Can patients with cirrhosis be pregnant?To divide the situation, and pay attention to these 6 points

Hepatitis cirrhosis is a relatively common clinical disease. Most of them come from long -term repeated liver injuries. The gradual progress is liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis.So can patients with cirrhosis be pregnant?

According to the condition of liver cirrhosis, it can be divided into early liver cirrhosis and advanced liver cirrhosis. Early liver cirrhosis is also known as the liver cirrhosis. Most of the patients have mild condition and have some chronic liver injury.If it is a viral hepatitis, positive antiviral therapy, if it is the cause of drinking, quit alcohol in time, and on the basis of this, active anti -liver fibrosis therapy is used.Anluo chemical fiber pills, supporting the blood stteril capsules, etc., can effectively degrade liver fibrosis. Early liver cirrhosis can be effectively reversed, cured, and at the same time can be pregnant.

However, if liver cirrhosis develops to a period of loss, there are some serious complications, such as ascites, gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatic encephalopathy, etc., after positive treatment, you can partially control the condition, but it is usually not cured.Patient’s liver function is poor, and it is not recommended to get pregnant.

If patients with liver cirrhosis are pregnant, it is recommended to perform liver function tests, liver B -ultrasound examination. If liver skills are normal, they belong to early liver cirrhosis patients. There is no complications such as ascites and other complications.

In addition, during pregnancy, you must pay attention to rest, ensure sleep, regularly review liver function, liver B -ultrasound, and avoid staying up late.

In terms of diet and allowing the condition, strengthen nutritional supplements, eat some foods that are easy to digest and absorb, and supplement enough protein, which can be pregnant.

If the patient is advanced liver cirrhosis, abnormal liver merit, ascites, accompanied by complications such as spleen, etc., it is not recommended to continue pregnancy, and abortion is recommended, otherwise it will affect the health of pregnant women and even danger to life.

1. If the patient is a liver cirrhosis caused by hepatitis B, hepatitis B virus is needed;

2. If hepatitis C caused by hepatitis C, hepatitis C virus is required, and regular check -ups should be performed on time. At the same time, liver function and liver B -ultrasound should be reviewed.

3. Pregnant women are prone to cause anemia, and patients with liver sclerosis themselves have anemia tendencies and low platelets. Therefore, blood routine should be monitored to prevent anemia.

4. Patients with liver cirrhosis are prone to severe pregnancy hypertension syndrome, and damage the liver and even endanger mother and child’s life. Therefore, blood pressure must be monitored to prevent pregnancy hypertension.

5. Pregnant women should maintain emotional stability, avoid emotional excitement, peaceful mindset, avoid adverse emotions such as tension, stress, and avoid adverse stimulation.

6. Pay attention to keep warm, avoid colds, avoid colds, fever, and prevent the increase of the disease.

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