. Drinles should be disinfected and sterilized before drinking.When cutting vegetables daily, cutting the raw meatboards should be cleaned and then cut into other foods. It is best to distinguish the raw cooked cutting boards.

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