Can I apply a mask for pregnancy, how to choose it?

During pregnancy, due to the decline in the metabolic ability of the body hormone, the skin of pregnant mothers is prone to a series of problems such as dry skin, dry water, oil, acne, and sensitivity.During pregnancy, the skin oil secretion of the pregnant mother’s face will become more vigorous than ordinary people, and oil out of oil is actually a manifestation of water deficiency. It can also bring a certain cleaning effect to the pregnancy muscles while hydrating through the mask.Therefore, it is certain that the answer to this question for pregnant women can apply a mask?

How do pregnant mothers choose a mask?

Pregnant mothers are recommended to choose some dedicated basic nursing masks, and do not use efficacy such as whitening, spotted or wrinkle removal to reduce unnecessary damage.

1. Mask with a single product component

Single ingredients indicate that the product composition is simple, and the more complicated the mask component, the more burdens on the skin of the human body. In addition, if many chemical elements are concentrated together, long -term use and penetrate the skin.Essence

Therefore, it is recommended to use a simple and safe product such as Jingqi -free, heavy metal, and non -containing harmful substances.

2. Mask that adds skin moisture

In fact, it refers to a hydrating mask. It can lock skin moisture and effectively care for dry skin, so it is often used for basic care.Basic skin care products such as Jingqi generally have no harm to the skin and have good efficacy, so it is recommended to use pregnant mothers.

However, although pregnant women can use the mask, if there are the following components in the mask, they need to be vigilant:

1. Vitamin A acid

This type of component has a clear effect on the fetus, and it is recommended not to use it.

2. salicylic acid

Salva is also unavailable in the ingredients. Salmonic acid may easily lead to complications during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can replace with fruit acid products.

3. Essential oil

Use essential oils with caution, such as Lales, Cedar, cloves, cypress, cinnamon, mint, dose, sage oil.

Although the harm of these ingredients is largely based on oral and large doses, the pregnant mothers apply the mask a little, far from large doses.But as long as you have a scruple in your heart, you feel unwilling, don’t use it now, you can feel at ease anyway.

Can I apply a mask for pregnancy?

Pregnant women’s pregnancy, such as dry skin, dull skin, strong oil secretion, and acne acne raging skin problems, mainly caused by the skin dehydration. Therefore, the key to skin care during pregnancy is mainly to hydrate and moisturize.Only when the skin is supplemented with enough water can the skin color be brightened, wrinkles, reduce the secretion of oil, and reduce the production of acne.Here I will share with you a few pregnant women’s self -made water supplement masks.

1. Tomato honey mask.Method: Squeeze fresh tomato eggplant juice with an appropriate amount of honey, apply it evenly on the face for 20 minutes, and rinse it with water.

Function: Tomato sterilization can prevent acne, especially suitable for acne skin. At the same time, the strong moisturizing effect of honey also effectively relieves skin dryness.

2. Honey oat film mask.Method: Mix honey, protein, oatmeal and stir, make a paste, apply the face for 20 minutes, and wash it with water.

Function: It can reduce pigmentation and help to dilute melanin and other melanin precipitation such as pregnancy spots on the face of pregnant women.

3. Banana mask.Method: Put the banana and apply it thickly on the face. Wash it with warm water after 20 minutes.

Role: This is a nutritional mask, which is suitable for dry or sensitive pregnant mothers to use the skin. The capillaries under the opposite side have a certain regulating effect.

4. Beer mask.Method: Pour the frozen beer on the cotton pad until the cotton pad is soaked. Apply it to the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and wash with water after 20 minutes.

Role: Pregnant women cannot drink beer, but this does not prevent pregnant women’s beauty beauty. The mask has a good moisturizing and moisturizing effect.

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