Can I still have children again after ligation?Just follow the doctor’s advice, no need to be too tangled

In real life, many families who have a second child no longer consider continuing to have children, so contraception will be on the agenda.Of course, there have been many studies on contraception in terms of medicine.In fact, there is a certain risk of any contraceptive method, and it will cause a certain physical burden on the woman.So, after giving birth to a second child, do you not want a child? Lice is good for your body?

It’s like taking contraceptives, although there are short -term contraception and long -term contraception.However, the essence of the two medicines is the same, and the more efficient the drugs bring, the greater the side effects.Another common way is ligation.Many mothers who have given birth to the second child have been considering or entangled a question after giving birth, that is, do you want to ligate?

From the current medical perspective, ligation is indeed the most effective and convenient way to prevent pregnancy.The principle of its role is to close the passage of the vulnerability in women’s bodies, so that the eggs in the body cannot be combined with sperm normally to achieve the effect of contraception.However, ligation is good and bad.The advantage is that it can achieve the effect of long -term contraception, and the woman does not have to worry about her physiological cycle chaos.In addition, this method can also reduce the chance of ovarian cancer.However, its disadvantage is that a large amount of bleeding or irregular bleeding may occur during the operation after surgery, which can easily lead to emotional fluctuations and affect life and family.In addition, due to surgical reasons, the working performance of the ovary may occur abnormal.

In short, ligation is an effective and very convenient way to contraceptive.However, there is no absolute thing, and there is good disadvantages of ligation. It is necessary to consider it carefully whether it is from the perspective of the man or the woman.

Can I still have children again after ligation?

After ligation, the fertility capacity can be restored by fallopian tube resume, because ligation surgery is tied by the fallopian tubes of women, so that the eggs cannot be discharged into the uterus to bind to sperm with sperm.If you want to restore the fertility function, you only need to be tubal for the fallopian tube, and the tied tubal tube can be resolved to restore the normal ovulation function.Because it was once ligated, the pregnancy may be reduced than the original after opening, which needs to see whether the recovery surgery was successful.Because the fallopian tube may occur after the tubal is re -through, the problem of fallopian tube stenosis may cause problems such as difficulty and ectopic pregnancy.Of course, if necessary, follow the doctor’s order, and it is not difficult to get pregnant again.

Guide expert: Wang Liping, chief physician, obstetrics and gynecology department of Chaoyang Second Hospital.

In 15 years, he has been engaged in obstetrics and gynecology, and has rich experience in obstetrics and gynecological diseases, especially uterine fibroids, endometriosis, endometrial cancer, and gynecological tumors.

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