Can I still "act" when I am pregnant?See the answer, many people are assured

The life of husband and wife can not only deepen the feelings of the two sides through physical contact, but also solve personal physiological problems. However, in order to have a harmonious husband and wife life, everyone needs to pay attention to some taboos behind the same room when doing the same?Do you want to take a bath immediately after the same room.

What are the taboos in the same room?

First, do not live a husband and wife when you are weak.Because this process requires a certain amount of physical strength, when the body is in a state of fatigue or fatigue, the physical strength cannot keep up not only the effect of the performance, but also the overdraft state, which is not conducive to physical health.

Second, when the state is not good, we should not force "work".If the state of both parties is not good, such as quarrels and moods, barely act, not only cannot meet the needs of the two parties, but also may also cause disgusting emotions. This situation often occurs.Essence

Do not live a husband and wife when you are sick at three o’clock.After some people have some diseases, doctors have clearly requested that they cannot act, but for a moment of sexual interest, they must insist that they will not only be irresponsible to their bodies, but also have an impact on the health of their partners, especially those who have sufferedDuring reproductive infectious diseases, no protective measures are not carried out in the process of "applause", which will greatly increase the possibility of disease infection. This situation should be resolutely stopped.

Question: Do you have to take a bath immediately after the same room?

After acting, it is best not to take a bath immediately. You can wait about half an hour to calm down all aspects of your body.For sanitation, women should pay attention to cleaning the genitals even if they do not take a bath to avoid the risk of breeding bacteria and reducing the infection disease.

Supplement: How can I live a husband and wife life when I am pregnant?

Some people are more concerned about whether women cannot live their husbands and wives after pregnancy. The answer is no.It should be noted that the pregnant woman is pregnant in the early and late pregnancy, that is, 3 months earlier, 2 months later, it is not recommended to have the same room. During this period of time, they can have a restrained life.

This is because women’s hormonal secretion will increase, physical sensitivity, easily excitement, and sexual demand will increase significantly after pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancy. Men and women are more likely to reach orgasm at this time.Even if pregnant women can act in the middle of pregnancy, they need to be cautious during the process. They should not be too intense and rude. At the same time, avoid the backlog of abdomen and men to enter too deep, so as not to affect the fetus.

In the process of acting, we must pay attention to personal hygiene, because at present, the possibility of infectious diseases in infectious diseases through the life of husband and wife is very high, so except to ensure that both parties are healthy and have no infectious diseases, they should pay attention to self -protection at other times.Some bacteria infections are not only caused by organ contact, but also bacteria on their hands are also prone to infectious diseases. Therefore, before acting, it is recommended that both parties take a bath, especially the key organs of cleaning.

"Applaining" for love is one of the way men and women express their feelings. Although the life of harmonious couples is very important, healthy body is more important, so understanding the taboos of the same room can help avoid some behaviors that harm physical health.Self -security protection to improve the quality of life of couples.

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