Can menstruation be in the same room during menstruation?What are the hidden health hazards?Many people say that they can, but there are 3 potential effects

Generally speaking, women have so many days of inconvenience during each month. In the past few days when they come to "Auntie", their bodies are relatively weak.When talking about menstruation, there is a topic that may be very enthusiastic about discussing in the medical community, and even in the medical community. Is it possible to have the same room during menstruation?

Many men and women have different claims:

"When I came to the aunt, I couldn’t hurt the first two days. The body was relatively weak. It would be possible to wait for a few days to do it."

"Suppose you have been in love with your boyfriend for 10 years, and this time you have been ready to meet. Only the menstruation is not accurate. Maybe it may be a long time to meet next time. Do you say not do it?"

For these different views, whether it can be in the same room during menstruation, I believe most people generally choose not to have the same room during the menstrual period, but sometimes it is not necessary to choose from some people, and it is also said that the menstrual period can be in the same room, and even contraception can,is this real?Now let’s learn this together!

Aside from various interference factors, only from the arrival of menstruation, compared to the same room and flat -time room during menstruation. In fact, there will be no difference in feeling.The reproductive organs are significantly congested and the body may be more sensitive.

Therefore, from a physiological perspective, menstruation does not affect the same room, and even the arrival of menstruation has a lot of lubrication.

However, from the perspective of psychological perspective, some people like their courage in the same room during menstruation; some people regret it with their own losses; some people worry that they have hidden health hazards with her; even some people are particularly here here.During the period of time, intercourse … The above -mentioned psychological levels represent different people.

Many boys and girls have said: One of the best protection for girls is not to have the same room during menstruation, even if the girl it wants, please hold back.One month is just a week, and the forbearance passes.The menstrual period and the same room will increase the probability of the disease. When the two things occur at the same time, the probability of the disease is 1+1> 2.

Therefore, whether to have the choice of "agreeing and rejecting" in the hands of the same room during the menstrual period, so we need to know too much about the impact of the same room on the body during the menstrual period.

Many people think that the same room can be contraception during menstruation, especially men, but in fact, the same rooms can not be contraceptive during menstruation.The ovulation period of most women is not fixed, and sometimes it will cause advance or pushing after various factors, and some people obviously do not match the menstrual period.

Women with irregular menstruation are likely to ovulation in advance. If they happen to encounter stubborn sperm after ovulation, it is likely to cause accidental pregnancy.

Some people will ovulation during menstrual periods, and others will mistake the ovulation bleeding as a trend of menstruation. If contraceptive measures are not used, they may be pregnant.In addition, the same room may increase the risk of infection diseases, so safety measures must be taken.

1. Gynecological inflammation

Many people do not recommend the same room during menstruation, and also include many gynecologists, because during menstruation, women’s cervix is open, bacteria are more likely to enter the uterine cavity and cause infection, increasing the risk of illness.

In addition to the "menstrual period" factor, the incident in the same room itself will also bring the risk of gynecological inflammation, especially frequently, or not pay attention to hygiene cleaning, it can easily cause gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, and other gynecological inflammation.Essence

Therefore, if the probability of bringing bacteria into women in the body during menstruation is greatly increased, gynecological inflammation will easily occur.

2. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is an endometrium tissue with growth function. It appears in other parts of the body other than the uterine cavity. It is usually different in pelvic peritoneal and organs. This is a benign lesion that harms ovarian and peritoneal.

The main theory of its pathogenesis is the influx, planting, and body cavity epithelial theory of menstrual blood. The main clinical symptoms are menstrual pelvic pain and infertility.

Meridity reverse flow is a common physiological phenomenon for women of childbearing age, with an incidence of about 90%, but only 10%to 15%occurs endometriosis. In addition to this factor, it is still necessary to consider genetic, environmental, endocrine and other factors.Let’s comprehensively judge.

3. Irregular menstruation

During the menstrual period, women’s reproductive organs are mostly in a state of congestion for a long time. If the same room is performed, excessive stimulation will aggravate congestion, which may promote the extension of menstruation and increase the amount of menstruation, resulting in irregular menstruation.

(1) Before or after starting, both men and women must carefully clean up the key parts. At the same time, after cleaning, there are supplies around the body to be cleaned, such as sheets, towels, and so on.

(2) Before performing, you need to take contraceptive measures. For example, the common is to use condoms to contraception. Its role is very large. On the one hand, you can do most of the contraception. On the other handPay attention to check whether it is damaged.

When the menstrual period is coming, due to the congestion of the pelvic cavity, some women’s "desire" is even higher than usual, and the demand will increase accordingly. Some women also feel that the menstrual discomfort can be relieved after the same room.

In short, everyone’s physique is different in various aspects, and the feeling of gain is different. For whether the menstrual period can be in the same room, I believe most people choose not to do the same room.

Women do not have so many concerns about menstruation, but they must not do it impulsively without considering other factors.During this time, it is more special. Girls still care for their bodies carefully. Both men and women must learn the correct knowledge of contraception and nursing, so as to reduce the occurrence of disease.

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