Can I take cold medicine during pregnancy?

Recently, a pregnant mother always consulted me, saying that she is pregnant now, but some colds can eat cold medicine, will it affect the development of the fetus?

For these issues, I will explain to you whether the problem can be taken during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, illness is not terrible. The key is how to take medicine reasonably.Many people have encountered people who are often not very serious like colds and fever.

In fact, you can use antipyretic medicine during pregnancy, but you need to consult a doctor first to use it with caution.The physical fitness during pregnancy is relatively fragile, and the pathogen is easy to invade. There are many diseases of the disease.The use of fever during pregnancy is very particular.

If the fever is not very bad

If a fever is not very powerful, it is recommended to choose physical cooling. The more commonly used method is wiped with warm water. For example, you can often wipe the underarm, palms, feet and other parts with warm water.Drink plenty of water, add more nutrition, pay attention to rest, the condition will improve.

If you have a fever above 38 degrees or more

If the fever is above 38 degrees, it must be dependent on the fever caused by what is.If you are just a cold cold, you can use a cold granules. If you have inflammation of the throat, you can use cephalosporin antibiotics, but if you have a fever caused by other reasons, you should see if there is a virus infection.Influence.If you are in the early pregnancy, don’t be impulsive. Now your baby is in a critical period of development. Before taking the medicine, you must consult a doctor and don’t take medicine without authorization.

Kind tips:

Some antipyretic medicines can cause fetal malformations, such as hearing loss, cleft palate or brainlessness, and even killing babies, such as galcolin, albenzine, tetracycline hydrochloride, etc.

However, some fever is a precursor to certain diseases. You must not be limited to the step of fever. You should go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time to prevent the disease from worsening or what complications.Do not rush to fever in the fever of pregnant mothers. The first thing to do should be to find the cause. Generally, the pathogenic disease that causes fever itself to the mother and fetus is more important than fever.

Disclaimer:. The content of this article is compiled and published by the doctor assistant. It is limited to sharing medical science knowledge, which does not represent the medical view of the doctor himself.Because each person’s constitution is different, the prevention and diet must also vary from person to person. Please follow the doctor’s advice for specific medication, diagnosis or defense! This article is for reference only.If you want to make an appointment for a doctor, you can also make an appointment!

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