Can mushrooms also build houses, clothes, and electronic devices?

A fungi can not only be eaten, but it can also be used as a material to make luggage, clothing, electronic devices and even buildings.Such materials are often plastic, renewable, degradable, environmentally friendly, and the production methods are more sustainable.

What can you think of when mentioning fungi?Is it mold on the surface of food or mushrooms in hot pot?

Fungal composite materials can make "bricks" and "leather"

In early 2022, researchers at Columbia University developed a fungal -based bacterial biomagonic material based on wood cellulose.The composite material can be plastic, folded, and renewable, providing new ideas for biomedical composite materials.

As the problem of carbon emissions has gradually received attention from all countries, looking for more sustainable architectural materials has always been a research topic of scientists, and some researchers have turned their attention to fungi.In this study, the researchers fed a fungi with wood waste, and then mixed the two together and poured into the brick mold.A few weeks later, the mixture of fungi and wood waste combined to form a dense mesh, filling the entire mold.After removing the mixture from the mold, a "brick block" that can be used for building is born.In order to verify whether it can really be used to build a building, the researchers used the "brick" to build a tissue of several feet high.It was found that these "bricks" were not only environmentally friendly, but even self -repair.

Also for the purpose of protecting the ecology, animal leather is also expected to be replaced by fungal "leather".At present, scientific research institutes and companies from many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland and other countries have studied on the production of fungal "leather" and have achieved certain results.The fungal leather production methods adopted by different research institutions are similar. It mainly uses agricultural and forestry waste such as sawing wood chips as a medium to feed fungus. The mycelium will spread and extend in the matrix, repeatedly branches, and form a meshcels.Biomedicine can be harvested in a few weeks.Subsequently, adding glycosaccharides and biodegradable methamphetamine can be added to obtain finished products like leather.Researchers said that the clothes made of this kind of leather -like materials have similar durability and feel and feel, but their production methods are obviously more sustainable.At present, how to stabilize the uniform fungus clump is still one of the main challenges facing fungal "leather".Only the bacterial clump with uniform traits can provide leather materials with consistent thickness, beautiful color, and good mechanical properties.

Battery substrates made of fungi as the material is insulated and high temperature resistance

In the magazine of "Scientific Progress" at the end of 2022, a latest study using fungus leather carried out by Austrian scientists was made into a battery substrate, and its conductive performance was almost made by the current standard plastic polymer.The substrate is equivalent, even if this substrate is bent for more than 2000 times, it can continue to work.

According to researchers, the fungus used in the institute usually grows on rotten wood, and it forms a layer of epidermis to protect the fungus, that is, the "root" of the fungus avoids the infringement of foreign bacteria and other fungi.When the researchers extracted and dry these epidermis, they found that they are equivalent to a piece of paper. They are not only soft, but also a good insulator. They can withstand the temperature of more than 200 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for the manufacturing material of the circuit substrate.If you stay away from humidity and ultraviolet rays, this epidermis may maintain hundreds of years, and more importantly, it can be broken down in about two weeks in the soil.Researchers said that such substrates can be used to design electronic products with small life -long life, such as wearable sensors or radio labels.

Author: Du 芃

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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