Cai Xukun’s collapse of the house has been upgraded, and the woman with the surname C has a one -night stand, causing her pregnancy abortion

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Recently, Cai Xukun and the big melon of the woman C appeared on Weibo hot search.

What exactly is the ins and outs of this incident?

Please listen to me.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day, Cai Xukun met with a girl in Beijing with a girl in Beijing.

In the early morning, the two had one night stand because of an impulse.

One month later, the girls did not come late, so they went to the hospital for testing.

It was found that he was pregnant, but Cai Xukun did not want to be responsible for and let girls give birth.

For Cai Xukun, it was just overnight, and he did not have the courage to bear the consequences.

Regarding the abortion surgery, it was exposed by an entertainment reporter and passed on.

After Mother Cai knew, she suspected that the other party was intentionally blackmail.

It is considered a premeditated "fairy jump".

So he asked him if he had taken contraceptive measures and learned that his son did not take measures.

Mother Cai panicked at the moment.

Mother Cai ordered a new WeChat signal for this one -night stand incident.

To facilitate staff and girls to negotiate and communicate.

She paved her next operation.

Mother Cai judges girls’ pregnancy date based on B -ultrasound.

Question whether the results of the B -ultrasound are accurate and the error can be for several days.

After many inquiries, she learned that it was indeed a pregnancy during that period.

Mother Cai wants to find the loopholes from it.

So she analyzed two possibilities.

One may be that she really conceives her son.

The other may be another person who inspects her and may extract his son.

I have to say that ginger is still old.

For her son’s star journey, she tried her best.

Mother Cai took two countermeasures.

The first is to ask the staff to contact Ms. C to give compensation.

I want to use Ms. C’s mouth with 500,000, and the less I want to cut off the price, the better.

And there was a suspected audio of Cai’s voice was exposed by paparazzi.

There is no need to give her so much.

Want to bargain to 200,000 to send her.

Pervic revealed that the girl asked for paying 5 million seal fees.

The price difference is too big, and girls are completely unacceptable.

In the end, the compensation was rejected.

Unexpectedly, it was so important in such an important thing.

Maybe this is the fuse of his "collapse".

In addition, she hired detectives to track girls and illegally installed cameras at the door of her home.

According to the monitoring, the mother believes that Ms. C’s pregnant man has another person.

Because she went home with a man at three in the morning.

After that, the detective learned that the man was just the male girlfriend of Ms. C.

After a lot of analysis, Mother Cai determined that Ms. C was not a one -night stand.

But she still has a trick to make the girl dare not speak.

It was to dig out her personal identity information and threatened her.

Sure enough, Mother Cai was successful.

However, detectives to investigate personal identity information are illegal.

Once the matter was exposed, Mother Cai and detective may have a prison.

But girls are alone, their arms are not stubborn.

She couldn’t fight the team alone.

She compromised.

In the end, she went to the hospital alone to abortion.

However, there are more and more news about this matter.

Is he a habit?

According to Big V, his friend and Cai Xukun had two relationships in Shenzhen.

And talk about some details, although it is doubtful.

But it is in line with his recent rumors.

More than that, someone broke the news four years ago that he was rich in second -generation female fans in one night.

It’s just that there were no water flowers.

Fans of the rich woman revealed in the chat history to be reluctant to him.

And paparazzi also knows that this woman throws a lot of money to buy tickets for each concert.

She is a full hardcore powder.

These melons may not be much to him.

Next he still has a bigger melon.

Some netizens broke the news that he had more than one person who had a child.

I heard that he was merciful everywhere and made three children, all of them were different mothers.

There are even different versions.

The first version: and a child with Fujian female fans, raised by the woman’s house.The daughter of the gangster in the fashion circle has children and buy a house in Shenzhen.The third is the hot search.

The other version is like this:

He had already had children in the industry during the occasional practice period.

The blank period of two months during her debut may be accompanied by their births.

And rely on the superior fashion resources.

The second child was born with the Internet.

I heard that Yuan Yawei relatives.

But this authenticity is yet to be questioned.

The third is what everyone is discussing.

And exposed the woman’s minor when she was pregnant, and the incident would be larger than expected.

So his mother would want to get rid of the child at the expense of crimes.

After the failure, he was made up by the woman’s parents to the police station.

This incident was eventually attributed to Wu, who had happened to the same cause.

By the way, Zhang Yixing, his opponent Zhang Yixing.

In order to guide public opinion, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of public relations.

But he did not debut for a few years, and he had no savings in his hand.

How should he deal with it?

The way he make money is singing.

So he started a tour to make money everywhere.

It can be seen from the figure that this is the third time that he is sorry for girls.

