Can children want it after taking contraceptives?Obstetric director: can be retained

After taking emergency contraceptives, I found that I was pregnant!Can this child still ask?At this time, your heart must be tangled, neither wants to stay, nor is it cruelly killed, and you can stay and worry about whether contraceptives have an impact on the fetus. It is really a big problem!

After taking contraceptives, children may still have

Obviously taking contraceptives, but pregnant!Could it be taken to take "fake" contraceptives?That’s not that the reason why contraceptives have not succeeded in contraception may be related to the use time and method.So, since you are pregnant, if you leave your child, will contraceptives affect the health of the fetus?

In this regard, Gong Shipeng, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Southern Hospital, said that after taking contraceptives, he could not completely say that the child could not want it.

From the drug itself, contraceptives have no effect on pregnancy, but after all, it is a drug, and this drug may cause vaginal bleeding. If this occurs, be careful when you are pregnant, and take a good time in time.Fetal measures.

However, there are also women who do not have any discomfort, and even the entire pregnancy cycle is normal, so that there is no need to worry too much, just conduct a normal check -up.

Therefore, if you cannot confirm the contraceptive pill 100 %, the child cannot ask.

How can contraceptives affect the fetus?Abortion or deformity?

Professor Gong Shipeng believes that whether it is an emergency contraceptive or a conventional contraceptive, it will not affect the fetus.Because contraceptives are a hormone, it does not have the effect of teratogenic and miscarriage.

Therefore, its impact on the fetus is in other aspects, if it can cause endocrine disorders and cause vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.

Four major precautions for medication during pregnancy

Although contraceptives do not cause malformations and abortion, it does not mean that it can be abused.The physical condition of the fetus is affected by many factors, but after all, the medicine is three -point poison, so pregnant women should strictly abide by the following points when taking medicine:

First, married men and women, if no effective contraceptive measures are taken, before receiving drug treatment, the doctor should be told that the doctor will use appropriate drugs for treatment.

Second, the medicine is three -point poison. Even normal people should reduce medication, and medication should be more cautious during pregnancy.Especially in the embryo period (2 to 8 weeks of pregnancy), the fetus is extremely sensitive to the drug and should be minimized as much as possible. Even Chinese medicine and nourishing nutrition should be avoided.

Third, if there is a clear disease during pregnancy, doctors will decide whether to take medicine based on the impact of drugs on the fetus and the impact of disease on pregnant women.

Fourth, if you accidentally take the drug that may be abrasion during pregnancy, you should consult the doctor as soon as possible. Once abnormalities are found, the pregnancy should be terminated in time.

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