Can drinking lemonade lose weight?Drinking wrong, it will only gain weight

I heard that drinking lemonade can lose weight?

In the legend, the effect of lemonade’s weight loss method is amazing!The principle is that lemon is rich in vitamin C and citric acid. These two ingredients can not only supplement the nutrients required by the body, but also promote blood circulation of the body, help burn fat, and finally achieve the purpose of weight loss.

There are actually more than one pit in the pit.

First of all, fat itself is the key to storing physical energy. If acid can hinder fat absorption, in the era of food scarce, our ancestors starved to death because of their stomach acid.

In fact, in the small intestine of the human body, alkaline substances will be secreted to neutralize the acidity of gastric acid and food itself, so eating more acid -flavored foods, the biggest effect is estimated to promote gastrointestinal motility and make your appetite open.

Secondly, the wrong way of drinking will make you drink fatter.Many little fairy daughters like to add fresh lemon slices and honey to boiled water, thinking that this can be whitening and helps to defecate.

In fact, the vitamin C contained in 100 grams of lemon is 22 mg, and it is less than half of the Chinese cabbage. It is not as big as the help of weight loss.

For honey, 80%of the components are polyetta and glucose. Drinking too much honey will only make you get fat.

There is only one principle of weight loss. The calories of intake <consumed calories. If you drink lemonade can help reduce appetite and reduce the intake of a day of calories, it can lose weight; if you drink lemon honey water unlimited, you will only get more more moreCome and get fat!

How to drink lemonade during weight loss?

01 Select fresh lemon

Lemon is divided into fresh and dry slices. Fresh lemon content is higher than that of dry lemon.

02 Water temperature 60-70 ℃

Cold water soaked lemon, it is difficult to emit fragrance, the water temperature is too high, and the flavor of the soaked lemon will be too bitter, so the water temperature should be between 60-70 ° C. Do not worry about high water temperature will affect vitamin C in the lemon.And the heat resistance of vitamin C is still very good.

03 light soak water

Lemon soaked in water, you must not add sugar and honey. Adding sugar and honey will virtually lead to calorie intake.

As long as there is no intake of other ingredients, lemonade can at least help the body replenish the body. The taste is better than boiled water. It can also suppress appetite because of the existence of water.

There is no shortcut to lose weight, the recent way is -scientific diet+appropriate exercise+good living habits!

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