From these breaking news, it can be seen that his style is chaotic and likes to show mercy.

But I always let Mother Cai clean up the mess.

If the situation is true, then he is too "scum".

And his studio still did not respond to these breaking news.

It stands to reason that if normal people are rumored, they must immediately send Weibo to use evidence to rumors.

It was a day, and he had no response at all.

Is it true that some melon is?

Not impossible.

Fans heard that this matter has taken off the pink.

Even the products he endorsed caused a large -scale return.

His rumors hurt the fans.

The international big -name products are also unlucky.

Originally looking for the top flow was to attract customers.

But this situation is continuous.

Especially the Prada brand.

Anything happens to who is the spokesperson for the product.

Many people tease, who wants to show the spokesperson, it means who wants to collapse.

Because it is easy to "float" as soon as it becomes a top.

The artist is in the "big dye tank" of the entertainment industry, and it is easy to collapse.

How did he become a top flow in a short period of time at the age of 25?

He made his debut in "Idol Trainee" in 2018, and then became popular.

His fair face and too thin body made netizens feel "too mother", not enough masculinity.

In 19 years, he became the NBA New Year ambassador.

Play basketball with funny movements in the New Year video.

And showed his fragment of singing and jumping Rap basketball.

NBA traffic star?This has aroused the dissatisfaction of the majority of straight men.

So "you seem to play the ball like Cai Xukun", it became the meaning of laughing at others.

The background music of his dancing "Just because you are too beautiful" has been emptied by the majority of netizens as "chicken, you are too beautiful".

He became a well -known stalk of surfing the Internet in one fell swoop. He was also called "鲲" by black powder.

So netizens played themselves to create a lot of related videos and emoticons.

Even people who do not chase the entertainment industry should have seen others playing this stalk.

He immediately issued a lawyer’s prosecution platform.

I plan to prevent netizens from overdering his editing creation.

And this could not stop netizens at all, and felt that he was narrow and couldn’t make a joke.

As he has more and more funny videos, he also brings himself traffic.

His attitude changed.

If you can’t fight, you can join him, and he can only tease himself on the show.

Because of the wide spread, many people only know him about idols.

After all, the period of traffic victory is far more important than artists.

He went smoothly to become a top flow.

In the past, he was the person who sent a lawyer’s letter for the first time.

After all, a person is afraid of the black material.

But this incident did not rumor this rumor.

Perhaps because of his guilty conscience, maybe the news on the Internet is true.

The illegal behavior of many artist stars has gradually surfaced.

It is surprising that it is completely inconsistent with the screen image.

They may have thought that these things can be overwhelmed.

But the paper cannot be covered, and these things will be revealed sooner or later.

If the artist really does a bad thing, it should be punished accordingly.

With the appearance and popularity of the artist, they will attract a large number of minor fans.

The behavior of the artist will guide the behavior of the fans.

The improper behavior of the artist will make the female fans who have not yet generated the correct values that it is reasonable.

Then it will affect the public order and customs of society.

As a public figure, it should have the leader of demonstration.

If the artist is corrupted, it will affect many fans to go.

The artist is active on the screen, and he must accept the fact that his private life is public.

As a star, you shouldn’t have a night stand, fans, or no children.

If you can’t bear the responsibility of one -night stand, why do you play with girls.

Such a moral corruption is not willing to pay for your impulse.

The victims are also suffering from the pain of fetal or even children.

The collapse of the artist is also likely to be related to native families.

If the artist’s mother is a woman, she also supports him.

No criticism condemn and taught his son correctly.

Instead, the woman was suspected of investigating the woman illegally, and even wanted to press it with money.

If there is such a mother who condoned doting, there may be a son who does not go the right way.

After all, the old saying goes that the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked, and the mother must have their son.

This is quite disgusting.

Most landslide stars have beautiful behaviors.

A huge contrast is formed with the reliable and true image shown on the screen.

No one likes people on both sides, and such people are "acting."

It looks very hypocritical, and many stars are keen to set up themselves.

They rarely show their true side, and every time the house collapses is a hypocritical exposure.

People cannot be defined, and the label will only have a narrow awareness of the other party.

We cannot judge by the image shown on the surface.

It depends on the actual action of the other party.

As a public figure, the artist should first do it.

Do not only require business capabilities, but ignore moral requirements.

Since it is exposed to the public’s field of vision, we must do everyone’s role models in all aspects.

We must resist strongly for the artist’s "lost behavior".

Only by refusing to "lose moral artists" can we regulate the behavior of artists.

We need to prevent this unhealthy prevailing in order to promote the improvement of social moral civilization.

What do you think about Cai Xukun’s collapse house?

Welcome everyone to express their opinions in the comment area.

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