Can I eat hot pot during pregnancy?For the pseudo -science of these pit pregnant mothers, see what the experts say …

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"The princess of the day, the queen of ten months, and a slave for a lifetime".

However, in the "Queen’s period" in these ten months, it is really not possible to do whatever they want, and the physical changes will not be said. Some "taboos" related to the next generation are also found.Some from scientific guidance, and some are purely hearian.And family members, sometimes they really take those hearing taboos to become imperial.

Today, let’s talk about those taboos, which are real science, which are pseudo -science, and some medicine -related issues. Bad Bud Mom will help you sort it out.To talk about this topic, of course, start with eating itself!

Can eat: Is it "blessing" or "disaster" during pregnancy?Almost every expectant mother’s meal during pregnancy will increase. In addition to physical needs, it is actually related to psychology.They are "compensation psychology", "pleasure psychology" and "pressure environmental psychology".

1. Compensation psychology

The most hearing during pregnancy is "You have to eat more, even if you vomit, you have to eat it hard. After all, you are two people first."So the subconscious driver of the pregnant woman was naturally turned on, and naturally opened the crazy mode of eating.

2. Happy psychology

Eating itself is a pleasure, especially sweets can promote the secretion of endorphins and make people feel happy.There are many things to get happy before pregnancy.

But after pregnancy, worry about the growth environment of the fetus in the abdomen, and there are basically no places.The channels for obtaining endorphins have become less, so eating, almost the biggest factor in getting pleasure.

3. Pressure and environmental psychology

During pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, many mother -in -law mothers return home to raise their hearts.But the problem is on the word "peace of mind".From the busy workplace to the boring home, many more career mothers are not easy to achieve fast role switching.

On the one hand, worry about the future workplace, on the other hand, the fear of the unknown situation of the baby.The stress came.If you have stress, you want to fight. This mentality that wants to fight against stress is directly "eating".

But eating must also be careful!Bad bud mother often receives some personal messages from expectant mothers, and some questions often ask about private messages. For example, do you really say that "fetal poison" is really said?Do you really have "fetal poison" when eating hot pot?Can I eat crabs?Can XX medicines be eaten?… These questions are asked a lot.

So today the bud mother helps you sort out the answer, remember to collect it.

Is there really a "fetal poison"?

In fact, there is no "fetal poison" in medicine at all. The so -called "fetal poison" has two types of old people:

1. Newborn jaundice:

The old people think that the child’s skin is yellow and the eyes are yellow after birth, and then this is "fetal poison".But in fact, the formation of neonatal jaundice is that the fetus relies on the placenta in the mother to draw oxygen, and it must breathe autonomously after birth.

This changes the environment in the body. Without too much red blood cells, it will cause bilirubin, and it is prone to excess.Because the development of the newborn’s enzyme system is still immature, excess bilirubin cannot be discharged from the body, and the blood flow will spread to the whole body, which will form jaundice.

And reflected in the child’s signs, the skin and iris of the newborn appear light yellow.

2. Newborn erythema:

If the newborn erythema is not handled well, there will be small white heads, called toxic erythema, which makes the elderly feel that this is the baby’s "fetal poison".In fact, this has something to do with excessive warmth, stimulation of clothes, and bad care, but it has nothing to do with fetal poison.

So, can expectant mothers eat hot pot?

The answer is yes, you can eat it!

However, eat less and not too spicy.Control quantity and interval time.Occasionally, eating once will not have a great impact on children’s health.However, it is better to have the opportunity to check in in the future.This is mainly for pregnant women.

Can’t eat crabs during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women want to eat crabs to relieve their ravioli, but they also heard that eating crabs during pregnancy can cause miscarriage.So, is this legend real?

In terms of nutrition, crabs are superior to protein, and their content is about 15-20%, and its fat content is also very low.

But (yes, the turning point is here again), there is a serious problem, whether there is pollution in the upper reaches of the water source, including whether the bacteria of the aquatic plants in it exceed the standard.These are all inseparable potential conditions.

