Can I still have children with diabetes?Don’t worry, pay attention to 4 matters during pregnancy, and give birth to

Many young female diabetes patients have such questions, that is, whether they can get pregnant after getting diabetes, this is a very realistic question.Under normal circumstances, patients with diabetes can be pregnant naturally. Diabetes such as diseases will not affect women’s fertility, which can be assured.However, there is a prerequisite for patients with diabetes to have children, that is to control blood sugar and stabilize blood sugar.

Female diabetes patients can be pregnant, but before pregnancy, ensure that their blood sugar is relatively stable and is controlled in an ideal state.Patients with diabetes should strictly control their blood sugar before preparing for pregnancy. After 2 to 3 months of blood glucose control, prepare for pregnancy.Diabetes can bring a lot of problems to women’s pregnancy, increasing the chance of abortion and premature birth.

If the blood sugar is high at the beginning of pregnancy, and the level of blood sugar is too high, it will increase the risk of the baby’s congenital physiological defects.Other female diabetic patients will suffer from pregnancy hypertension when they are pregnant, which will also affect the health of women and fetuses.Therefore, we must be prepared well. During pregnancy, we must obey the doctor’s guidance and suggestions, and one -time pregnancy test can be successfully produced.

1. Measure blood sugar regularly

Diabetic patients cannot be neglected to detect blood sugar during pregnancy.Buy a blood glucose meter so that you can detect blood sugar anytime, anywhere, without going to the hospital for examination.In addition to measuring blood sugar regularly, if you feel uncomfortable, you must also measure blood sugar as soon as possible, and then seek medical treatment.

2. Regular checkup

Diabetic diseases can affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses, so regular delivery should be checked.During the first checkup, the doctor should be informed of the fact that he had diabetes, so that doctors can build archives and formulate production inspection plans.According to the words inspection plan, the production inspection is not lost to ensure that you can spend smoothly during pregnancy. If you have any problems, you can find it in time.

3. Scientific diet

On the one hand, diabetic patients should control their diet itself, in order to control blood sugar.On the other hand, diabetic patients are in a special period of pregnancy, and they should pay more attention to nutrition to ensure that they have sufficient nutrition with the fetus in the abdomen.Therefore, it is necessary to eat a scientific diet, reasonably match, and eat foods that are nutritious and do not affect blood sugar, such as vegetables, grains, soy products, milk, eggs, and so on.Before eating, pay attention to the sugar lift index. If the sugar lift index is high, you should eat it carefully.

4. Appropriate exercise

Diabetes patients should exercise appropriately during pregnancy, don’t sit for a long time.The reason why it is necessary to exercise regularly is on the one hand, and preventing excessive obesity during pregnancy is the other.If it is always not active, blood sugar will be difficult to control, blood sugar fluctuates greatly, and pregnant women will have a bad impact on the fetus.In terms of the choice of exercise, you can choose yoga during pregnancy, or you can choose to take a walk. In short, you should not be too severe. You must choose a soothing exercise.

Diabetes patients can be pregnant, and scientific treatment should be performed during pregnancy. Under the guidance of a doctor, take hypoglycemic drugs or injection of insulin.At the same time, we must do a good job of pregnancy, manage my own life in terms of diet, etc., and ensure that I can survive the pregnancy smoothly and give birth to a healthy and lovely baby.

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