Can hypothyroidism be pregnant?What should I do if I find hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

The hypothyroidism, referred to as hypothyroidism, is due to thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion reduction or the weakening of tissue effects.

Patients with hypothyroidism will experience cold, fatigue, drowsiness, memory loss, less sweat, weight gain, constipation, menstrual disorders, or more menstrual passage, dry skin, hair loss, and thyroid signs, and neck thick signs.

A hypothyroidism can cause adverse effects on both maternal and infants. On the one hand, women’s menstrual disorders, amenorrhea and infertility can be caused.Birth weight -beings, dead tires and other bad pregnancy endings; on the other hand, because the thyroxine needed for early brain development of the fetus is mainly derived from the mother’s body, pregnant women’s hypothyroidism (especially early pregnancy) will affect the fetal brain and skeletal development of the fetus, resulting in the post -birth of birth.Children are low intelligence and short figure.

This is not to say that patients with hypothyroidism cannot be pregnant. A hypothyroidism can be replaced by left thyroid gland ainin sodium (L-T4) to reduce the serum-promoting thyroid hormone (TSH) below 2.5miu/L. The ideal goal is the TSH upper limit cutThe point value drops to 1.2 ~ 1.5 mu/L, you can plan to be pregnant.

If you only find hypothyroidism during pregnancy, you can continue your pregnancy, but you should seek medical treatment immediately. Under the guidance of a doctor, you do not take the LT-4, which will restore the thyroid function as soon as possible and reduce the adverse effect on the fetus.

A hyperactivity is different from hyperthyroidism. You only need to use the medicine to supplement the thyroid hormone in the body.Depending on the gestational weekly, pregnant mothers have different demand for thyroid hormones.Generally speaking, the alternative dose of L-T4 after pregnancy increases by 20%to 30%compared to before pregnancy.After childbirth, the prevalence of the dose of thyroid can be quickly restored, and the thyroid function will be reviewed after 4 to 6 weeks.

Regular review of thyroid function will help doctors adjust the medication and achieve better treatment effects.In the first half of pregnancy (1 to 20 weeks), the thyroid function is detected every 2 to 4 weeks, and the drug dose is adjusted according to the control target.After the second half of pregnancy (20-40 weeks), after the patient’s TSH meets the standards, he can monitor nail skills every 4 to 6 weeks.

Oral LT-4 is to make up for the insufficient secretion of the human body. As long as the appropriate amount is appropriate, it is very safe to be pregnant or fetus, and will not have a bad impact on the fetus.

During pregnancy, the demand for thyroid hormones has surged, and the body produced by the body cannot be self-sufficient, so that the LT-4 needs to be supplemented from the outside world.Once the drug is stopped, the level of thyroid hormones will decrease again, so the human body is still in a state of lack of thyroid hormones. Therefore, even during pregnancy, even if the nail skills return to the normal level, you still need to continue taking the medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

Whether the postpartum discontinuation needs to be discontinued depends on the results of the armor. Prior to this, the LT-4 dose should be reduced to the pre-pregnancy level, and the serum TSH level is reviewed at 6 weeks after delivery to adjust the medication.


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