Can I test pregnancy a few days after implantation?Expert: 6 ~ 8 days after conception in the same room

Women need a process for successful pregnancy. After the sperm and eggs are combined, they can get pregnant smoothly after entering the uterus through the fallopian tube. When women are really pregnant, they do not feel anything.The symptoms of pregnancy are different, some are obvious, and some are not obvious.So, a few days after bed bleeding can you measure pregnancy?

Generally, female friends will have fertilized eggs from 6 to 8 days after conception.About one week after bed bleeding, women can use early pregnancy test strips to detect pregnancy.Because the pregnancy beds usually occur in 4 to 5 weeks of pregnancy.Moreover, when the gestational sac is preparing to implant the women’s uterus, a few women will have vaginal bleeding.But in general, there is less bleeding during bed and no other discomfort.

1. Tired and sleepy

Women can also have a self -observation. For example, they are usually energetic, but suddenly one day feels tired and sleepy, or it may be caused by the success of conception.Because a large amount of lutein will release a large amount of lutein in women after successful pregnancy, this substance will reduce women’s energy.

2. The breast becomes softer

If your breasts feel tingling, soft and swollen, you may be pregnant.This symptom may appear in the first few days after conception.If you can’t recognize your breasts, you may be pregnant.Rest assured! After your body adapts to a large amount of hormones, this pain will fade back, and your breasts will not feel uncomfortable anymore.

3. Plane bleeding

The fertilized eggs are in the rich area of the capillaries, which may cause bed bleeding.There are only a few drops of this bleeding, which will not discharge immediately, so it is generally a small amount of brown secretion.If the amount is more red or there is a blood clot, it is a sign of a threatened abortion.

4. Body temperature rise

Before ovulation after ovulation after menstruation, the body temperature of women will decrease, and the body temperature is the lowest during ovulation.After the eggs are discharged, the follicle wall collapses to form luteal. If the fertilization is successful, the menstrual luteal is converted into pregnancy progesterone (progesterone).If the basic body temperature is maintained 36.9 to 37.2 for 3 weeks, it means that the bed is successful.

In short, fertilized eggs are generally not manifested.Only a few people will feel a little bit, maintain a happy mood, avoid staying up late and angry, and timely supplement folic acid, pay attention to keep warm.I wish you a good pregnancy!

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