Can a "sex life" be performed after women’s removal of the uterus?Look rationally, no need to be shy

Kobayashi and Xiao Li were originally ordinary and happy couples, but his wife Kobayashi was recently diagnosed with uterine diseases. For health considerations, the doctor suggested that she undergo uterine resection.

This news is a huge blow for couples.Kobayashi has a lot of concerns, one of which is worried that surgery will have an impact on their sexual life.

After the operation, Kobayashi spent a long time to recover.She often feels tired and uneasy, and is full of anxiety about future sex.She became inferior to her body and felt that she was no longer complete.

She began to avoid intimate contact with her husband, worried that her husband would lose interest in her because of her physical change, and worried that she could not meet his needs.

Her husband noticed the anxiety and worry of his wife, and he continued to comfort and support her. However, his wife Xiaolin’s anxiety did not completely disappear.

Kobayashi often wonders unhappyly, can she continue to enjoy the happiness of sex in the future?

What are the effects of the uterus?Can a "sex life" be performed after women’s removal of the uterus?Today we will answer these questions.

The uterus is an important organs in the pelvic cavity. It is a muscle organ with a shape similar to inverted pears.

The uterus is the place where the fertilized eggs are bed and the bred embryo, and it is also a warm home that grows and develops in the mother’s body.But the role of the uterus is far more than that.

1. Embryo bed and breeding

During the monthly period, the endometrium will become thicker, providing an ideal growth environment for fertilized eggs.This process is called endometrial thickening.

You can imagine the fertilized eggs as a traveler who is lost. The uterus uses a series of chemical signals and molecules to help it find a safe stop on the endometrium.

Then the embryo, like a traveler found a warm residence, adhered to the endometrium, gradually invaded it, and began to live.

After that, the endometrium will be converted into placenta, and the placenta has formed a vascular network. It has begun to provide food and air for the travelers of the traveler-embryo, that is, nutrients and oxygen.

2. Participate in delivery

Uterine muscles will shrink during childbirth, and push the fetus to be born smoothly through the birth canal.

3. Participate in the menstrual cycle

The endometrium is a layer of tissue of the inner wall of the uterine, which will periodically proliferate and fall off during the menstrual cycle.

Thicker is to provide a warm and comfortable environment for the embryo. If there is no fertilized egg, the endometrium will fall off.

The endometrium will periodically proliferate and peel off periodic during menstrual cycle to form menstruation.The uterine contraction and cervical expansion allow the menstrual blood in the uterus to discharge the body.

4. Protection and support organs

In addition to fertility, the most important role of the uterus is supported and protected.

The position of the uterus is in the middle of the pelvic cavity, falling into the bladder, and the back of the rectum. It has unique conditions to support its adjacent organs to prevent them from sagging or shifting.

We all know that the uterus is a muscle organs with a thick smooth muscle layer and elastic. This powerful pressure resistance and buffer ability help it protect it.

The uterus is located above the bladder, like a palm, gently pressed above the bladder, and "surrounds" the bladder from the back.

The uterus is soft and tough, always maintaining the position of the bladder, alleviating the pressure of the bladder, and making the bladder very stable.

The uterus and vagina and rectum are "neighbors". They depend on each other. The uterus is more like a pillar, providing support for these "neighbors" to prevent the rectum from prolapse.

This supporting role is essential for maintaining normal bowel movements.

5. Mild influence sexual pleasure

In fact, sexual life is mainly through the vagina, and the clitoris that feels excited and pleasure, which has little to do with the uterus.

If there are some slight influence, the contraction and cervix of the uterus and cervix can enhance sexual pleasure under sexual stimulation, but the impact is not great.

Although the uterus has so many important functions, in some cases, the two powers are harmful to each other, and the uterus must be removed. Let’s take a look at what there are.

1. Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are a common benign tumor, which can cause irregular menstruation, pain and infertility.If the fibroids cause severe symptoms or complications, the uterus needs to be removed.

2. Endometriosis

The endometrial tissue grows in the area outside the uterus. We call it endometriosis.

This film that should have been honest in the uterus runs to the pelvic cavity, ovarian, fallopian tube, and even peritoneum like spider web. This is not only accompanied by severe dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain, but also may cause fallopian tube obstruction, ovarian function abnormalities, etc.Infertility problem.

Due to the characteristics of endometrial endometrium, the patient’s menstruation is irregular, and there will be too long bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is large.When endometriosis worsens, the more severe complications of endometriosis cysts and pelvic adhesion will also occur.

In the long run, it has a great impact on patients’ health. If other treatment methods have no effect, doctors may recommend removing the uterus to avoid further deterioration.

3. Uterine dangling

Uterine prolapse is a common problem in the female reproductive system. It occurs when the uterus support tissue weakens or damaged, and the result is that the uterine sagging or shift.

Imagine that the uterus is like a small bag, which should be firmly supported in the pelvic cavity.When the tissue is weakened, the bag of the uterus becomes loose, and then starts or shifted.

The uterine prolapse is a situation where the uterine droop to the vagina or abdominal cavity.The treatment method depends on the degree of prolapse. If the prolapse is severe, the uterus needs to be removed.

