The full text is over, 512174.Novel narratives are not bad guidance.I have followed the banquet for 7 years and my friends said that I was cheap. In order to monopolize the feast, I was overbearing, and I drove away the women who tried to approach her.In the end, Shen Yan sent me to the female Duban. I learned how to be a good woman.Later, I turned into what she wanted, but she was crazy. I loved her like life, but she didn’t love me so much. I said that I was cheap, but I was sweet.

I only know that if Shen Yan leaves me, I will die in pain. Her friends look down on me, it doesn’t matter.It doesn’t matter if her family doesn’t like me. As long as she is still mine, I don’t allow other women to approach her, but the day of defense and night is still not defended.

Later I found that she liked her big sister.When I saw the pregnancy, I was leaning on Shen Yanhuang, and I broke out. I re -applied it, and I scolded her a lot like other women.In the end, Shen Yan sent me into the women’s training class. She asked me to be a well -known woman.After walking out of the door of the women’s training class, I would like to say goodbye to the gatekeeper.

Then I saw Shen Yan standing in front of the car, and there were several cigarette butts on my feet. I used to hug her before.Now I know this is wrong.The teacher said that women should be reserved.Shen Yan saw my expression faint, and saw me obediently and said in front of her for three years, and the change was quite big.After getting on the bus, isn’t she hot on the side?Of course it is hot.

In such a hot weather, I wore a uniform school uniform in school. The neckline was very long and long -sleeved wrapped in my wrist. There was also a long knee long skirt with the lower body. It is no wonder that Shen Yan’s eyes were looking at an alternative.She took me to the Shen family.Along the way, she talked to me about the status quo of the Shen family. Dasao gave birth to a cute boy. The family was also urging her to marry but she didn’t want to get married.

I was nervously holding the corner of the clothes to know what she meant.Shen Yan is unmarried. I have always been her shield. I know that her parents do not like me, and deliberately take me home for dinner.When the Shen family happened to be meals.When the Shen family saw my eyes, I was scornful and surprised. I also knew that I had changed a lot after 3 years.Shen Yan asked me to sit next to her.

Xu Wei sat opposite me as a gentle woman.It was the hexagram that Shen Yan liked. I hurt her 3 years ago. She did not care about it. She even helped me plead with Shen Yan forgive me.Zhizhi, you are thin, eat more, she gives me the vegetables and I immediately hold the bowl to pick it up.Thank you, Xu Wei.Xu Wei didn’t have to be so polite.

Shen Yan saw that my unhappiness made me casually, just like before, the parents of the Shen family still didn’t wait to see me, but at least they didn’t ridicule me as before.

During this time, a little boy ran into the restaurant. He was Xu Wei’s son. The servant followed him to feed him. He and Shen Yan called his uncle.Shen Yan held his nephew to his legs very gentle, and Xu Wei was a little nervous. He knew that I was a person with a strong jealousy, and I could n’t even accommodate the children, but I have already improved. I have learned it in the past 3 years.few.Although there was some pain in the early stage.

After lunch, the Shen family sat and chatted together. Xu Wei suddenly asked what was taught in Zhizhi School?Others are also curious to look at it. I answered him as some traditional excellent thoughts. For example, the Eight Virtues of Woodlun also read the disciples. They kept quiet without asking me.

At night, Shen Yan sent me home. My parents died very early. There was only me at home, and many furniture was gray.There is a family portrait in the living room. I wiped the dust above and was sad. I was too afraid of the people around me to leave the banquet. Seeing that I was in a bad mood to take the photo away, take a shower upstairs and take a good rest.The clothes on my body are not pleasing to the eye, I want to change it quickly.After taking a shower, he hadn’t left. Seeing that I was still frowning in long trousers, he wanted to speak and finally just talked about sleeping.He hugged me to the bed was a little hot, and I knew what he wanted to do and pushed him away in a hurry.

Hearing the two words of marriage, Shen Yan’s expression fell to the ground. He always did not like to listen to women to mention this. You changed the way to force marriage. When he pressed him again, I was crying. It was really not possible.Shen Yan squeezed my chin and smiled, and I felt cold.He said that Song Zhi wanted to escape. When he was approaching, I closed my eyes and trembled. It was what the teacher said that he wanted to get married.Shen Yanxiang sneered at me to force me to marry you, you really use it.Then he got up and fell away. I didn’t know where he went.Until 4 o’clock in the morning, his friend called me to get drunk and I had to pick him up.

When I arrived, a sexy and charming woman was leaning on him.He was drunk and he didn’t push the woman away, and his friends looked at me, seemed to be waiting to watch the show, and I didn’t do extra things.In the past, they helped Shen Yan, they were all surprised. Some people satirized that Song Zhi changed the routine. If you do n’t get married, do n’t let Shen Yan touch. What kind of virgin girl do you pretend?I was very aggrieved, but I didn’t explain, and I took Shen Yan home to take care of him.

The next day I gave her breakfast.Shen Yan was surprised to see the breakfast on the table, and the anger last night disappeared. This is all you did.I nodded a little bit, I don’t know if you like it.When Shen Yan was eating, I kept observing her expression. She was satisfied with boasting that I could do it; she was mild when she was in a good mood. Seeing her soup, I immediately got up and added it to her.It’s for me.

I walked quickly to the kitchen feast and followed.He accidentally overturned something.I was shocked, and the terrible memories of the time appeared in electric shocks, sentences, and whipping. These were all to obedient us.Shen Yan didn’t notice my strangeness. He bent over and picked up the things. He wondered how the ashtray was here.He looked up and saw my eyes, only to know that I was scared.So he came over and hugged me.

