Can I use hair dye for more than half a year?What are the use of hair dye?

Hair -dye is one of the items that everyone will use in life. After all, because the price of prices is soaring, hair dyeing is just a few thousand, so many people will buy hair dye themselves DIY.However, because the hair dyes used in length and shortness are not the same, many people have the remaining situation. Therefore, after opening the hair dye, it can be used for more than half a year.

After the hair dye is opened, it is definitely not available for more than half a year.

Hair dyes are found in many friends and friends. Since most of the sale of hair dye need to be prepared, it is not available for half a year. Generally speaking, it must be used after 15 minutes after mixing the hair dye.Will deteriorate the effect of hair dyeing.Hair dye is a cosmetics for hair dyeing.Hair dye generally contains carcinogenic substances such as pyramamine. In recent years, hair dye has become a fashion choice for people. According to CCTV International Network Survey, more than 2,600 people who have been surveyed, 90% of those who have dyed hairThe above, and those who have begun to dye before the age of 30 accounted for about half of the investigators.

How long does the hair dye fail? There is no main answer at the moment. Depending on the specific situation, it is generally used as long as it is sealed and can be used again. When the first time is openedIn contact with air, this also determines whether the hair dye can be used again. In fact, it can be seen that the color can also see if it has deteriorated. The color of the hair dye with excessive oxidation will use.The above is when the hair dye has not expired, and the shelf life of hair dyeing agents is best to see the shelf life in the future, which can be used within the specified time.

1. I recommend choosing a good dyeing cream for dyeing hair. It is best to be pure natural ammonia -free hair dye, which will reduce the damage to the hair and the body.

2. Do a skin test before dyeing, whether it will be allergic, do not dye if it is allergic to the skin.

3. When dyeing hair, check if the scalp has wounds and scratches.Finally, pay attention to whether the hair dye has expired.

4. When dyeing the hair, try not to touch the scalp when applying the hair dye, so as not to leave the harmful substance in the pores, which is harmful to the human body.

5. Wash the hair several times after dyeing. Try not to have hair dye.

6. The hair dye must be stored and placed. Do not send it in the place where the child is easy to get.

7. I recommend that the number of hair dye should not be too frequent, and the number of times is too frequent and it is easy to cause damage to hair quality and scalp.

8. Do not dye your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so that it is not good for children and adults.

9. After dyeing your hair, it is recommended not to be hot or pulled, otherwise it will affect the effect of dyeing.

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