Can germinated dragon fruit be eaten?Teach you 3 ways to save dragon fruit, it is worth collecting

Have you ever encountered this situation?I bought a few dragon fruits home and forgot it after putting it. When I remembered it, I found that I actually germinated!General ingredients, such as potatoes, will produce toxins when germination. Will the dragon fruit germinate, will it also produce toxins?Should I lose it?What should I do if I do n’t lose it?Let’s talk about dragon fruit today.

Dragon fruit may germinate if the weather is hot or poorly preserved, and it is not eaten for too long.So can I still eat the dragon fruit after germination?Is it poisonous?In fact, the germ coward handle growing after germination of the dragon fruit is part of the fruit and is not toxic.As long as we remove the germination, we can eat normally.

However, the dragon fruit is generally mature in the summer, and the hot weather will make the dragon fruit easier to germinate, so we must keep it well.

The method of preserving the dragon fruit correctly, at room temperature, we can place the dragon fruit in a cool and ventilated place. Generally, it can be stored for about 1 week.

If the summer temperature is relatively high or want to save it longer, do not clean it after buying the dragon fruit, and then wrap the dragon fruit with kitchen paper or fresh bags, put it in the refrigerator of the refrigerator to refrigerate, so that it can be stored for a longer time.

There is also a better preservation method, which is to remove the dragon fruit outer skin and put the flesh into a fresh -keeping bag to freeze. This can be stored longer and it is convenient to take it out.

Although the dragon fruit germination does not have toxins, the dragon fruit is not so good after the dragon fruit is too cooked or after germination.Therefore, when we buy a dragon fruit, we must choose the dragon fruit that is rosy and not damaged, and it is more important. Do not buy too mature dragon fruit.If the dragon fruit is not put in the refrigerator after buying it, you should observe the state of the dragon fruit every day and eat as much as possible in 3 days to avoid bad dragon fruit taste.

Generally, we eat dragon fruit. After peeling, we can cut the flesh or cut it after cutting the flesh.This kind of fire dragon fruit feels refreshing and slightly sweet, especially suitable for children or elderly people at home.

Frozen fire dragon fruits can be added with apples, pineapple, milk, yogurt, and add some water to make flavor juice.When doing this, the frozen dragon fruit block does not need to be thawed. Direct fruit juice can replace the ice cubes, which is more convenient and fast. Then with oats and corn slices, a simple and healthy breakfast is ready.

We can also use a whole fire dragon fruit to make fruit sauce, and then filter out the juice with a filter.This red fire dragon juice can be used as a natural pigment. Add color to the dough. Whether it is noodles or steamed bun dumplings, it looks good and delicious!

When we encounter the germination of the dragon fruit, don’t worry too much, we can eat normally after removing the germ.At the same time, we must save the dragon fruit in the correct way to keep the dragon fruit be delicious.Of course, no matter what fruit, don’t save it for too long, eating as soon as possible is the best!

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