Can I still have sex when I am pregnant?Moderate husband and wife life makes each other closer to each other

“"Flash Moment" theme essay No. 2”

I am Youyou’s mother. Today, let’s discuss the question of "can you live sex during pregnancy."

As we all know, since the pregnancy, many mothers have begun to change in all aspects of their bodies.

Some mothers have a pregnancy reaction since pregnancy;

Some mothers will feel insufficient energy, very lethargic;

Some mothers have swelling of the body, or cramps with legs and feet;

Some mothers have begun to grow up in terms of pregnancy spots and stretch marks.

Although these changes are a process that most mothers must go through, but compared to the baby’s health in the stomach, it is really nothing.

In order to allow the baby in the belly to be born with a healthy manner, the mother is very careful during the whole pregnancy mothers. I am afraid that if there is any loss, it will endanger the baby in the stomach, especially for the life of husband and wife.

Can I still live sex after pregnancy?Will it hurt the baby in the stomach?Will it cause contractions and cause your baby to give birth premature?

Here, I think that as long as the mothers live according to their physical conditions, the life of husband and wife who reasonably spend a reasonable stage during different pregnancy will not affect the baby and mother’s body in the belly.In addition, moderate husband and wife life will make each other’s relationship closer.

Since the mothers are pregnant, they can be divided into three stages throughout pregnancy: early pregnancy, second trimester, and third trimester. In each stage, they have certain precautions for husband and wife life.

Early pregnancy (first three months)

When I go to the hospital for examination at 45 days of pregnancy, the doctor will give a suggestion to the mother who has just been diagnosed with pregnancy. Do not live a husband and wife life within the first three months.

Because three months ago, the embryo was developing, and it was easily stimulated by sexual activity, which gradually caused the uterus to shrink, resulting in the possibility of abortion.

However, for my own marriage, do you follow the doctor’s instructions?There is no fact.

This is not blindly enjoying the children in the stomach.Instead, I have some understanding of my body (good health, no fetal, no pregnancy record), plus knowledge about this aspect.

However, all mothers do not care about it here, as long as the husband needs the life of the husband and wife as long as the husband needs, you must know how to refuse and judge reasonably.

If you have the following problems, please do not or carefully choose the life of the husband and wife.

1. Mom with habitual abortion history;

2. Mother with major gynecological diseases;

3. Moms with premature birth or early bleeding symptoms;

4. Usually spend a husband and wife life always have abdominal pain or mother who has not been very good in the body;

In addition to these, when the husband and wife live, please ask the prospective dad to move softly and ask the expectant mothers at any time if there is any discomfort. If there is signs of abdominal pain and redness, then stop the life of the husband and wife and consult the relevant doctor.

In the middle of pregnancy (4-6 months)

After entering the middle of pregnancy in the early pregnancy, compared with this stage, whether it is the mother’s body or the development of the baby’s belly, it is relatively stable.

I remember when Huai Xiaobao was 4 months old, I went to travel outside and fell two wrestling in a row. Fortunately, he was still healthy in his stomach. I think this may be related to the warm amniotic fluid in the uterus.Reducing the vibration of the outside world can play a buffer effect, so the baby can come safely and soundly.

Therefore, the prospective mother and prospective father who wants to live a husband and wife is more appropriate in the second trimester.And moderate husband and wife life can also shorten each other’s feelings.

But in general, pay attention not to be fierce, do not press the mother’s belly, everything is mainly the mother’s comfort and the safety of the baby.

Late pregnancy (7-9 months)

In the third trimester, I really do n’t recommend that the prospective father and mother lived, because the baby ’s growth in the belly during this period is the fastest, so the mother’ s belly is getting bigger and bigger.

In addition, the expectant mother’s body is very sensitive to any outside stimulus, especially for breasts, because some expectant mothers have prepared for the baby’s rations after birth, and there is a phenomenon of milk overflow. Therefore, excessive touch is very touched very muchIt is easy to cause shrinkage of the uterus.

Coupled with the more and more amniotic fluid in the fetal membrane, the uterine wall is also large and thin. At this time, the life of the husband and wife is likely to cause premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane, causing uterine cavity infections to make the baby prematurely birth.

I had experienced Dabao in the third trimester. At that time, Mr. Hu returned from a foreign country for more than ten days. In addition, we were pregnant shortly after we got married, so we were more tired and crooked.I thought that there would be no problems. After that, the contractions began to be frequent after a while, and my belly tightened for a while, scaring me that my child was going to give birth prematurely, but fortunately, I lay down to rest for a while, and the symptoms began to reduce.

Therefore, after that lesson, when Huai Xiaobao, I did the ideological work of Mr. Hu early, and everything was focused on the health of the children in my belly.

After all, it is not worth it for a moment of joy to pay a heavy price, and this is also the minimum love and respect for men who love their wives.

Because if a man only wants to have his own desire, regardless of his wife’s body and belly, regardless of the child, then what else do you do for him with a child?

Youyou’s mother has something to say:

Breeding a new life is a very happy thing for expectant mothers and prospective dads, but there will always be a sweet burden to meet the process of happiness, and life is one of them.

During pregnancy, most expectant mothers will be afraid that the life of husband and wife will have an adverse effect on the baby in the stomach, or because of the decline in sexual desire due to various discomfort during pregnancy, refuses his father to think of the life of the husband and wife.Of course, there are also prospective dads who feel worried, but the expectant mother feels that there is no problem, thinking about the needs of husband and wife life.

But no matter who needs and who rejection, both husband and wife should communicate frankly and tell each other’s ideas, so that they can understand and support each other, so as to make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious.

Regardless of the life of husband and wife at that stage, you must do a good job of personal hygiene cleaning. You must know that you do n’t pay attention to hygiene. It is easy to cause bacterial infections, which threatens the health of mothers and fetuses.

Also, I want to say that living husband and wife life is only a kind of expression of love and maintaining intimate relationships. In daily life, we can try to maintain the intimate relationship between husband and wife with other methods such as hugging, kissing, chatting.

In the end, I wish all the expectant parents and expectant mothers can continue to be "sex", and we greet the arrival of new life with each other’s love.

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