Can I raise dogs during pregnancy?Is it going to affect the fetus?

Women now prefer small animals. Many women will raise one or more dogs at home to increase fun, but can they raise dogs if they are pregnant? Will raising dogs affect dogs during pregnancy?

1. Does raising dogs have an impact during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, dogs will have a certain impact on pregnant women. If dogs have toxoplasma, pregnant women are susceptible to infection, which will cause very serious harm to the fetus.Later, it will affect the fetus.If the pregnant woman is bitten by a dog, she still needs to be vaccinated, and it may be harmful to the fetus. Therefore, it is best not to raise a dog during pregnancy, but if you want to raise it, you must raise it in a scientific way.

2. The harm of raising dogs during pregnancy


During pregnancy, dogs are mainly worried about suffering from Toxoplasma. This pathogen lives in cats, dogs and birds. If people contact these animals may be infected, if pregnant women are infected, they will have a great impact on the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. The fetal brain accumulation may be accumulated.Water, if you are in the middle and late pregnancy, will also have a certain impact, but you can check the toxoplasma antibody before pregnancy to see if there is any immunity.

Bitten by a dog

During pregnancy, there is still a major impact of dogs, that is, the pregnant mother needs to be vaccinated after being bitten by the dog. Although the vaccine does not affect the fetus in theory, it still lacks practical verification.

3. What should you pay attention to when you are pregnant

1. During pregnancy, dogs must scientifically raise dogs, regularly get dogs with dogs. At the same time, pay attention to the hygiene of dogs to avoid contact with stray dogs outside.

2. When packing the dog’s feces, it is best to clean up by others and keep the living environment hygiene.

3. Do not let your dogs enter the bedroom, and do not use a carpet. Use a floor that is easy to clean, clean the room often, and use efficient purifiers.

4, often clean the dog’s hair outdoors to avoid allergies.

5. Do not let the dogs eat without cooked meat, avoid excessive intimacy with the dog, be sure to wash your hands after touching the dog.

6. Train dogs should not flutter, especially the relatively large dogs. In addition, pregnant mothers should also be careful of dog toys to avoid tripping.

4. Tips

When raising dogs during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should first do bow -shaped antibody examination during pregnancy, because pregnant women have no symptoms after infection of Toxoplasma worms and are difficult to recognize.Therefore, you should go to the hospital for consultation before pregnancy, especially for women who have had a high -risk group of women who have had a history of adverse pregnancy, low immune function, feeding pets at home, like to eat semi -cooked meat, or have raw vegetables.Check the blood in the body whether the anticooplasty antibody is positive.

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