Can Mongolian Stone San pregnant women eat?

Mengli Stone San is a medicine for treating children’s diarrhea. Can Monacon Sanda pregnant women eat it? Does pregnant women eat Mongolian Stone Sanda affect the fetus? Today, I will talk to you about it!

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Pregnant women can eat Mongolian stone scattered.For pregnant women, although it is safe for pregnant women, taking medicine during pregnancy is not very good.If a pregnant woman wants to take the monopoly, she must take it according to the dose: an adult 1 bag (3 grams) each time, 3 times a day, or follow the doctor’s advice. During the period, pay attention to drink plenty of water to replenish water.If pregnant women take allergies or adverse reactions after taking the monopoly, please seek medical treatment immediately.

Can pregnant women eat litty?

Meng Shi Lisan is a kind of medicine, which is white powder and has aromatic fragrance. It can be used for adults and children to treat chronic diarrhea and assist the symptoms of pain symptoms of the digestive system.But excessive taking is easy to cause constipation.Pregnant women can eat Mongolian stone scattered.The main ingredient of Mengshi is Mengshi, which is not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and does not enter the blood circulation. The side effects are relatively small and did not enter the placenta barrier. Therefore, the diarrhea of pregnant women can be taken.

The ingredients of Montelstone Sanda

Montmorillonite is obtained from being purified by the pussy.Bentonite, also known as Bentonite, is a clay mine with Mongolian stone as its main mineral component. Its mask is 40%-90%, and it also contains a small number of kaolidic stones, pottery aluminum stones, green mud stones, and green mud stones., Minerals such as protein, Yunmu and other minerals. The properties of the pussy soil are related to the content of the monster stone. The more litter it contains, the better its performance.The ingredients of Mongolian stone coming from nature have no pollution to the environment. They have a clearer effect on the original bacteria of digestive tract disease. They are mucosa protective agents.Digestion and absorption, there are no contraindications, suitable for various people, especially children.

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