Can I have the same room in the early pregnancy?Obstetrician and gynecologist: For these 4 points, you can keep your fetus healthy and worry -free

Can I have the same room in the early pregnancy?This problem is believed to be informed by the doctor -NO during the first pregnancy test of the pregnant woman, and the sexual life must be avoided in the first three months.

The early stages of pregnancy mainly refers to the first three months of pregnancy, the middle four months in the middle is the second trimester, and the first three months of childbirth is the third trimester; there are different precautions for different periods.

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Many novice parents are young people. They have bloody blood, vigorous energy, and are very easy to control.In fact, this behavior is very dangerous.

Gynecological experts point out that the first three months of pregnancy must be avoided, and they must avoid being stunned by physiological needs and do things that regret themselves.

This is because in the early pregnancy, the embryo is still in the developmental stage, the placenta bed is unstable. At this time, if the sexual life is in sexual life, it is easy to excite the stimulation of pregnant women.; Moreover, when the husband and wife live, it is very easy to cause miscarriage if the movement is improper.

1. Affect husband and wife feelings

In fact, in the early pregnancy, many pregnant women will have a weakened sexual desire due to physical and psychological changes, which will be very indifferent or disgusted with sexual contact. At this time, partners must pay attention to the emotions of pregnant women and care about the physical and mental and mental of pregnant women.Do not require excessive requirements for sex to avoid affecting the relationship between husband and wife.

2. Cause infection in palace

In the early pregnancy, the uterus is very fragile and sensitive. At this time, unclean or excessive strength can easily lead to the infection of the pregnant woman’s palace infection and aggravate the symptoms of abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy.In addition, intrauterine infections can easily lead to many complications, such as endometritis or pelvic effusion, etc., symptoms can be manifested as low fever, waist pain, lower abdomen pain, etc.Infertility, etc.

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1. Quit smoking and drinking

We all know that tobacco and alcohol contain many substances that are not good for the fetus. Nicotine can easily lead to malnutrition or malformations of the fetus, and alcohol is likely to affect the intellectual development of the fetus. In fact, not only in the early pregnancy, in the preparation stage, it is strictly forbidden to smoke and alcohol.

2. Add folic acid every day

Early pregnancy is the stage of formation of the fetus. The most prone to deformity will occur. Timely supplementation of folic acid can effectively prevent malformations. Folic acid must be supplemented by pregnant women throughout pregnancy. Now it is usually one of the day. Be sure to take it on time.

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3. Use the posture of the left side to sleep

We often recommend that you use the right position on the right. This is because the right side can reduce the compression of the heart and help maintain cardiovascular health.Side is the favorite posture of the fetus, which can effectively reduce the oppression of the aorta and skeletal artery of pregnant women, ensure the blood supply of the placenta, and provide sufficient nutrients for the healthy development of the fetus.

4. Try to avoid makeup

Many cosmetics contain a lot of harmful substances, such as lead and mercury. After long -term application of pregnant women, it may cause the fetal intellectual dysfunction or deformity, and seriously may cause miscarriage.If necessary, you should choose a gentle skin care product.

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