Can men also have children?Chinese scientists let the male mouse get pregnant and give birth, and the father and son are safe in a row

Today, with the development of the times, "equality between men and women" is already an old -fashioned topic, especially many men have not taken off a qualified father role after their wives, or some women have lost their own origin after fertility.The existence of these social contradictions has made a point of view: Why do children have to have women to have?Can men really have children?

Chinese scientists let the male mouse get pregnant and give birth

A shocking scientific research achievement appeared: scientists from the Chinese Navy Medical University successfully allowed the mouse to get pregnant, and 10 cubs successfully developed, and the father and son were safe.

So how does Chinese scientists do?According to the paper, the first step of this experiment is to use a female experimental rats and male experiments, and then connect them together through surgery, which isOnly a mouse became a "conjoined mouse".

In this way, the blood of the two mice will be exchanged for each other until it lasted about 8 months, and the researchers saw the female rats’ uterus and transplanted to the male rats.After 21.5 days of embryo development, when the embryo developed mature, the researchers performed a caesarean section for the males of the experiment.

Scientists successfully took out 10 cubs from the body of the male rats, and during the subsequent cultivation process, these 10 cubs were also very healthy. As of June 16, the paper was submitted.The 10 cubs of male rats have all adults, and there are no adverse reactions.

I have to say that although this experiment was performed on the mouse, the result of the experiment was very surprising. This experiment also made many people curious. Will men also have the opportunity to have children in the future?

Can men also have children?

First look at some research on psychological and physical aspects. First of all, we all know that after many women have many reasons, they will suffer from postpartum depression. Of course, this is also related to many people.Therefore, from the perspective of "empathy", if men can have children in the future, then it can be understood that women are not easy. After experiencing the suffering of fertility, they will not think that people with postpartum depression will be confusing.

Secondly, according to research, women will have greater pain. This is because women’s nerve fiber distribution is twice that of men. This also means that if scientific development in the future, men can really give men who have the opportunity to get pregnant.Then, in terms of fertility, men do not experience the strong pain of women.

In addition, from a physical perspective, men’s ideal fertility age is longer than women’s ideal fertility. Generally speaking, women are no longer the best age for fertility after the age of 29.From the perspective of men, they are the best age of childbearing until the age of 45.

And some researchers have found that because women’s body systems are more vulnerable than men, if men can pregnant children in the future, their fertility risks are much lower than women.

So, can men have children?At present, there are already precedents of "men" in the world. However, this "male" who gave birth to children is not a real man, but a transgender person.

The first "man" in the world to have children

The first "man" in the world is Thomas from the United States. He is burly tall and full of beards. It looks very obvious. However, many people do not know that in fact, ThomasWhen I was a child, it was a girl. The reason why it has become a "man" is because of the result of taking male hormones since childhood.

In 2002, Thomas successfully underwent transgender surgery, and the gender finally turned into a male, and also married with his girlfriend.He came to give birth to a child by himself, because although he had undergone transsexual surgery, Thomas retained the uterus.

Subsequently, from 2008 to 2010, through the "artificial insemination" method, Thomas successfully gave birth to 3 children, which also made him the first "man" in the world to have children. Of course, this is also with Thomas itselfIt is not a real man, because he does not need to perform uterine transplantation.

It can also be seen from here that if men want to have a child, they need to have a uterus, and then the child is born through a cesarean section after the fetus is full.Instead of women, to serve as descendants, so, in your opinion, should men have children?

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