Can emergency contraceptives cause infertility?Regarding emergency contraceptives, you need to know these things

Emergency contraceptives are loved by many young friends in the way of afterwards, but emergency contraceptives do not belong to a conventional contraceptive method. It is very great to take frequent damage to the body.

Because emergency contraceptives can disturb the physiological cycle of people, cause early or delay of menstruation, or cause less menstrual flow, and some people can also cause stomach discomfort, dizziness, nausea and other discomfort.

In particular, some people directly treat emergency contraceptives as a measure of conventional contraception, leading to long -term irregular menstruation and infertility.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the correct use of emergency contraceptives.

Regarding these things about emergency contraceptives, everyone should understand in advance

1. Occasionally taking one or two times will not affect your health

Although there are many side effects of emergency contraceptives, it is not recommended that female friends take too much, but if necessary, it will not have a great impact when taking it once or twice.

And not everyone will have various side effects after taking emergency contraceptives, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Compared with unexpected pregnancy, if you need to have a miscarriage, it must be that taking emergency contraceptives to the body is the smallest.

2. Emergency contraceptives do not maintain contraceptive effect

Many people think that after taking emergency contraceptives, even after 1 to 2 days, even if there is the same room, it has the effect of contraception, but in fact emergency contraceptives do not have the effect of maintaining contraceptives. They only have a protective effect within 72 hours before taking medicine. If taking the medicineThere is no effect again or not, there is no effect.

Therefore, if you have sexual behavior after taking emergency contraceptives, you must pay attention to protection measures.

3. Taking emergency contraceptives can not guarantee 100 % percentage of contraceptive success

Nowadays, there are many emergency contraceptives on the market. Although the contraceptive effect generally reaches more than 95%, its contraceptive effect cannot be guaranteed to be successful.

Of course, under normal circumstances, the earlier you taking emergency contraceptives, the better the contraceptive effect. If you take it later, the effect of contraception will decline.

Therefore, even if you take emergency contraceptives, if the menstrual period is delayed for more than 7 days or the menstrual flow is very small, it is not like normal menstruation. You need to use early pregnancy test strips to detect it.

4. Emergency contraceptives will not necessarily cause retreat bleeding

Many people judge whether contraception will be successful after one week after taking the medicine, which is actually unnecessary.

In fact, only a small number of people will have retreat bleeding after taking emergency contraceptives, and most people do not have this situation.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about whether retreating bleeding after taking the medicine. This is not the basis for judging whether it is successful in contraceptives.

In addition, if you have retreat bleeding after taking the medicine, and the amount is relatively large, it can generally be used as a menstrual period. The next menstrual cycle is directly calculated at this cycle.

5. Urgent contraceptives must not be used as a regular contraceptive method

Although emergency contraceptives are also a measure of contraception, this must not be used as a conventional contraceptive method, and can only be used as a remedy measure.

Generally speaking, urgent contraceptives cannot be taken repeatedly within a quarter, and it cannot be taken more than 3 times within one year. Otherwise, the side effects will increase significantly, and it will also increase the risk of menstrual irregularities or even infertility.

So try not to take emergency contraceptives for contraception.

Although emergency contraceptives have the effect of remedy afterwards, they also have their side effects. Female friends must cherish themselves and do not take frequently.


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