The silly girl who doesn’t care about it, how to become so timid, it’s okay, you see.Where would he know how I spent these three years?Especially in the first year, a little movement can make me all soldiers.At this moment I felt his warm arms and slowly settled.

I also lamented that the teacher said was right. Men were more protective for weak women.Shen Yan’s grandmother is a weak woman. No wonder Shen Yan likes him so much.I remembered that three years ago, when he was holding abdominal pain, he stared at me with red eyes, as if I hurt his most important baby.And he angrily pushed me into a female school.Song Zhi, you should learn how to be a good woman.I begged him to ask him, I didn’t want to be left by him, but he still left without returning.After a few days of rest at home, I found a part -time job to write some simple copywriting.Shen Yan took over the business at home. We didn’t see it for a few days. I started anxiety without Shen Yan. I wanted to find him and hearing his voice, but I couldn’t.The teacher said that women should be safe and not affect men’s work.Fortunately, I have a gift from the teacher. It is a treatment bracelet that can release the current. As long as I can’t control it, I can use it to help me with pain and let me make me.Calm down, he will help me become a more perfect woman.The current of the bracelet knocked me down. I was lying on the floor. I was glad that I controlled myself.I am a good woman, I did not disturb the feast.But then another huge despair shrouded up.I will not have results with Shen Yan, he said that he will never marry me.What should I do?I have been twenty -eighth. The teacher said that the woman was worthless when I was 25 years old. I am already old -fashioned women. I have to marry myself. I can’t live.The teaching son realizes the social value I deserve.The more you think of these, the more anxious.

I called Shen Yan and he didn’t answer it, and I sent him a message. I asked him if he really wouldn’t marry me anyway?I waited for a long time and waited for his answer.Did you make trouble?I am a non -maritalist marriage, what do I do, I can’t be a real woman anymore.Shen Yan couldn’t give me in the future to follow him, and I couldn’t fulfill my dream.He asked me to follow him in unknown in his life, but it was a bad woman’s talent.

How will the teacher of the female training class think of how my classmates will discuss me, and I will become the shame of the school.Shen Yan will not be entangled with you, I will go to others.But Shen Yan didn’t seem to believe me, I hate others threatened me the most.This is what you said, don’t regret it, I don’t threaten him, where can I have this time?I am like a flower that is about to pass by, I just want to marry myself.There was a blind date on the Internet. I filled out the information and reported it. Part -time salary was daily.I used the 200 yuan as a registration fee. At the blind date meeting, I was embarrassed. A man talked with me a few words and felt that I was good, and asked me if I would like to see it with him.I immediately nodded and agreed, and men were willing to ask me. I should seize the opportunity. After all, I didn’t have time to pick up.

The blind date object learned that I did not have a stable job, so I introduced me to his relative company to do things. I just need to do some logistics work.We went out for a date almost every day. He also took me to my parents. Unlike the parents of the Shen family, the parents of the blind date liked me very much. They felt that I was a gentle and virtuous girl.I am really happy.But then Shen Yan knew that he saw that I had a dating with my boyfriend. He went to me and went back to me. If I refused to leave, he dragged me into the car. I was afraid that my boyfriend was misunderstood.Quickly sent him a message with his mobile phone, but Shen Yan snatched my phone. He looked at me as if I had betrayed him. Who was he?I honestly answered that he was my boyfriend, and then I consciously stayed away from him.Let me get out of the car, I’m afraid my boyfriend is misunderstood.

Shen Yan stared at me. I saw that he was very angry. He grabbed my arm and was hard. I was caught.Just when I thought he would make a big thunder, he laughed again.In order to force me to bow my head, the good means of Song Zhi played very realistic. I shook my head and I did n’t act. How did he always misunderstand me? He sneered at me.So attract me to pay attention in this way, right?After speaking he came to kiss me, I desperately struggled to let go of me, I have a boyfriend.He couldn’t get rid of his strength. I didn’t know how long, Shen Yan pushed me away, glared at me with unbelievable eyes.Song Zhi, you really don’t feel me.He must be shocked. After all, I loved it so much before. No matter how he made a kiss, he could easily get it, but now it is different.

· Then Shen Yan let me go. He asked the driver to park to warn me that I would not have a woman who had been with someone else. Hello, I didn’t want to wait for a second. I would go to my boyfriend.Shen Yan’s sight sound quality is indifferent. I was afraid of him. It didn’t take long for Shen Yan to talk about a girlfriend. The girl was young and beautiful and the feast was very good. I heard that Shen Yan’s family also liked him very much.His girlfriend, I have not had this treatment with him for 7 years, but I have my own life now.

My boyfriend and I have a stable relationship, but I don’t know what happened to him soon, and I have to break up with me.However, he took out a few photos of me and Shen Yan. It turned out to be Shen Yan. He didn’t want me to destroy me, and his boyfriend was gone.Later, a few blind dates were repelled by Shen Yan. I fell into the house with a bad illness. I don’t know why Shen Yan tortured me so much. I even had the heart to die.

After that, Shen Yan found him and took me to see a doctor. I refused to go with him because I had nothing to do with him. He had a girlfriend and we should not be in contact.Shen Yan listened to me that these reasons laughed at Song Zhi and shut up, obediently went to the hospital with me.He thought I was still in trouble, and my head was very dizzy and explained to him. When I woke up, I was already in the hospital bed.

Shen Yan sat at the bed with a gloomy face, and he grabbed my finger on the bracelet on it and asked me what the teacher gave me a gift.I answered him: Shen Yan suddenly shouted at me and asked what you did?I shrank my neck and I didn’t know how he was so fierce. It was used to restrain himself.

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