Can patients with bilateral emotional disorders be changed to take Chinese medicine?Can they get married or pregnant?

Many people will think: Since Western medicine is not good, two -phase emotional disorders (also known as bipolar disorder), and Chinese medicine is more mild, can I change Chinese medicine, adjust my physique, and cure bipolar disorder naturally?

This seems to be a natural idea.After all, Chinese medicine is naturally natural, and it looks harmless. Under the long -term use, even if it is invalid for bipolar disorder, at least it doesn’t seem to hurt the body.

But is Chinese medicine less hurt?In order to protect themselves, toxic substances in the body are common. Even if they are not toxic, their chemical composition may affect our bodies.Just like opium, marijuana, etc., are the most natural plants, but are they safe?Can natural herbs cannot hurt?it goes without saying.

What needs to be emphasized is that bipolar disorder is a disease defined by modern medicine. It is different from the symptoms such as "irritability" and "depression" in traditional medicine. Do not talk about it.Moreover, so far, only effective drugs have been proven to include lithium salt, antiepileptic drugs, and anti -psychiatric drugs.

Therefore, we do not encourage taking Chinese medicine, but if you want to try it, it is not possible, but it is best to ask a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner, do not take Chinese medicine by yourself -especially some doctors who are unknown.Western medicines such as steroids cannot be taken casually.

Therefore, our suggestions are: During taking Chinese medicine, it is best to maintain the original lithium salt or antiepileptic drug treatment to avoid the recurrence of the disease. Before it is profitable, it will be harmed.

When taking, pay more attention to your physical condition. If there are abnormalities, then stop early and seek the diagnosis and suggestion of the physician.After all, there is no need to make a joke with your life.

Secondly, many people think that in order to avoid stimuli, patients with bipolar disorder are best not to get married, let alone get pregnant, so as not to be inherited to the next generation.

Regarding this question, we can answer in two parts. In the first half of the question, we do not think that patients with bipolar disorder cannot get married. On the contrary, stable marriage can increase patients’ medication and life stability, which is helpful for diseases.But the premise is the "stability" of marriage.During the irritability, the patient may be over -indulgent and determine the lifelong event. This kind of marriage is more disadvantaged for patients -personality differences often appear slowly after the patient’s emotional stability, and then damage when severe depression and depression.The relationship between the two.

"Be careful" is what patients with bipolar disorder need to be considered before marriage, and they must also think deeply -patients may recur, and they may take medicine for life -do they want to stay with each other for a lifetime?If the answer is yes, then you must consider the real level: the patient may be unable to work when the patient occurs, and there may be no financial source. Can you support this home?Families on both sides may oppose that the two have enough support systems to cope with such a situation?

Secondly, what you have to face is the question of whether you should have childbirth.As mentioned earlier, bipolar disorder has a hereditary tendency, and children of patients with manicia also have the chance of suffering from bipolar disorder to eight to eighteen times that the average person is; the probability of severe depression is twenty to ten times that of ordinary people.There is no way to screen the fetus that may occur, and there is no way to prevent future onset.If you are pregnant and have children, it may cause another generation of pain.

The other is the problem of pregnancy.Anti -disordered drugs (such as lithium salt) have teratogenicity, that is, if you take such drugs during pregnancy, the fetus may be deformed. If it is breastfeeding, lithium salt may also be secreted by milk, causing babiesPoisoning.Therefore, during pregnancy and before and after pregnancy, you must stop taking medication, but in this way, the disease may recur.Moreover, pregnancy itself is a major stressful event. The endocrine changes in the meter can easily cause emotional disorders, which is unfavorable to the condition.

In any case, between the gains and losses, you must evaluate it yourself.According to the perspective of eugenics, a compromise is to "adopt" -In this, it can not only reduce the danger of the descendants of the legacy, but also enjoy the joy of family.

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