Can I have the same room during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers with these characteristics are best to hold back

Many actors have been revealed that they are derailed during my wife’s pregnancy. In fact, they are not only stars, but also ordinary people around them.Many people think that the occurrence of this incident and pregnancy cannot be sexual life and have a certain relationship.Although it is not possible to say this kind of statement, is it really impossible to sex during pregnancy?Let’s take a look.

Is it really possible?

The answer is possible. According to the study of sexual life during pregnancy, there is no result that the same room during pregnancy will have a adverse effect on the fetus.There are many couples to establish an abstinence during pregnancy for their health. In fact, it is not necessary, because proper sexual life can not only help family harmony, but also have great benefits to the baby, but you must pay attention to time and method.Essence

time requirement

In the early stages of pregnancy, that is, for the first three months, the fetus has not yet developed, and is in the bed. During this time, the prospective parents should try to avoid contact between some husbands and wives.Because the fetus is unstable, it may affect the fetus bed when the same room is in the same room, and even cause abortion.In the third trimester, one to 2 months before childbirth, it belongs to the unstable period of the fetus. It is best to choose an abstinence for couples.Therefore, in the first three months of pregnancy and the second month of the third trimester, try to keep ascetic as much as possible to avoid bad effects, but at other times during pregnancy, you can do the same room. Be careful not to be too frequent.

These pregnant mothers can’t

Not all pregnant mothers can have the same room. Pregnant mothers with the following situations are better to choose abstinence in order to be able to produce smoothly.First, pregnant mothers with premature premature experience or habitual premature symptoms, the fetus is originally unstable, it is better not to risk; second, the mother with vaginal bleeding may already exist at this time.Medical; third, there is a phenomenon of premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane, which is not suitable for the same room.

Feeling of baby

Moms are definitely worried that they will affect the baby when they are in the same room. They are afraid that they are not good for the baby. So what kind of feeling will the baby baby feel when the parents are in the same room?Because the fetal baby is wrapped in thick amniotic fluid, when the same room, the baby will feel a certain sense of shaking.This feeling of shaking is very mild, and it will bring a pleasant mood to the baby, just like the feeling of the pregnant mother who usually walks to the baby.It should be noted that the prospective dad should do a good job in advance to avoid bacteria from entering the vagina, causing infection, and endangering the health of the baby.

If you want to be a mother in the same room during pregnancy, pay attention to whether your body meets the standards. After all, the health of the fetus and pregnant mothers is the most important.If the pregnant mothers have discomfort during the same room, they should stop immediately and go to the hospital for examination.

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