Can I get pregnant again after the cesarean section is born again?

Once upon a time, the cesarean section of human invention was all the rage, saving mothers and children who might be unexpected due to dystocia.

With the opening of the second and third -child policies, more and more mothers have the requirements of re -fertility, and the disadvantages of cesarean section have gradually appeared. Everyone has changed the choice of childbirth.The pregnant mother of the palace is very concerned about whether she can have the opportunity to give vaginal delivery again, but she is worried that there are such big scars on the uterus, can they still give birth?

In addition to the determined vaginal childbirth willingness, some "hardware" also have to pass.

1 uterus

The "strong" level of the uterus determines whether it can tolerate the contraction of childbirth, and whether it is strong, which is closely related to the previous cesarean section.The previous surgery was smooth, the postpartum recovered well, and the muscle layer of the scar of the surgery was continuous. These are the basic conditions. Therefore, the expectant mothers who want to take vaginal delivery should explain the history of the surgery in detail to the doctor and evaluate whether the uterus is qualified.

2 fetus

After the cesarean section, the baby needs to be cooperated with vaginal delivery. If the baby must be facing down, the weight cannot reach 4000g.Therefore, the expectant mothers throughout pregnancy should be checked on a regular basis, hold their mouths, open their legs, and make full preparations for childbirth.

3 The timing of pregnancy

In recent years, according to international guidelines, two intervals of two delivery can be more than 18 months, but for prospective mothers with vaginal delivery willingness, considering the recovery of postpartum body and the risk of vaginal delivery, it is recommended to have two childbirth intervals of 2-5 2-5 times 2-5.Year.

4 others

If the expectant mothers are closely "monitored" and successfully passed the five levels, and the first and new cesarean production indicators were not available, then everything was ready, only owe Dongfeng, wait for the birth to launch the hospital for hospitalization.Essence

In addition to the above hard indicators, there are some bonus points that are conducive to vaginal delivery, such as::

● expectant mothers are less than 35 years old

● Proper weight (physical index (BMI) <30kg/m2)

● History of vaginal delivery

● less than 39 weeks of natural delivery

● Cervical conditions are mature

These conditions are conducive to the launch of the omen, and the fetus passes smoothly to increase the success rate of vaginal delivery.

Its main complications are the breakdown uterine rupture and the uterine rupture, which is the main cause of adverse prognosis of mothers and children. The risk of uterine rupture is higher than that of cesarean section, but the overall risk rate is less than 1%.

The risk of uterine rupture is related to the length of the interval between two pregnancy. If it exceeds 6 months, the risk probability of uterine rupture is 0.9%.

You can use childbirth analgesic to increase the confidence of vaginal delivery of maternal vagina. At the same time, the incidence of complications of VBAC maternal complications will not be increased, and the symptoms and signs of uterine rupture are usually not covered.

After cesarean section, vaginal delivery (VBAC) involves multiple links. These 4 points are factor that determines the success of VBAC:


Need to manage the entire pregnancy, and understand the situation of the previous cesarean section


The management of pregnant women and fetal weight during pregnancy, early discovery and early intervention of complications of pregnant women


Evaluate the overall situation of pregnant women and fetuses before childbirth, and close monitoring of the output process


The informed consent of pregnant women and family members, the hospital can provide the conditions for emergency cesarean production

Our obstetrics have the conditions and corresponding emergency plans for rescue of the complications of vaginal delivery (VBAC) after cesarean section.Childbirth method, planning date date, whether labor and labor, etc.

If you have this need, you can come to our hospital to find Luo Tengfei, deputy chief physician of obstetrics. Dr. Luo has rich obstetric experience. I believe that you can bring hope for mothers who have experienced cesarean section.


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