Can I take a vaccine when I am pregnant?

I am pregnant, but the flu is serious recently. Can I get a flu vaccine in the unit?Will the vaccine affect the fetus, will there be any bad impact? In case of affecting the health of the fetus, I would rather not fight.Don’t worry, see what the experts say.

The China Disease Prevention and Control Center suggested that women who prepare pregnant in the influenza season should give priority to vaccination of influenza.This is because if you are infected with influenza during pregnancy, it is likely that severe complications will occur, such as abortion and pneumonia, which will bring danger to you and the baby.

In the influenza season, you should vaccinate the flu vaccine as soon as possible.If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor if you should vaccinate during prenatal examination.(The vaccine changes every year, so even if you have already hit the flu vaccine last year, you need to consult a doctor again this year.)

The peaks and durations of the influenza activity across China each year each year, most areas start vaccination activities before October each year. The vaccine vaccination service will run through the entire influenza high incidence season (that is, October from October to the end of March of the following year).EssenceIn northern China, influenza is popular in autumn and winter, and a peak of popularity occurs in December to January of the following year.In South China, there are two influenza peaks in autumn and winter and the following summer (July to August). Therefore, vaccine vaccination services will continue to the high incidence of summer influenza in the following year.If you miss this time, you can also consult the local health department to see if you can still vaccinate.The sooner the vaccination, the better, because the vaccine must be fully played after 2 weeks of vaccination.

If you have some chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease, it is more likely to cause complications after infection.Therefore, no matter if you are pregnant or not, you are advised to vaccinate the flu vaccine.

There are also some exceptions: if you are sick and have a fever, you have to wait until all the diseases are eliminated, and then vaccinate the flu vaccine.If you are allergic to eggs, or have severe allergies to the flu vaccine, do not vaccinate the flu vaccine.In addition, if you have had a rare Greenbaren syndrome, you must tell the doctor this situation.Will he weigh the potential risks of the inoculation of the flu vaccine that can be greater than that of your physical condition.

You may have heard that it is best to wait for the influenza vaccine in the second trimester, but this is not the case.Now, it is generally believed that you can inoculate the flu vaccine made from analog virus at any stage of pregnancy.

After children suffer from influenza, they are more prone to influenza complications. Therefore, in addition to the proportion of infants and young children at the age of 6 to 59, the China Disease Prevention and Control Center is also recommended to give priority to people who are less than 6 months old and medical care, medical care, medical careHygiene -care personnel are vaccinated vaccine.

Even if your baby has been vaccinated, the suggestion above is still applicable because the vaccine does not provide 100 % protection.And you don’t have to worry about it. For mothers who are breastfeeding, flu vaccines are also safe.

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