Can a woman "get pregnant" during a marriage check?You know after reading it!

In 2003, the forced marriage inspection has been canceled, but some people with relatively long health awareness will still do a marriage check before marriage.Regarding the marriage inspection, there are many people who do not understand. For example, they want to know whether they can check in infertility before marriage, which may effectively avoid problems caused by infertility after marriage.In this regard, today we will mainly talk about which party has no "fertility" during the marriage inspection?You know after reading it!

In fact, the marriage check, which is the so -called pre -marital examination, is mainly a test of the physical health of two people. For example, it mainly checks some physical diseases, genetic diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases.Can’t find whether a woman can get pregnant.In other words, even if your marriage check is very normal, women may not be able to have children after marriage.So what can be checked during the marriage inspection?

1. Internal medicine examination

During the marriage check, a health check will be performed on your heart, lungs, liver, and kidney important organs. This can effectively eliminate the impact of some physical diseases on fertility.And effectively exclude some physical diseases, it is also better for the next generation.

2. Genital examination

See if there are abnormal genital development problems during the marriage inspection to prevent fertility from affecting fertility.Therefore, although the wedding inspection cannot be found to have infertility, to a certain extent, it can help you effectively avoid this problem.

3. Laboratory inspection

This test is to effectively eliminate some infectious diseases or sexually transmitted diseases in the body, and there are some major infectious diseases, you may not recommend that you get married, because this infectious disease is likely to be transmitted to the other party and give the other party to the other party.The arrival of physical health is unfavorable.

In fact, before marriage, in addition to conventional marriage checks, you can also do it. Increases on fertility in order to prevent divorce after marriage because of the problem of having children.Do you have other questions about this, can you leave a message in the comment area below.

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