4. Uterine cancer

Uterine cancer is a malignant tumor. If it is found or limited to the uterus early, it may only need to remove the uterus.For late, diffusion and recurrence, wider systemic treatment is needed, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

When you choose to perform uterine resection, we must prepare for some changes. Let’s talk about the impact of uterine cutting.

1. Removal of the uterus, which has a great impact on these four aspects!

It may be different from everyone’s imagination. In fact, the impact of removing the impact of the uterus on sex life is the smaller, but it will have an irreversible effect on the following four aspects.

2. Fertility

Uterine resection can cause women to lose their fertility.Because the uterus is a necessary organ for pregnancy and childbirth, it is not possible to get pregnant after removing the uterus, so women with a fertility plan must be cautious when choosing this operation.

3. Menstruation cycle

Women will stop menstruation after uterine resection.

As mentioned earlier, the endometrium is an important basis for the menstrual cycle. Whether it is endometrium, egg cells or uterine spiral blood vessels after uterine resection, everything related to menstruation no longer exists.

For women with menstrual pain, abnormal bleeding or other menstrual problems, uterine cutting can solve all these problems.

4. Change changes

Ovarian is the main organ of women’s secretion of hormones, but the uterus itself also secrete a small amount of hormones.Let’s play some regulatory effect.

Uterine resection may have an impact on women’s hormone levels.

Especially when the ovaries are removed at the same time, it may lead to earlier menopausal periods. With menopausal symptoms, the reaction of boom, emotional fluctuations, and sleep changes will come one after another.

Will women’s uterus be removed, will it affect sexual life?What do you need to pay attention to?

1. Postoperative recovery period

Uterine resection is a major surgery. It takes a certain period of time to recover after surgery. It may take weeks to several months or even longer.

During this period, do not have a husband and wife in the same room, which is very unfavorable to the wound recovery.Please follow the doctor’s advice and guidance, wait for the appropriate time to start sexual life.

2. Postoperative change

Sexual life may change after uterine resection, but this probability is very low.A small number of women will feel discomfort or pain when sexual intercourse will be reduced, vaginal dryness, and sexual intercourse.

This is because there are some small changes in hormone levels after no uterus, and the structure of reproductive organs is also different from before.Faced with these changes, we must prepare psychological preparations and slowly adapt.

3. Communication and emotional support

Uterine resection is a major change for women. It is not only a physiological structure, but also psychologically affected. It may be anxious, inferior, and a little helpless.

At this time, we must communicate with your partner, share more of your feelings, tell your own needs, and seek some support from relatives and friends.Sometimes, couples accepting psychological counseling together may help adjust their mentality and get adapting to these changes faster.

4. Explore new ways

After uterine resection, it is recommended to try some new ways to meet sexual needs.You can add more foreplay and use a little lubricant to reduce vaginal dryness.

It is also a new pleasure with your partner. Constant attempts and adjustments will not only help improve sexual life, but also a heating agent for husband and wife feelings.

5. Psychological factors

The direct impact of uterine resection on sexual life is very small. Many postoperative sexual disorders may still be psychologically unable to go to this "threshold".

Many women care about their perfect physical image, and they will feel that self -esteem has been hit, which has a negative impact on sexual confidence and sexual desire.

In fact, it is not necessary. The charm and value of women come from all aspects. The lack of uterus will not affect these. They are still the original person.

It is very important to establish a positive self -image. It is necessary to give yourself a positive psychological suggestion, and you can also seek the help of a psychologist.

1. Rest

After surgery, you need to rest full rest to avoid severe activities and heavy raises, so as not to cause wound cracks or bleeding.

2. Diet

The diet after surgery should be based on light and easy -to -digest foods to avoid spicy foods and greasy foods, so as not to stimulate the digestive system.

3. Siter

Avoid maintaining a posture for a long time after surgery, especially sitting for a long time, you can move the body appropriately to prevent blood stasis and thrombosis.

4. Wound care

The wound should be kept clean and dry after surgery to avoid infection.Follow the doctor’s guidance for wound care and replace the dressing in time.

5. Wear loose and comfortable clothing

Wear loose and breathable clothing should be worn after surgery to avoid tight clothing or restrained clothing and reduce abdominal pressure.

6. Avoid sexual activities

It is necessary to avoid sexual life within a period of time until the doctor allows.This is to prevent wounds from cracking and avoiding infection.

7. Regular retransmit

Remember, don’t be lucky, be sure to conduct regular review according to the requirements of the doctor. Doctors will observe that the wound healing is good or not, and any abnormalities can be discovered and processed in time.

Postoperative resection of the uterus is a major surgery, especially for women who want to keep fertility. Before the operation, they must consider clearly and prepare.

After surgery, remember to pay attention to maintenance and prevent complications.The good news is that the uterine resection basically does not affect sexual life, but it may bring some changes to sexual life.

This requires more communication between husband and wife and gradually adapt.

For every uterus, please remember that you are not lonely.You have the support of family, friends and doctors around you, and many other uterine resection patients. You can’t see where you can’t see where you walk side by side with you.

The sexual life after removing the uterus will not be affected. The most important thing is psychological health, and more communication between husband and wife.

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