Can I play mobile phones during pregnancy?Radiation causes fetal deformity, not as easy as you think

Many women are even more cautious than their pregnant women when they are pregnant. In addition to their parents and father -in -law, even the seven aunts and eight aunts will come to tell the pregnant mother a few words.Tell the pregnant mother with the idea of "coming people" that if you are pregnant, you ca n’t do it, and that cannot be eaten. Is this really the case?

Among them, one family likes to tell the pregnant mother’s affairs, that is, pregnancy cannot play mobile phones, otherwise radiation will cause fetal malformations.For the time being, let’s not say that playing mobile phones during pregnancy is really harmful to pregnant mothers and fetuses, and mobile phones are electronic products that everyone cannot be separated at present, and almost no one will insist on not playing mobile phones for 10 months.

There are still many "coming people" who are always insisting on such old thoughts.Pregnant mothers must use scientific methods to help them go through pregnancy. After all, their mood is the most important.Now, it’s time to help pregnant mothers to sort out the correct thoughts!

In fact, we live in a radiation environment, but most of them do not threaten the human body, and the impact is small.The radiation produced by mobile phones, televisions, and computers belongs to non -ionizing radiation and does not cause fetal malformation in the abdomen of pregnant mothers.

However, the Security conveyor belt, the CT or X -ray in the medical examination, and the radiation in the factory use the ionization radiation, let alone the fetal malformations, and even the ordinary people will be negatively affected.Therefore, pregnant mothers must stay away from as much as possible.

If the medical examination of CT and X -ray really needs to be done, pregnant mothers must communicate with the doctor in advance and conduct them under the guidance.When crossing the subway and airport security inspection, you should also communicate with the staff in time to avoid deepening your hands into the luggage conveyor belt.

Although the non -electrical radiation produced by the phone will not cause fetal malformations, nor will it have any negative effects on the body of the pregnant mother.But it does not mean that you can play your mobile phone as you want during pregnancy. After all, you can sit for a long time to play mobile phones. Even ordinary people are not good.

If the pregnant mother has to use mobile phones and computers for a long time, you must pay attention to the control time.You can relax your eyes and body and mind regularly, overlook the distance or keep your eyes closed, so as not to over -use your eyes.In addition, you need to pay attention to your own shoulders, necks, and waist to avoid excessive fatigue.

If pregnant mothers always sit there in the same action, they are likely to compress the baby, or increase the risk of fetal hypoxia.Therefore, it is necessary to stand up and walk on time.

Dear pregnant mothers, even if you play mobile phones during pregnancy, you will not cause fetal malformations, but you should pay attention to rest.If you have any questions, leave a message to tell us ~

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