In particular, many restaurants and restaurants find that they are not fresh in crabs, and they will cook them with spicy stir -fry. If pregnant women ca n’t afford temptation, the consequences will be serious, so the answer of Bud Bud Mom is: it is possible to eat, but it is not recommended.

It is worth noting that during pregnancy, it is not actually a specific food for "avoiding", but to "avoid" some unhealthy food sources and processing methods.

For example, the things in the refrigerator should be cautious.Studies have shown that the chances of children born in summer have a high chance of eating food -oriented infection because parents like to eat cold food in summer, which is very easy to infect Liszer.

Liste bacteria are mainly stayed in the refrigerator, especially without processed fruits, vegetables and other cold foods.Therefore, it is really not recommended to eat raw food during pregnancy, especially frozen foods (such as raw fish slices, etc.), which is actually very risky.

Should I take medicine during pregnancy?Intersection

It is very controversial for whether to take medicine during pregnancy.But in fact, there are clear regulations on drugs during pregnancy.

The US FDA divides drugs in five categories. These five types of drugs are divided into ABCD and XA drugs:

Studies have proved that no class B drugs that cause harm to the fetus, insufficient evidence to fetal hazard or failure to prove that belonging to Class C and D drugs, not proven to be harmless to the fetus is X, and clinical disabled drugs A drug.

So, how can we judge whether this medicine can be used?There is only one way to read the column of contraindications in the pharmaceutical manual. If the pregnant woman and mother cannot use it, then don’t use it.Essence

Therefore, if you are sick, you must not carry the medicine without taking medicine. You must go to the hospital for a doctor as soon as possible when you cannot make a judgment.

Some common sense of medication:

1. Unbelievable rumors, whoever said is hard to make

Some time ago, a strange report was reported that a hospital was diagnosed with a 14 -year -old boy with symptoms: breast development and diagnosis as a gender deformity, which means that the child had two reproductive systems.

Before 14, live as a boy’s social identity.But when adolescence arrived, estrogen dominated, breast development occurred.

When I was talking to her mother, my mother said such an old thing. In more than 20 weeks of pregnancy, the relationship was confirmed to be a girl in the abdomen.So her mother -in -law took her medicine and said that eating this thing can be turned into a boy.So what was mentioned earlier.

The so -called "tire pill" is actually a large amount ofrogen intake, and the consequences are serious!It will cause the fetal’s reproductive system to develop deformity, so this so -called pregnant mother must not eat it.Whoever said it is not easy to make that kind!

2. Do you need medicine supplement when you are pregnant?

Folic acid

The purpose of nourishing folic acid is that folic acid mainly participates in the synthesis of nerve cells. It is the main raw material for the development of children’s nervous system. If folic acid is insufficient or lacking, it will affect the development of children’s neuroma. Many community hospitals are free to distribute folic acid.How long does folic acid eat?Generally, the first three months are fine.

Calcium supplement

If the symptoms of calcium deficiency occur during pregnancy, such as gastrocnemius muscle spasm, and even the calf cramps when sleeping, this situation is generally a characteristic of calcium deficiency, so it is usually guaranteed to ensure the amount of milk and some seafood (such as shrimp skin, etc.)Crimination.If calcium loss is too fast, you need to go to the hospital to ask a doctor to determine whether you need calcium supplement.

Make up DHA

DHA is also called unsaturated fatty acids. It is essential in the construction of the nervous system network. Without it, this neural network cannot be built, and theoretically allows a little supplement.It is generally recommended to start from 28 weeks, that is, in the late pregnancy. At this time, it is when it is valuable.

What should a woman eat in the ten months of the queen in their lives?Which are pseudo -science?Which are not reliable and safe, the bud mother "vomit blood" is finished!

In fact, there are two more words to say: medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement. Be sure to eat well. Don’t always think about eating supplements or even medicines.In addition, if you have any questions you want to know, leave a message to the Bud Bud Mom, maybe the next time the bud mother will "turn your brand"!

"This original content, no platform is not allowed to be reproduced without authorization, it must be investigated illegal"

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